what's wrong with her

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Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



"hey lucy,is something wrong with your maid mandy??"asked molly from lucinda."no......why?"said lucinda."don't you saw her,she was watching that dish like she had never saw a dish before"said molly."maybe she was finding out if any dust is left,well anyway how is mrs.march feeling now?"asked lucinda."who,mrs march???"asked molly in a confused manner."your mother.......or granny"said lucinda feeling embarrasment."what has gotten into you lucy,my mother is named rachel not march and my grandma was amanda not march,well......gotta go mom is calling"said molly and went away.

lucinda was acting wierd from the day her mother went out, and mandy was acting weird from the very first day she had come to work.lucinda knew everything about molly as she was her best friend,but now it was like,she knows nothing about molly.

after a few hours.molly again went to lucinda's home,she was ringing the bell continuously and finally that weird made opened the door.mandy went straight away to kitchen after opening the door."lucy where are you?"asked molly after seeing in lucinda's room."oh mia hello"said lucinda."who mia???not again,,,,,it's mollyyyyy"said molly."oh yes molly,what are you doing here??"said lucinda."lucy,i never came for any reason,you have forgotten......like,,,,,like everything.we used to be best friends,all the time we play,dance,sing but now you are like changed,you can't be my lucy"said molly and ran away from lucinda's home.molly was so confused that from the day lucinda's mother has gone to u.s.a for work,lucinda is changed,she never recognize anything now.

these questions were confusing molly so much,so she promised herself that she will find out what has been happened to her best friend.focusing on her mission molly went outside the lucinda's house.she went near the window and saw nothing,then suddenly she heard like someone is singing a song with a bad voice.molly followed the voices and reached near lucinda's room window.molly hid and saw that mandy the maid and lucinda herself was laughing and singing a song.molly heard the lyrics and wrote them on a paper.after that she ran to home.

she put the paper in front of her and read the lyrics of their strange song.they were:

we will succeed,

you will see,

that girl lucinda is up there,

and me marky is right here,

our plan is simple,

just need to focus,

no one can find her,

from that lighter,


it's a secret place(giggeled)

molly was so astonished after reading this and she understood the whole story that her lucy is up somewhere and the girl right in her house is someone else named marky and that maid is a big fraud and she is the one who had dissapeared lucinda.

now molly's goal was to find her friend but the question was how???.molly read that lyrics again and again so maybe she would find any clue.when she read this line:

no one can find her, 

from that lighter

she thought maybe lighter is a place,molly opened up internet and searched for lighter place,but there was no place like that.she was about to close the internet when she saw that "on mars there is a place named "reth-gil"which is backward of lighter"from this molly knew that lucinda is on reth-gil.in her mind somewhere there was that she has heard name of reth-gil before but where.

"molly dear what are you doing"asked molly's mom."nothing much mom...mom do you remember any place like reth- gil??is it on mars??"asked molly."i know reth-gil but it's not on mars planet it's on mars road"said mom."oh thankyou mom i love you"said molly while hugging her mom."where you are going..........mollyyyy??"asked mom."just coming,i have a mission to do"said molly and jumped on her bicycle and went straight to mars road then to reth-gil.

"lucy,lucy are you here"screamed molly.actually reth-gil was a fun place full of swings and lots of enjoyment,and it was full of people rushing here and there.suddenly molly saw lucinda enjoying and eating ice cream.molly ran to her and hugged her.lucinda said"who are you?"  "molly........oh lucy i missed you"said molly."hey lier molly is right here with me"said lucinda and pointed her finger to a girl standing just with lucinda.she also looked like molly,just like molly."that isn't me,lucy that must be a fake me just like there was a fake you"said real molly."what fake me you,i am the real one lizy"said fake molly."see,she said you lizy however you are just my lucy"said real molly.

lucinda pushed the fake molly so hard and ran away with real molly.they both went straight to molly's house and asked molly's parents what to do now.after listening whole story molly's parent's call police and they caught maid,marky and fake molly.molly had found her real lucy again and they bothwere bestest friends once again.

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