Child of The Sea

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Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



A Child of the Sea3/2017


I grew up on Big Pine Key

A child of the sea.

I was burned by the sun, and jellyfish stung.

Bare feet and bathing suits were our uniforms.


A "mobile home" today, was a "trailer" back then.

Shotgun crackerbox, made of tin.

In my room so small, with no A/C,

Perfect for a pirate princess,

In the bed my Pampa built for me.

No pebbles thrown at my window, late, late at night.

Only the drone of mosquitos, vying for a bite.

Lightning and thunder, they never frightened me.

It sounded like hope, the chance for cool breeze.

I would pray for the rain, gentle drops on thin metal.

I would pray for the wind, to scatter days of dust settled.


The wind in my face, and crunchy, salty hair.....

Who knew that sand would find its way there?


We would comb the beach for shells and sea glass.

In later years, for bales and sea grass.

Little Stevie was lucky, never got caught.

Drove to class on Monday in the Camaro that "Mary Jane" had just bought.


Back then The Overseas Highway was a wispy grey ribbon,

Of concrete and asphalt and scary as hell bridges.

To brand new tourists, it caused them great fear.

But to us Keys Kids, it was the only way outta here.

Some of us left as fast as our fates would take us.

Some of us stayed, and built on what our parents gave us.

I wonder though, all these years in our wake...

Do we still feel the tide, deep in our veins?

Even today, a full moon will wake me.

The call of the stars, and the moon and the sea,

Singing in unison, deep sleep escapes me.

I am forever, a child of the sea.

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