Angel; a gift from heaven

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Wrote a short story heavily influenced by a girl close to my heart.

Angel; a gift from heaven

Some time ago in a time not specified closer, there was a loving couple, a man and a woman longing for their own family. For the longest time the woman hoped for a blessing, that some higher dentity would grant her the ultimate wish. Theese people that we don’t know to much about, lived in a house with a small garden. The garden was filled with the most beautiful inteising smelling flowers you have ever experienced, and will ever experience in your life. Herbs and flowers bringing them close to Mother nature, to the origin of all that’s alive. But even paradise has it’s outer limits, here and no further. A great big brick wall surrounded the house. Why was there a great big wall here? Walls are made to keep things away, or to keep things from getting out. This was a feared and dreaded place. All the neighbour’s and in fact all the world loaded this house behind the great brick wall. This is what happens you see, what we fear we tend to hate. 
One summers day a little girl living just outside of this property, saw fit to climb up the wall. Girls and boys can do that easier than most men and women. Don’t ask me why. She sat on top of this greatest of great walls. In silence, eventhough there was nobody to see anywhere close to her. Or far away for that matter. Not a human in sight, not a human in hearing distance. All she could hear was the cheerful chirps from the birds in the garden, and the wind softly caressing her face. 
Her eyes unwilling and totally out of her control, focused on something in the middle of this mysterious garden. She couldn’t help herself. A rose, a red rose. All around it, she saw flowers with all the colours in the rainbow, except the colour red. The rose was the only red thing in the whole wide garden. Unique and lonely all in the same time. The girl wondered wheter this was voluntary solitude, or if the rose was hoping for a friend. Because if there’s one thing she knows for sure, it’s that everyone need someone they can call their friend. 

But she realize that afterall, she is just a little girl. A well-behaved girl. Mother have told her not to enter where you are not supposed to enter. Many times, all to often actually, this is very difficult for her. How can she know for sure where she can enter or not? A curious spirit combined with playfulness, makes rules dictated by the adults for an excruciating existens. Why all this rules and restrictions, her naive soul puzzeled? Children want and need to run free into the world. Have fun and explore everything worth exploring. The adults most have forgotten how they used to be. When themselves where children, just like she. No matter what, no matter how old she gets, she is determined to never forget how to have fun. Her inner child will follow her every day for the rest of her life. Back to the topic in question. This enticing red rose. It certainly deserves a much better destiny than this. To live secluded behind this manmade fortress. The world deserves to gaze upon it’s beauty. 

Climbing down the wall ever so reluctant, sometimes she wishes to be just a little bit misbehaved. Allowing herself to some minor mischief. It is not to be. The voice of reason in her head, it’s stronger than the voice of thousand feelings in her heart. You can run, but you can’t escape what’s inside of you. Feelings within struggles day and night to get out. A scary sensation in deed. Does she dare to let that happen? If she let’s a butterfly fly out from her heart, will it then come back again? Or will it find a new and better home? 
The desires for this truly forbidden fruit increases every waken moment. Every second, every minute, every hour. Brewing inside of her, consuming all her thaughts. To the point that she knows there are no fighting back. Angel has no other choice than surrendering. Even her appearence started to show of her intense inner turmoil. Friends asking, and mother getting increasingly worried. She can’t tell anyone about her secret. The red rose behind the great brick wall. Looking pale and sad, feeling pale and sad. This can’t go on much longer. Something needs to happen, the sooner the better. 

Ah, what a immense relief. Angel can almost sense her soul sight of relaxation. A sensation that is off course elusive at best. If she does nothing, don’t dare to do what her heart desires, well then the heartache will come running right back again. Angel had a whole ellaborate conversation in progress, in her mind. If i can’t get close to the rose i will forever regret it, if i never get the chance to caress it ever so gently i will forever be heartbroken. This is my first true experience with love. If that falls apart because of cowardness, will love ever be a possibility? Her personal dialogue made her feel saddened. To the brink of tears pressing on. Would does tears be tears of sadness or tears of determination? Angel isn’t sure. But one thing is crystal clear to her, tears are not a sign of weakness. So has her parents told her many a time. Tears are just the proof of vivid feelings. So strong, so powerful that they become tears.

Beautiful red rose, beautiful red rose i’m coming for you! I will rescue you from your fortress of solitude. Without even realizing it, Angel is back again. To the place that has been rerunning in her head ever since she was her last time. Only the second time to find herself on top of this greatest of walls, at the same time she never left it. This time around not with a childs curiousity as motivation. Angel knows exactly why she is her, and what she’s destined to do next. Jumping down into the garden. Now more than ever there’s no turning back. Feeling calm and collected, bordering on thinking that she is a brave little girl. 

Beautiful red rose, beautiful red rose i’m here for you. All senses on the very highest alert. Ready to detect even the most remote of menaces. Be it animals or people. Well actually, Angel is most aware of people. Not because that she think that people will do anything bad to her, simply because animals do tend to like her. As they should. She loves animals, so why shouldn’t they love her? Isn’t that the essens of love? To love someone that loves you back?

Slowly, but steadly, closing in on the center of the garden. Can’t quite wrap her mind around the size of it. Instinctively if seems to be large. On the other hand, relative to what? And also, Angel has no problems admitting to having a petite body. So either the garden is large and she is of normal size, or the garden is of normal size, and she is small. Both valid points. No time for quirkyness. 

Finally, Angel have reach her final destination. With no further planning to the next steps. The red rose is right in front of her. Looking innocent and vulnerable. The leafes are like tiny hands reaching out for her. Reaching for the salvation only Angel can provide. A life alone will end. Angel digs carefully around the rose, deeper and deeper. Her hands, and soon arms, getting dirty from the soil. Making sure not to hurt it, safely releasing the roots out of the grasp of Mother nature. Success. Angel did it. At last she accomplished her goal. Daring to be brave, doing what she thinks is right. Protecting and saving those in need. Because as we all should know, a friend in need is a friend indeed. 

And then they lived happily together ever after. The human and nature. Or at least for some time. What happened to the loving couple, you wonder? Everything and nothing i suppose. Children and the nature are the two most important things on earth. The two things we all have a civic duty to care for. To protect and save, unfortunately sometimes even from adults. The voice of children is more pure at heart, and therefor most worth focusing on. 


Submitted: March 29, 2017

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