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Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017




In cooperation with Imagined


I jammed the door shut with a sheet of metal. A person pounded on it from the outside. I won’t do it again, never again…I had promised myself. I grabbed the plastic knife I had confiscated from the cafeteria and pried open the air vent, my hands shaking. The door burst open just as I dove into the vent.

I climbed through the damp air ducts above the laboratory, Mission Impossible Style. I had learned the entire Ma district through these pipelines. A cold breeze rushed passed me. Cobwebs caught in my hair. The air duct was a blood red tint due to the small flickering lights on the walls. I could hear the scientists voices behind me. I had been experimented, probed and tested on in this lab for six years. Every day they would place a visor over my head and I would fall asleep. Every day a part of me was taken. My memories. My thoughts. My dreams. The visor had a blue mask, it radiated with a ghostly aura. I was convinced it was killing me, so I had to escape.

I rounded the corner of the pipeline. Suddenly, the floor collapsed below me and I dropped down onto the concrete floor below me. It was a dark, damp room, I could hear someone crying in the corner. A faint blue glow radiated off of him.

“Hello?” I said, “Do you need help?” The man moaned, a moan of mortal terror, from deep within.

“It’s the sentinels!” He screamed, “They’re coming for me!” Then, he fell silent.

“Hello?” I asked once again, “Can you hear me?” The lights flickered on and I saw the man. He appeared young. He wore ragged clothes and a dirty baseball cap. He laid still on the ground. I bent down and checked his pulse, nothing. He was dead. That’s when I noticed something odd about his cap. It had a mask in front of it. A blue one, identical to the one I wore. Voices from outside snapped me out of my thoughts. A key slid into the keyhole. I was found.

“Hey wha-” exclaimed one of the scientists just as I knocked him out. Another one grabbed my arm. I kicked him in the chest and he fell to the ground. I dashed out of the room, jumping over the unconscious bodies lying on the ground. Alarms rang out across the corridor Gi. Red lights flashed on the walls and shouts trailed behind me. Footsteps raced after me. Soldiers chased after me. Metal robots with no heartbeats, never distracted from their objective. The perfect killing machine. And they were after me. Adrenaline filled my body, my heart was pounding. I rounded the corner and ran up the stairs. Bursting through the door of Floor Level I, I dove into the first open room I could find and hid behind the door. Floor Level I, district Ma, corridor Gi and room Ne. A soldier shone his flashlight into the room. He looked around slowly, opening the door, almost crushing me behind it. I held my breath, I was sure that they would be able to hear my heartbeat. Satisfied, the soldier left the room. I gasped for air.

Slowly, I peeked out the door, the coast was clear. I turned around, recovering from my senses.

CrackI toppled to the ground.

A saw a massive armada of metallic soldiers, unlike the ones in the laboratory, these were massive hulking brutes. They radiated with a blood red aura. Before I could see anything else, the image faded into darkness.

I awoke to a blinding light shining on my face. My mouth was muffled and I was tied down to a metal chair. It was freezing me through my sweat soak shirt.

“I’ll turn that off,” said a voice. The light dimmed down. I blinked my eyes, after a couple of seconds I could see I was in a room filled with file cabinets. A boy about my height stood in the darkness.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Me? I’m Krul, but that’s not important.” he replied in a ghostly voice, “What’s important is you.” It seem like he wasn’t really there. He stepped out from the darkness. The boy wore light clothing and had sleek black hair. His eyes were like those of a wolf. Cold and unforgiving.

“You don’t understand how long I’ve been here.” he said, staring into my eyes. “Twelve ~~~~~~~ years I’ve been in this ~~~~ place.” he said angrily, “But finally, I’ve found you. Finally I’ll have my freedom.” He laughed an evil laugh.

“Yes, I’ll help you,” I said, “Just let me go. Please.”

“Yes, you can help me,” he said, a wild grin on his face, “You’ll be very useful.” From the corner he pulled out a helmet, covered in wiring. I struggled in my constraints but it was useless.

“Come on,” I begged, “Let’s talk about this.”

“Enough talking!” he yelled, “Goodness is just make believe! I’ve had enough of this ~~~~ place!” He grabbed my arm and injected something from a syringe into it. The last I saw was the tint of purple.

“Sweet dreams,” he cackled.


Part 2

I climbed out of my bed. Sighing, I folded my pink sheets. Another day of life, another day of sentinel duty. The same thing everyday for 15 years. This was my life. Knock, knock

“Come in,” I said. A lady pushed a small cart inside my room. A plate of scrambled eggs with bacon sat on top.

“Your breakfast Mrs. Rosenberg,” said the lady, “Eat quickly, Ardan is expecting you.” She left the room. I sighed, Ardan was the head of project V.G… and my father. I ate breakfast quickly as told to, my father did not appreciate late entrances. I put on my jacket, grabbed my phone and headed out the door. Just a friendly chat between father and daughter...I hope…

On my way to my dad’s office I passed corridor Gi. Ever since six years ago a boy had moved into the first room. Today the door was open and his room was empty. Strange. I had often asked my dad about him, but never learned much. I just knew he was 17 like me and was in the Shape Shifter regiment. Suddenly, a kid dashed by me. Guards raced after him.

“Stop him!” yelled one of the robotic guards. I ran after the boy and tackled him. I pinned him down as the guards handcuffed him. He wore light clothing and had sleek black hair. As they carried him away, he turned around and yelled to me,

“You don’t know what you’ve done! You’ve ruined EVERYTHING!” I could hear his voice fading away as the guards to him to the prison ward.

I arrived at my father’s office a minute late…

“Do you realize how late you are!?!” my father scream, slamming the door shut.

“Jeez Dad, it’s just one minute.”

“One minute, one minute!” he was practically steaming by now, “When I was in the war, one minute meant everything.” He would tell me this every time I was late. I heard it quite often. We sat in silence for a while.

“So, I heard you took down an escapist today,” said my dad, ending the silence, “I see all that training is finally paying off.”

“Yeah, no big deal,” I said, “What do you want dad?”

“Well, Mia, we’ve got a report of a Shifty gone rogue,” he said, sliding a folder across the table, “He’s been missing for days. Find him, bring him back.” In the folder was a picture. It was him.

It was quiet in the girls sentinel room. Apparently it was the annual Ms. Sentinel Awards Ceremony. Sophia was the only one in the room. I would usually come to her for advice, but today she was preoccupied. I sat down in my dark leather recliner and slipped on my custom red visor, covered in stickers and random pictures.

I arrived in a dark room, a white oak door lay ahead of me. Man I hate this place I sighed. The Fold was always damp and smelled know what, I don’t even want to know. It would constantly rust my armor. I, Mia Rosenberg, was part of the elite squadron of sentinels. Massive spikes on my shoulders and behind my helmet showed my status. Alright then, let's go! I lumbered towards the door, my footsteps echoing in the small room. Slowly I pushed opened the door, ducking my head down to fit through it. A small hallway lay in front of me so I carried on. Suddenly, there was a sound behind me. I whipped around and found another sentinel there. The other sentinel turned around, a purple visor on it's face. I must have been Sophia, she always liked tinkering with things so a purple visor wasn’t surprising. So, I turned around and kept walking.

The hallways was empty besides a couple of leafy cobwebs. Yeah me got leafy cobwebs. You got a problem with that? I crossed the hallway in record time. 50 seconds! The heavy armor didn’t help much. I turned the corner and saw another door. BLAM!!! An explosion blasted me back and I was down for the count.

I awoke to the sound of whispering. A group of shape-shifters lay around Sophia. I called Gracie out, my best friend in the whole wide world. She was top gun, literally. Gracie was a massive stationary machine gun. I fired a couple of shots and the Shifters dispersed. I recalled Gracie and lumbered over to Sophia, only thing was, it wasn’t her. It was the boy from corridor Gi. I had found Randy.

“Randy!” I said, “Wake up!” No use. My only choice was the dream catcher. The D.C. allowed the user to enter another's dreams. I slipped it on my wrist and touched Randy’s hand.

I found myself standing in a giant row of sentinels. I looked around. Hundreds of sentinels were lined up. Massive tanks on either side of the armada.

“Hey bro,” I asked, “Can you hear me.” No response. All of the sentinels were quiet, their visors black. Footsteps came towards me. It was Randy. He came closer to me. Come on...Come on. Cautiously, he stared into my visor.

“Gaahh!” He screamed, my spear jammed into his arm.

“Pipe down, will ya’” I rip out the spear and we leave his dream. We end up in a grassy area, the sun shining brightly upon us. I take off my helmet, my dark brown hair falling back across my armor.

“Wait,” he exclaimed, “You’re a human!?”

“Yessir,” I said, extending a hand out, “Mia Rosenberg, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


Part 3

It's all gone. The cause is broken. We’ve been uselessly fighting against the tide for too long. The tables have turned, we are no longer planning the offensive anymore, rather we are soon to be hunted. The Corpus now knows of our existence, but we must never let them take any of us. Death over capture, and if absolutely necessary activate operation ‘Last Hope.’ Sierra Protocol is active, if you are taken, destroy any evidence and information on locations of other members as well as the Grail. We cannot let the Grail fall into the wrong hands. I have been against the creation of it since Lithe suggested it. Now the Grail is holding us down. We can barely survive on our own, let alone protect it. At least it is well hidden and deactivated for now. I was a fool thinking we could stand our ground against the Corpus. They were stronger than we suspected. In the time that we have been banished, their power expanded greatly. Their roots may have had little influence, but the towering tree they've grown into has overshadowed the rest of the world. I can only hope they haven't realized their full potential, if they do, it may be too late for the rest of us. I will proceed to retreat back into the Fold, if they find me there, well…Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that…

With these words I will depart from this world. I wish the best of luck to all surviving members of the Verum Corpus, but it may take more than luck to reclaim our rightful place. I beg of you to remember our humble beginnings and to stay strong, no matter how bad the situation may seem. Goodbye for now, I wish you all well. Veritas et prosperabitur.



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