Dot Your Lies

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shawn has found himself in quite the predicament. he starting dating kyle who has a terrible sickness. however he seems to be with her simply to help her ease up her life. hes acting as a boyfriend, but it seems that his act is beginning to unravel into his true feelings.

Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



Is it really wrong? It's for a good cause. I mean she's finally smiling for once. Ever since we've been together she has smiled. She laughs. She's happy. Who would call that bad? I'm getting way ahead of myself. No one has to know. I guess that it's slightly out of pity but it makes me happy to see her so bright and lit up. I'm just buying time. I don't know what else to say. I need to find some reason to justify my life. She's happy. That's all that really matters. I promise to keep her smiling.

“Shawn?! Where did you go?” Kyle runs around the corners of the haunted house quickly. “Shawn please don't do this.

She continues to walk down the dimly lit corridors. Every mechanical and poorly made halloween decoration chills Kyle’s bones. She walks into a large dark room and the door behind her slams shut. With quick foot action she twists her body around and works the doorknobs. They won't budge. Heavy creaking resonates within the room, but no matter how much Kyle tries to see further into the hallway she sees no light.

“Shawn? Baby please. I'd like to go home now.”

The door behind her slowly yawns open. She is forced into the center of the room. A shadowy figure walks towards her. Hands fall on her shoulders from behind. The figure kneels down and it's hands reaches for Kyle’s face. With a cold touch the figure speaks.

“I didn't know you could run so fast love.”

Shawn pulls Kyle into his arms. Her warm breathe is quick and soft on his shoulder.

“That zombie gave you quite the scare huh?”

Pulling herself away from him she pats down her blouse and stands with her hands on her hips. She turns away and points into the darkness.

“I think the exit is this way.”

Shawn turns on his cell phone's flashlight and shines it several feet away from where Kyle was pointing. He moves her arm to point into the right direction.

“See, as if I had night vision.” she curls around Shawn’s arms and nudges him forwards. “Let's get out of here.

It hurts me knowing that she is sick and she herself ignores it. I don't think she wants to appreciate life. She just wants to live normally. She doesn't ask for anything from her parents. She knows they will says yes. I’m the only one who ignores it with her. Some even call me a bad boyfriend because I treat her like she's not sick. It’s what she wants. It's the least I could do for her. Besides the feelings between us is one sided. She is really cute though. Her smile and hidden giggles. If only it weren't underlined with pain and misery. I always take her out before her checkups at the hospital. They scan her body, and her aches usually act up since they take her off her painkillers. She doesn't like to be visited when she's hospitalized. “My hair looks bad.” She says. She is really pretty.

“What do you think our children will look like?”

Kyle asks Shawn as she rests her head on his lap.

“Didn’t you choose this movie? Watch what happens.”

Shawn rotates her head to face the tv screen. Aggravated Kyle grabs the blanket covering her legs and tosses it over Shawn. Lunging on top of him she pushes him onto his back and lays next to him. Throwing Shawn’s arm around her she unveils him and taps his nose.

“You know that the movie is just an excuse for us to be alone right?” She lays her head on his chest and shushes him when he tries to speak.

“Shush. I want to listen for you heart beat.”

With a devilish smile Shawn slowly works his arm down Kyle’s body and gives her a playful jab to her side. She jerks up and shawn quickly sits up and press his nose up to hers.

“You’re going to miss the best part.”

Looking deep into Shawn’s eyes she breaks eye contact and looks at the velvet carpet of her living room.

“I don’t care about the movie right now. Jerk.”

Pulling her head back onto his, Shawn places a firm kiss on her forehead. He sits up against the couch and hangs his right arm open. Holding back for a second Kyle stares at Shawn with a burning gaze.

“I’m only going to into your arms because you’re warm ok.”

She slides into his arms and rests her head on his shoulder.

“If we have a boy i’m sure he will have his father’s convincing eyes don't you think?”

Shawn looks down at Kyle who is looking at the screen and smiling happily.

“I just hope he isn’t a jerk like his father.”

Shawn squeezes Kyle closer to him and holds her firmly. They watch the rest of the film in silence. Though Shawn notices that Kyle drifted off to sleep in the middle of it. He slowly hoists her up and carries her to her room.

“I really wish I could offer you more. I can only give you what I am capable of. But would it make you happy? A real true kiss? Would that be enough to leave this world with? I'm sorry.”

Kyle remains asleep. As Shawn places her down Kyle hangs her arms around his neck.

“Stay. Here with me. My parents wont come home.” Kyle talks into Shawn’s ear softly. Shawn tries to move her again into bed. Kyle’s eyes remain closed but she still talks. She quickly get a hold of Shawn’s wrist and pulls him back.

“Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

“You remember what happened last time I slept here right? Your mother almost knocked me unconscious with a broom.”

“I’ll lay out some covers on the floor this time.”

Kyle’s grip loosens as her mind wanders deep into her dreams. The front door opens. Kyle’s parents have returned. As Shawn picks up in the livingroom Kyle’s father calls him into the kitchen. A seat is already pulled out for him.

“Do you have any intentions on marrying my daughter?”

“Well, sir I believe that we’re too young for that, but I do hope far into our lives and relationship that we would become a family.”

Kyle’s father takes a while before responding to him again.

“You are aware of… her health right?”

Shawn nods his head slowly.

“There isn’t much time left now. I only ask you to prepare yourself for the inevi…”

He doesn’t finish his sentence. Shawn walks over and pats his shoulder heavily.

“Sir let us not worry. I’ve promised to keep Kyle happy forever. There isn’t anything that will stop me.” As Kyle’s father looked up Shawn turns away and lets tears fall down his face. “I will be the best man I can be in Kyle’s life. I gotta get home now. Goodnight.”

It hurts me. It really does lying to the man like that. From what I was able to overhear the doctors have given Kyle six months before her body shuts down. Only six more months of my ruse. I had to bring back the memories of my mom just to push some tears out. It’ll be difficult once the day Kyle really goes to show false emotions. How am I supposed to act after? I don’t think anyone at school knew about my mother. I was able to ignore her death and move one. It’s a dark way of thinking but there isn’t much one can do once someone is gone. Tears can’t bring them back. But I have always wished they could.

“Do you know what day it is Shawn?”

Kyle asks as she cheerfully sways next to Shawn. Shawn remains quiet.

“Oh c’mon don't be angry at me just because I scored 2 points higher than you.”

Shawn kept his focus on walking. Kyle stops her pace and lightly shouts at Shawn.

“Shawn are you listening to me?”

Shawn stops walking. He turns his head around and stare at Kyle's feet.

“I think we need to see other people. Sparks have stopped flying.”

Kyle flinched and takes a small step back. She holds her scarf in her hand tightly.

“Shawn? Do…”

Kyle is unable to finish any of her sentences.

“Today is… Shwan please… fine.”

Kyle hangs her head and turns around.

“I'm sorry Kyle. This past year has been the best time of My life, but I’m sorr…”

Before Shawn could finish a snowball meets his face.

“Shut up!”

Dozens of snowballs begin to fly at Shawn. It’s a mystery how her small frame could throw so many snowballs.

“You could have done this any time you wanted! Why did you have to choose today?! Screw off you jerk!”

Shawn walks towards her as she bombards him with a never ending stream of snow. As Shawn creeps closer he opens his arms out and surrounds her. Kyle tries to walk away but falls on her knees but Shawn is able to slow her fall before hitting a nearby tree.

“Please just go away. Why do you do this?”

Shawn pulls out a small long box and holds it out to Kyle.

“Because you mean the world to me. You have made me happy.”

Opening the box Shawn reveals a silver locket with several gems decorating the chain and case. Inside is a picture of Kyle and Shawn sitting under a tree with their initials carved into it. Kyle looks up at Shawn but his eyes are fixed to the trunk of the tree they are sitting under. Looking over Kyle spots a carved heart with her and Shawn’s initials.

“Happy anniversary Kyle.”

Yeah it may have been too much. 

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