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Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



The girl that you knew then isn’t the girl you know now. She blossomed into who she’s comfortable with. She cried for you every night back then, but she didn’t know your name or face or that you’d be so important to her. She patiently waited for you to run through the door and put your arms around her and love her unconditionally. She vows to love you deeper than you’ve ever been loved before. 


She’s the shy type of girl that worries so much. She cares so deeply yet you still don’t know because she’s afraid to tell you only for the reason that you might not feel the same way. She didn’t know you exist yet but when you came up from the blur of the back ground that was then she fell in love. 


She felt you were too good for her. She felt like you wouldn’t notice her, but she tried. 


She tried and when you came into her life her heart came back to life. 


She’s now not only a girl that you saw, She’s an important piece of your life. Why didn’t we meet sooner? -Both of you ask yourselves- because God wanted us to meet right in the middle. The middle of a perfect time. 



She longs for you. She doesn’t need you, but she wants you. Their my friend, is a difference, She doesn’t need anybody. She has trust issues. Her heart has BEEN broken. You just happened to be the glue that glued her heart back together, and if you break that heart she won’t turn back because once she’s done— she is really done. 


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