smoking kills

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Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017




When we talk about pet peeves, we talk about hatred or something aggravating. When talking about something I hate, the absolute epitome of what I have hatred for is smoking. I don’t know what is is about it that I cannot stand whether it is smoke from fire or from someone smoking. Generally, it’s the smell of smoking that really ticks me off. When I’m around someone who smokes, it’s as if someone jammed a piece of coal down my lungs. When taking a stroll down the street, walking into a cloud of smoke that someone puffed up runs down my lungs with a burn. The scent of the smoke lingers on my clothes all the way into the wash. As I think about the person smoking the cigarette, I cannot imagine how someone could be physically inhaling the smoke into their lungs for their liking.

Studies today show that cigar and pipe smoking is the cause of cancer in the mouth area and lung cancer. “Today in many countries, as many as one third of all cancer deaths are attributed to cigarette smoking” (“Smoking”). This may also increase the risk of other diseases of the heart and lungs. Smoking around a pregnant woman may increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, and death of the newborn (“Smoking”).

When non-smokers are exposed to Secondhand Smoke (SHS) it’s called involuntary smoking or passive smoking. Non-smokers who breathe in SHS take in nicotine and toxic chemicals the same way smokers do. The more SHS you breathe, the higher the levels of these harmful chemicals in your body. Second hand smoke is known to cause cancer because it has over seven thousand chemicals and at least seventy may be at the risk of causing cancer (“Health Risks of”).

Yes, some people may argue that smoking helps them relax or stay calm when they’re stressed out. I think that’s an absolutely ridiculous reason to smoke because there are countless alternatives to helping people relax such as yoga, a massage, talking to a therapist, the possibilities are endless. However, the side effects of smoking is incredibly atrocious so why would you want to take a risk instead of taking other alternatives that are much healthier options?

Until now, I still can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea of someone smoking because I absolutely cannot understand how someone could be inhaling smoke into their lungs for their pleasure. Smoking is detrimental to our environment, our society, and the home we live in. People smoking in public just shows how selfish they are because they are not aware of the damage they can do to the people around them. Second hand smoking is a major problem that is the consequence of careless people smoking in public. If you want to smoke and put your own health at risk, that’s fine, but don’t be irresponsible and smoke where other people are around and put their lives at risk too. Smoking is horrible enough for yourself, so why would you want others to experience the damage it does to your body? Is that what you really want? To put other people’s lives in danger? There is now research that proves that smoking causes cancer, so why would you want cancer be a part of your life or other people’s? People around the world suffer and die from different types of cancer that they did not choose to have. Nowadays, people are practically begging for cancer just by smoking a cigarette. Not only smoking a cigarette by themselves, but smoking it around other people with knowledge of how second hand smoking can harm others. Is that really how the people of this generation choose to live?

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