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Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



I had felt pain before
one time. I went to the dentist. I was very confident about my teeth. I thought that my teeth were perfect. but when I arrived, the dentist told me that I had 6 cavies, and I needed to be sedated in order to avoid pain. I didn't want to be sedated. I was scared of the needle that was going to penetrate my mouth. so I told the dentist that I didn't need to be sedated, that I can resist any pain. later, the dentist was perforating my teeth, and the pain was horrible. I could feel it growing even stronger every time she touches me. but I didn't say a thing.

I was in high school. inside the cafeteria. with my best friend. we were talking. and suddenly, a guy punched my friend so hard, that he flew directly in my head. I felt like a was being hit by a truck. and again. I didn't say a word.

but this time. all was different. she looked me. and I looked her. knowing that probably I will never see her again. Of course, we have smartphones and all of that. but seeing her in the eyes. so perfect. so lovely. it will be a long time. so, I started to look her closer. trying to remember every line. every gesture. every sound. to see her ears. her eyebrows. her nose. and her lovely lips. then she received a call. she needed to go. so we walked. we talked. I think that she was fine. but I was crying from the inside. I wanted to say to her that I love her. that I was in love with her since high school. I wanted to say all kinds of love words. I wanted to sing a love song. I wanted to give her the moon, and recite Pablo Neruda. but her dad was outside. so I looked her. one last time. I hugged her. I smelled her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to know to the flavor of her lips and the warmth of her mouth. but she went down stairs. and she was gone.

I had felt pain.
I had bear pain. 
but I had never felt a pain like this before...

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