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Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



Tactics of Disturbance

March 27, 2017

10:15 pm

Right now as I write this, it is like the room that I’m in is alive with voices. This is the second time that this has occurred to this degree within a week. Recently, the voices have been getting worse about an hour or two before I turn in. Often, they will act frantic, practically shouting in an insane manner. I don’t know if this is just another one of their tactics of disruption or what. Just based on all of my experiences, I have to assume that it most likely is. It’s as if they are trying to mess with me more now just prior to when I go to sleep.

  Of course, as soon as I get into bed I usually feel the strange vibration sensation start right up. I’ve also recently been hearing a voice get right up into one of my ears. It’s typically a faint voice, but there’s a distinct sharpness to it that is hard to describe with words. Also, recently I’ve been hearing a voice speaking to me through my pillow quite a bit. This is something that these harassing entities first started doing a few months ago. But, now they seem to have added another twist to this.

  If I’m lying on my side, I’ll hear a voice coming up through the pillow and speaking right into my ear. If I try and prevent this by lying on my back so that one of my ears isn’t directly on the pillow, then I’ll start feeling the sensation of slight pokes and pinches coming up through my mattress which is even more of a disturbance. So essentially, they seem to be trying to force me to sleep on my side so that they can disturb me with this voice coming through the pillow tactic.

  They are very devious at coming up with tricks like this to try and cause me as much disturbance while I’m trying to sleep as possible. This escalation of ratcheting up the intensity of the voices before I turn in for the night also appears to be some form of deliberate tactic, I’m just not sure what it’s all about yet other than just to aggravate me of course. Perhaps, they are trying to get me to turn in earlier so that they can mess with my sleep sooner….I just don’t know. Perhaps they are simply trying to deprive me of any peace and quiet in the evening. Usually, around this time I like to read a book before I turn in. This obviously becomes more difficult when these harassing voices are behaving even more erratic than usual. I’ll just keep weathering the storm until it passes.


March 28, 2017

  Today was a rough day at work. But, it’s just that time of year…my busy season. When I’m stressed, I find that at times the voices can be stronger. It’s like they know that you’re aggravated so they’ll do anything that they can to make it that much worse. When I’m stressing out at work, I can usually hear them a bit stronger, but I still give them little of my attention really. Their presence does not interfere with anything that I’m doing anymore really.  But, this was not always the case. Back in April of 2015, when this situation was at its peak and at its worse, I was so blindsided and knocked on my ass by what I was experiencing that I had to call out of work quite a bit.

  This is very rare for me. I hardly ever call out of work, but I was literally under severe attack by unknown and hostile other worldly forces. I simply could not function well enough to hold it together at work for a time. But, it reached a point where I had called out of work enough and I was also trying desperately to hold on to my sanity and to my life as I had known it. There were occasions where the bombardment of voices was so bad that I came literally moments away from calling an ambulance right there at my work.

  I remember thinking to myself that I didn’t know what the hell I was going to tell the doctors. I know that if I told them what had happened, that I had been experimenting with doing EVP sessions a couple of months prior and since then (even though I had by that point quit doing EVP recordings) I had been hearing these menacing voices with just my ears at an ever increasing rate until early April rolled around and the shit literally hit the fan and I was hearing voices at an extreme level every waking moment. I knew that if I told anyone this, they probably were not going to believe me.

  I never did make the call. I somehow managed to pull off holding on to my job but it wasn’t easy. I remember occasions when I would be talking to a customer and a voice would be shouting in my ear “this is really happening!” Back then, I was also hearing this particularly powerful and strange voice that had a deep bass effect to it so that every time that it spoke, it literally felt like the ground was shaking. So, there I was at work trying to keep my composure, when I’d be hearing this powerful voice and it seemed like shockwaves were causing the entire building to shake. It was brutal for a few weeks. I’m amazed that I managed to hold on, but I did.

  Once things began to stabilize to some degree, I actually threw myself into my work. I remember that I would intentionally work extra hours and even go to work on my day off because I found that throwing myself into my work served as a great distraction for me. Eventually, doing this kept my mind off of the voices to a considerable degree. So, even though I may still have the occasional rough day at work where these voices become a bit more oppressive, I know that this now is nowhere even close to being as bad as it was back in April of 2015. I weathered through it then and I can weather through it now.

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