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Where did I go wrong?

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



I saw her crying for the first time in class. I have this urge to approach her but I decided not to. After all, she has her friends around to comfort her from whatever brought her those honest tears.

It became too often. Almost every day.  Her friends started to avoid her. I asked one of her friends why. Her friend said, "She only seeks attention.  We're just tired of her. She doesn't even listen to us."
Listening to?
"She doesn't bother to help herself out. We keep on giving her advice, we told her everything that she can do but it's useless. She's hopeless. We can't understand her anymore. She's not trying."
How did you know that she wasn't trying?
The day came when her friends no longer approach her. Few weeks later, she stopped crying on her chair. She's just staring down on the ground, being left after class. I wonder what she's doing during those times.
One day, we found out that she passed away. She committed suicide.
I saw how her friends cried. For the first time, I saw the immense regret in them. For the first time, I saw my teacher cried. "Where did I go wrong?" she murmured.
That's all they ask themselves. Where did they go wrong?
When she was finally buried, they all cried as if the tears won't just go away. Is she seeing this? The people who left her alone when she was still alive, are all gathered here when she's already dead.
Where did they go wrong? Until the end, she was never understood. Until the end, they are all still asking where did they go wrong.
It also came to me then. Where did I go wrong?

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