Never Gonna Be

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Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



Never Gonna Be....


I’m never gonna be good enough,

I’ll forever be seen to fail,

So put it on a postcard

And send it in the mail.


I’m never gonna be beautiful

So smash those mirrors down,

I don’t need to be confronted

With a face that makes me frown.


I’m never gonna be clever,

My head won’t soak up facts

And too much information

Makes it feel under attack.


I’m never gonna be thin enough,

I can starve myself for weeks;

I’ll still remain too visible

To anyone that peeks.


I’m never gonna be strong enough

To act like I don’t care --

You’ll always find some way to

Make me wish I was not there.


I’m never gonna be cold enough

To just lay down and sleep,

For that’s when all the images

Creep up and make me weep.


I’m never gonna live up to

Your expectations of perfection;

It’s all so over-rated any way

I’ll just opt for mind sedation.


I’m never gonna be good enough,

That speaks for itself,

So fair enough, just put me back

And leave me on that shelf!



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