Get Out

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Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



Fed up! 

I'll chew you up
and spit out! 

Get out! 

Go find a route
kick some rocks
A thousand blocks
Go fucken drop!

Stay out!

I was a true devout
No need to scout
You'd never pout
To you I'd shout:
"You Im about"

Bitch you sleep out!

Give me no face,
Taunt and fake
Pretend to chase
Need me some space
But never put out!

Put up!

All your smoke and clouds
You sleep around
Ive got no doubt
Theres no way out
Bitch you so proud
Pick up that stout 
there from the crowd and

Smoke out!

You cant keep pace
Your mind a haze
Go out and play
Just fuck and blaze
Who's up today?
Dont care they pay!

All night long you stay up!

Once my thunder,
now just blunder
Front page ponder:
"k-9 found her"
fighting biting
begging to be
six feet under!

Glad she's on her way out!

- Luiz Syphre


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