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About a daughter asking her mother why she is being so cruel to her

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017






Why must you be this way?

Why must you break my heart over and over and over?


Why kick me when I'm down?

Why hurt me after I've opened my heart to you?

Why hate me when I have done nothing to deserve it?

Why extinguish my hopes for the two of us when you know I'm trying so hard?


Why must you do this to me?

Why must you hurt me so much?

I love you!

I have given everything to you and you repay me by stabbing me with the sharp knife of hate!

You repay me by blaming this hate on me!

By turning all my loved ones against me!

By turning yourself against me!

And what have I done to deserve this?

Have I disrespected or put poison in my body?

Have I snuck through the night unnoticed by even the quietest of creatures?

Have I done anything so horrible to deserve this, this unwarranted, unnecessarily cruel and unusual punishment full of hate and disappointment?


That is the answer.

That is THE answer. 

Not my answer. 

Not his answer.

Not your answer.

The answer.

The one and only answer.

Truth's answer.

I do not deserve this.

I do not need this.

This will not make me stronger or smarter or kinder.

This will not improve me.

This will not help me grow.

This is unnecessary antipathy towards me.

Do you remember me?

Do you remember who I am?

I am your daughter.

I am the child you created.

Your soul flows through me.

Your love for swimming and reading flows through me.

Your blonde hair and green eyes are the same as mine.

Your blood flows through me.

I am reflection onto you and that scares you.

Don't be afraid.

You have done well.

Don't ruin it with this malice towards me.

Don't try to manipulate things to your way.

Just leave it be.

Let it happen.

Don't be afraid of the future.

Be afraid of the present.

It only comes around once.

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