A Chance Encounter

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My entry for the 200-word flash fiction contest.

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017




The girl stole Joran Drew's attention during his solitary walk. Her bare feet struggled for purchase on a boulder at the ocean's edge. If she were laughing, Joran couldn't tell over the thunderous waves.

His steely eyes consumed her slender body. She teased him beneath her gauzy sundress.

She couldn't be more than twenty – maybe in her teens.


Joran liked them young.

He confirmed the beach was empty. With the resort over a mile away, nobody would ever see them.

Joran snuck up on the girl, smelling her sweet scent. He would take his time with her, and when he was done, the ocean would wash her away.

He clutched her around her smooth waist. He expected her to scream.

He never imagined it would be him that would be screaming.

Her head swiveled to meet his eyes.

Oh, God, her face...

That was his last thought as he stared into her sunken, mummified face.

The creature posing as the young girl grabbed the back of his head and smashed his face repeatedly onto the rocky shore.

No one from the resort ever saw the creature dragging Joran Drew into the depths of the ocean.

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