Vega: Vampire Executioner

Vega: Vampire Executioner

Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



Vega is a Vampire Executioner but her past is her own and only for her to tell. Will Ward get through Vega's defences to win her love? Will Ward be able to accept her despite her past? Will Vega be able to survive her latest mission even when it gets very personal...
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Vega is a Vampire Executioner but her past is her own and only for her to tell. Will Ward get through Vega's defences to win her love? Will Ward be able to accept her despite her past? Will Vega be able to survive her latest mission even when it gets very personal...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Vega

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 29, 2017






“Gear up! We got a Level 2 dropping bodies!” Grant's rough voice boomed around the Compounds Lounging area.. “Vega! Gear up! Your taking point”

I would have jumped at the sound of my name being shouted but I was used to it. Grant usually shouted in the Lounge area to scare the newbies to get their adrenaline pulsing. I pulled my feet off the chair and got to my feet, sliding my knife back into my thigh holster and followed Grant out the Lounge area to the Armoury.

The Armoury was my favourite place in the Compound, it was always full of new toys I got to try out in the field. I stood next to Grant at the table where he was picking modified guns and putting them in various holsters around his body. He was kitted out in his usual black jumper and black army pants. Black was basically the VE's uniforms. Black helped you mould into the shadows.

I cleared my throat and turned to Grant. “You said this was a Level 2 we are hunting, why do you need me to go on this mission?” I was the best agent the VE had and a Level 2 was easy Vampire kills which could mean that they are either recently turned or just sloppy. VE stands for Vampire Executioner, which is what I basically was. If a Vampire became a problem started killing then it was up to VE to put the hostile down.

Grant turned to me as he repositioned his satchel on his back. I knew by the faint odour that the satchel was filled with holy water grenades, Grants favourite toys. “Because this mission is the Newbies first outing. I needed somebody who I didn't have to worry about to take point.” I groaned. I hated taking the new recruits out on a mission, mostly because a lot of them scream and run away the first time they encounter a Vampire. Grant placed a hand on my shoulder. I could feel his heat through my leather jacket. Black leather jacket of course. “I also needed your skills to show them what they can become.”

I scowled at Grant. We had worked together for 13 years. He knew better than to say that. “You and I both know that they can never become like me...” I said solemnly.

Grant gave me his old man smile which made his crows feet crinkle up even more. He wasn't exactly my father, but he was as close to one as I was going to get. “They don't know that” He winked at me and walked out of the Armoury. I stayed stood for a second as I contemplated the mission. I still remember my first kill, and I was a lot younger than these recruits.

“Vega!” I heard Grant call my name again. He was really eager to get this over with.

I sighed as I walked out of the Armoury and turned right down a corridor. The Compound was set up as a maze in case we had a breach in security. The first week a recruit comes to the Compound is when they are sent out into the compound with no reserves and no map and they have to make it back to Lounge Area with no help from other VE agents. It usually takes the average recruit 3 days get back to the Lounge Area. Just shows how large and maze like the compound is.

It took me 2 hours. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

My heels clicked on the hard floor as I walked towards the Garage where the means of transport was kept. It was littered with various amounts of cars, vans, off road vehicles and a helicopter. Never know where the Vampires will turn up.

As I entered the Garage, Grant had the Newbies lined up, hands behind their backs and was preparing them for the mission. Grant stopped talking when I walked to his side. He gave me a smile because he knew I hated this part.

“Newbie's! This is the Legendary Vega. The best VE Agent we have. Vega has more kills under her belt than all the VE Agents put together.”

I gave him a sly smile. “Including yours Grant”

He laughed. “Yes, including mine.” He turned towards the Newbies. “This mission is probably the only time you Newbies will get to work with Vega so observe her techniques and strategy and try to apply it to your own in Hand to Hand Combat classes.”

The group of Newbies all looked nervous. There were three males and two females who all looked athletic enough to be an Agent, it just all depends on how they deal with being out in the field. The Newbies were made to wear black overalls and would continue to wear the overalls until they become a fully fledged Agent.

As Grant was giving the Newbies the mission objectives and layout of the warehouse where the Level 2 had been spotted, I did my usual analysis of the Newbies.

The female on the end was blonde and petite with soft hands. She hadn't had to get down and dirty in her entire life. Probably never taken a punch to the body either. She wouldn't last long. The female next to her had black hair that melted into the black overalls. She was slightly taller than the blonde female and held herself like a soldier. She was probably ex military which means she should be able to handle a weapon well enough. She looked like she was in her thirties and due to being in the military, she should be ok taking orders from somebody younger than her. Me. I was only 24 but my training and experience made me the best VE and I usually gave out orders in the field to my Unit.

The guys were the usual all muscles and probably hardly any brains between them. These guys were the type of guys who wanted to become VE's for the glory but as soon as they saw a Vampire, they either ran away or I found them crying in the corner. The third guy was wearing a leather jacket over his Overall. Strictly not allowed.

Grant stopped talking as I walked up to the guy. “You. Name.” I put my hand on my hips and stared at him.

He gave me half a smile as he looked me up and down. “The names is Ward sweetheart.”

His cocky attitude infuriated me. “Take your jacket off. It's not part of VE Newbies standard uniform.

He tutted at me. “I can't do that Red”

I cocked my head to the side. “I have red hair. Well done. Very observant. Take the jacket off.”

Ward shook his head. “Not gunna happen”

I stepped up to him. With my heels on I was the same hight as him. I stared him right in the eye and spoke low. “Wanna bet?”

Ward grinned. “Oh yeah

Grant sighed. He knew how this was going to go down. My hand shot out and grabbed Wards right arm. I stepped under his arm bringing the arm I held with me. Stood behind him I quickly shot my heel out to the back of Wards legs. He went down on his knee's. I grabbed his other arm and pulled it behind him. He cried out in pain. “Manly” I murmured as I put my foot in between his shoulder blades and shoved. As his body fell to the floor the jacket unravelled down his arms until he laid flat on his stomach and the jacket hung on my index finger.

“As I said, Jackets are not part of VE uniforms.” I said as I stepped over Ward as he began to get back up on his feet. I grinned at Grant whoo covered his smile with his hand as if he was wiping his mouth.

“How come you get to wear a jacket?” Ward said breathlessly as he stared down at me.

“I earned the right to wear what I want. A Vampire could never get his hands on my jacket like he could yours. I just proved that. Listen up Newbies! Vampires are not just a horror character! They do not sparkle or protect the girl. They are fearless, ruthless and savage. You guys are being dropped in the deep end today due to the influx of Vampire's being reported lately but you have to suck it up and get the job done. A Vampire doesn't fight with Honor.” I glanced at Soldier girl, she understood what I meant. “A vampire wont care that you have a family waiting for you at home or that your having an off day. A Vampire cares about blood. Blood is life for them. You have what they want and they will take it from you the quickest was possible. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don't fuck up! Oh and guy's? Don't shoot me in the back by accident. It hurts like a bitch.” The pummelling I gave the guy who had shot me by accident last year hurt him more than the bullet hurt me.

Grant stepped forward and ordered the Newbies to get in the back of the black transport van. The two girls and two of the guys did as they were told. Ward walked up to me and gave me a cocky grin. “You know I let you take me down right?”

I sighed “Sure you did” I threw his jacket at him. He caught it with one hand and winked at me.

He turned and started walking to the van where the other Newbies were waiting“See you on the field sweetheart.”

A flush of anger overwhelmed me. I stepped towards Ward intent on doing something painful to him but Grant grabbed hold of my arm and gave me a look. “Don't kill the Newbies Vega. We need the recruits, especially after what happened at Crofton.”

I hated hearing that word out loud. None of the VE Agents spoke about the incident at Crofton. It happened a year ago and its all still fresh in everybody's mind. “I wont. But I hope the Level 2 will pummel Ward just a little” I said with a smirk as I held my fist out to Grant. He bumped it like we always did before going on a mission. “See you out there.” I gave Grant a wave and walked towards my Yamaha motorbike. It was a custom design with my name printed on the it in red. The bike was black with glitter in it. What? I may be a Vampire Executioner but I'm still a woman who likes glittery sparkly things.

I pulled the helmet over my hair and pressed the button on my bike which opened the garage door. I revved the bike next to the van which got me a head shake and smile from Grant who was sat next to the driver.

With a screech of my tires I flew out of the Garage and towards the main gates of the compound. I beeped my horn and Stan and Gregg, the front gate guards scrambled to bring my ramp out. They placed it just in time, I hit the ramp going 80mph and easily cleared the fence the 12ft electrical fence. Stan and Gregg knew I hated to stop and show my ID to get let out of the Compound because it took precious minutes off the Hunt so they came up with a brilliant idea of the ramp to propel me over the electric fence. I remember how scared they were the first time I used it. They screamed my name as I flew over the fence and cleared it with inches to spare. I loved every minute of it.

I loved riding my bike. Mostly because it was just me and I didn't have to hide any part of myself. If I had it my way, I would do solo mission indefinitely but Grant went out with Newbies a lot and I cared for Grant, I really did. I didn't trust the Newbies to have Grant's back when he took them in the field for the first time. So I went with him as much as I could. Don't tell Grant.

I shook my head and got back to concentrating. I was breaking the speed limit but cops in this city knew me and my bike and wouldn't pull me over. They understood that I was a VE and if they pulled me over it would cause more fatalities and they would drown in paper work as well as having to cover up another Vampire attack. If they left the VE's to get on with their job, we take care of the Vampire or Vampire nest and we have a cleaning crew that come in after us and get rid of the victims bodies. When Vampires are killed with a wooden bullet to the heart, they disintegrate leaving behind a pile of dust.

I pulled back on the bike and wheelied it through one of the main streets. I touched the on button on my communication system in my right ear.

“5 minutes until drop in” I said quickly.

“Copy that. Be careful Vega” Grant's voice floated into my ear.

“You too old man” I said as I sped up.

My adrenaline was about to kick in as I checked the digital map for the route I needed. I finally came to the abandoned warehouse and parked outside on the street just as the black van pulled up behind me.

I looked at the warehouse, anxious for the fight and whispered. “Show time”













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