Scarcity and Drama

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Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



The scarcity of life showed in her dead panned expression, pale and frozen on a bored, tired look scraped and carved painfully into her worn out face. Eyes seemingly rolled back into her head, showing veins and the milky white white of the rest of her eye. Hair scaled up into a towering pony tail, blond and flimsy. Somehow her disinterest in the world showed even now. Without the love of her life, she felt life wasn't worth living.

On the face of the person looking down on her motionless body, she sneered at her, a look of complete satisfaction washed over her entire face. And a shiver of joy forcefully ran up her back. Seeing such a wreck made her thankful. Unintentionally, she let a look of melancholy flash on her usually smiling face, as memories popped up and faded in those few minor seconds of self-reflection. Ugly by nature and by whatever other frivolous things made her who she is. Every feeling reached her excepted remorse for her relentless, psychotic actions and the sadness that plagued her heart wrenching backstory.

The scene seemed almost cliche in every way, the beginning of a murderer. Leering in victims through false security and telling them that they'll help sooth and heal the bloody, unsightly wounds in their lives.

Lighting in the room was softened by the misty whitish blue of an early winter sky, the sounds of cars speeding to their next destination and the sound of chattering girls and shouting couples popped up every now and again. She turned to face the carelessly opened door and greeted the empty space in the doorway as if greeting an old friend.

Awaiting the unpreventable sounds of the world. Emptiness and expectance, including longing, filled her as her thoughts drowned in the silence and nothingness. No matter how much she let plessure take over, it seemed to always leave her lonely and trapped in her own heart, which was dark and layered with walls of nothingness.


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