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Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



I feel everything slipping out of my hands.

I'm falling farther and farther down;

I'm reaching but can't quite touch-

Stretch my fingers upwards, towards the sun you brought for me

But this sun seems to freeze my blood as it flows through my veins;

And I breathe your voice in,

Forcing the air into my lungs as they paralyze

Underneath the overwhelming weight of the life you've forced upon me.

I can feel my body evaporate into words I've never said;

Words I'll never say again.

And my vision fades away, but I can still see the light of your presence

Burning behind my eyelids worse than any

Scar I've ever left on myself.

And I fall apart.


Then you reach out, sewing my atoms back together

Piece by piece without any anesthesia;

Forcing the pills down my throat which bring me back from the dead.

I'm using your words as a defibrillator;

Letting these jolts of emotion revive me everytime my heart stops until

I become dependent upon the resuscitating word

That never had any meaning outside of you.

I go through withdrawals between hits of your lips

And it burns when you shoot through my veins but now I can finally see

This vivid hallucination where your words have meaning again.


But in the end, I am not the soul you knew,

I'm just a body in shambles,

A body surviving off these painkillers you force-fed me

As I suffer through the reopening of the abyss which separated us.

I quit you in an instant but I still felt the craving for those meaningless

Addictive words which had destroyed my life;

Watching your sun destroy itself,

Word by word.


And I'll never know what those words mean outside of stitches

Which had forced my broken body back to reality;

Crushing my essence back into a physical manifestation

Of what you had wanted me to be for you.

I doubt those words can ever take me as high as they had when you

Injected them directly into my bloodstream,

Shooting me up with promises you never meant

And then forcing me to quit you without any rehab

Until I forget what the words mean if they're not said by you.

© Copyright 2018 Samuel Tyler. All rights reserved.

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