Together for the kids

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Another little poem - a couple that have fallen out of love but feel the need to stay together for their kids

Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



They lie in their bed

only a few millimetres a part

Both are thinking the the same thing,

but where do they start 


He stares in her eyes

and reaches for her hands

she pulls her arm back,

this is not what he planned 


It seemed like only a few months ago

everything was okay 

But now it's just not the same,

so why should they stay 


But they have children together,

and it has been 14 years

They couldn't do that to their kids,

it's not worth their tears 


So she rolls back over,

into the embrace of her husband's arm

For now she will put up with it,

pretending for another night won't cause any harm 


When they wake up,

he kisses her lightly on her cheek

They forget the night before,

surely there love has not reached a peak 


There kids come running into the bed room,

grinning from ear to ear,

'Happy anniversary mum and dad' they say.

Thank you my dear


That night the same thing happened,

the realisation that the love is not there,

An unhappy marriage that will never end,

just for their kids, but for them, it simply is not fair 


Her mind becomes cloudy,

his stress levels get too high, 

It's emotionally killing them,

living this lie.

© Copyright 2018 Eve A J. All rights reserved.

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