The Journey to an undergraduate degree

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The story is about a mother who wants her child to be a well educated person. But the child is struggling to get admission in universities because he doesn't have citizenship. He cannot go abroad because he is not issued any passport.

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



THE journey for an undergraduate degree.


Isn’t it funny for anyone to be writing a story that title’s a journey to becoming a bachelor’s student in any developing nation like Nepal? Of course, it is. Everybody joining the bachelor’s classes in the country has had their own stories. Some might have a fun loving and entertaining story while some might have issues of money and might had an struggling story, mine is a different one, it’s a story of a mother’s fight, it’s a story of a women making a statement to the patriarchal society that demands her to be suppressed under a man.

As Gandhi said “If a man is educated then only he is educated but if a woman is educated then the whole family is educated”. A S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate i.e. 10th Grade) passed woman dreams of living a life of respect that a prime minister gets in the country of the United States. Born on 15th of November, 1998 I was raised by a woman who had seen many ups and down in her life before nurturing me. 1999 was the year when my left to some other place and never came back again. Since 1999, my schooling, feeding, washing my clothes and everything was taken care of by the same women. I was sent to primary school at the age of 2 and half years. Soon after the first year the lady didn’t had money to pay in the school i had to repeat the class again. She asked for help, she went to every person whom she thought would help her. As they say bad times and cruelty never knocks the door to arrive same was the case here. She had to beg for help, she cried every night, nothing happened. But things changed, and changed soon. Her brother asked her to handle a cosmetic shop, conduct business to carry out daily activities. She started her own business and got some support from her brother. She started living in the house of her father with brothers. The society had problems with that too. A woman to whom her mother had given birth was not allowed to live with her mother by the society because she was a woman whom her husband left. She was titled a ‘bitch’ by the society. She was told that she destroyed the prestige her father had earned over the years. The only thing she did was got married to a wrong person. That’s modern Nepali society, her relatives, neighbors and community peoples. What a shame!

Years passed and I grew up learning the cruelty of the society. I passed every year with ‘it’s okay’ type grades and every time the result would happen the teacher would ask me about my father. If a woman is there in the parents meet. There is a problem. There is a problem to the society, every time a woman takes the place of a man. There is a problem to the society if a woman raises her hand to take part in a parent’s meet of her own children only because her husband is not with her. I mean that’s okay too.

Furthermore, Schooling level increased with increasing year. Every year I would pass I would go a step up. 2012 happens to be the year when I had to appear in the District Level Examinations. Everybody knows that to appear in DLE exams we have to fill up an examination form which requires a birth certificate from the VDC’s (Village Development Committee) or municipality office. We went to the Ward office to request for a birth certificate and there is a problem again. A woman who gave her child birth wants a birth certification of her child with her surname and the officer says call his father else I won’t provide a birth certification. We went to the hospital where I was born and the hospital provided a birth certificate which I shown to the school. Finally I was allowed to appear in DLE. I passed with 77% which was okay. Process repeated itself in the college admission time. S.L.C was done I obtained a high 86 percentage and desired grew to study a science major. Entrance examination was done and I passed. Admissions time and I had to show my citizenship. How could a boy who doesn’t have a birth certificate provide citizenships? Things were under control after recommendations from some high level personnel’s of the society. That’s our society. We need a recommendation from a political leader to admit a student with 86% in the college and I guess its GPA 4.0 for any USA colleges. Moreover colleges life finished I obtained 74% in a science major.

Then came the moment to define a career. What will I study after 10+2? Chemical Engineering was the first thought I had on my head. IOE examinations and preparations for that started. I went to PEA just 2 days after I completed the board examinations of 12? That was quick. Isn’t it? Preparations done and now was the time to appear in the exams. I passed the IOE entrance and the entrance taken by Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. KU had chemical engineering and I went for the admission processes. I was admitted to KU for bachelors in chemical engineering and after 2 months of studies I had to leave KU because I couldn’t provide a Nepalese citizenship. The government bodies want my father to appear. Even I don’t remember his face how will I get him 16 years later. KU wants me to pay as a foreign student if I cannot provide them with my citizenship.

It’s been a long journey of struggle to get admitted to a university or a college for a bachelor’s degree. Money is not an issue, neither are my poor studies. Problem is the violation of women’s rights, the violation of right to equality. Problem is scattering the dreams of a young kid even before he is asleep. It’s been a heck of a journey that motivates me to fight for those women who has not been loved by his husband, who has not been given enough time to care for her children. It’s been a journey that states the fight of the woman who dared to raise me up and made me able to write her story of struggle. It been a journey to fight for an undergraduate degree in the nation where the nation’s daughter are taken as foreigners and the foreign girls married to the nations son are called own.



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