Miss Montague

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Tension awaits.

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



 It was just an ordinary day at work when I took my residents out to this old bowling alley in a rural town just outside of the city, the roads were long but so beautiful. The sun crept in through every crack in the never ending glades. It took me almost a good half an hour to get there but they enjoy listening to the radio and looking out the window. Today I was in a good mood. Lately, I’ve been waking up and not so sure of what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Most of my friends tell me it sounds like stress and anxiety because of my random “anxiety attacks” when I feel like someone is sitting on my chest, not to mention my headaches and my shortness of breath. I don’t really believe in mental disorders and I think big pharma constantly prescribes drugs “regulate” the human brain but if we’re all apparently different and have different genetic make ups, how can a variation of the same 20 medications for a disorder actually do anything other than be a mild sedative for that person? I’m not going to worry about it too much though because my mom would kill me if I were to see a therapist, she doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff either. I mean after my dad went to jail she tried to send my little sister to counseling but she was so young and didn’t want to go every week to have a discussion with a therapist so that didn’t last long.

After we bowled we headed back down those long roads which were now dark and scary. My shift at work is almost over and I have to hurry back to assist my residents with a shower, give them a snack, finish my repetitive paper work that I have to fill out every night and then I get to go home. My job is sort of like a job in the healthcare field if one person needs to leave, another needs to come in to cover their shift. Tonight I was waiting for Dolly. Dolly is an African American woman, very pretty, probably in her late 30’s. We don’t say much to each other but hi and bye and any questions she has for me about our lady’s day. After I finished my responsibilities I was sitting on the couch waiting for Dolly playing Candy Crush on my phone, it took me so long to get passed level 81, let me tell you. It was 8:05 pm and she was still not here yet. It’s not usually like her to be even a couple minutes late. Then I saw a headlight shine through the beige colored curtains so I gathered my things and got ready to leave. The front door opened and a new woman walked in. I knew my boss had someone in the orientation not too long ago but I didn’t know that she started already.

“Hello I’m Kara Montague.” she said as she walked over to me.

This woman probably wasn’t even 5’3. I could tell that she was some kind of Latina by her accent and that she was probably in some area of the service because of the way she dressed- she wore black military looking boots, jeans and a navy blue button up top, her hair was even tied back into a tight ponytail- but those were just assumptions.

“Hey I’m Sorina Hillcrest,” I said as I shook this woman’s hand.

“You’re so pretty.” She said to me and honestly, for an older woman she wasn’t bad looking either, she had a tight body and a young demeanor. We had a short conversation but she was very familiar and very distant all in one.

“Thanks, well have a good night,” I said as I walked out of the front door in into my little red Hyundai Sonata.

On the way home I could not stop thinking about this woman. She was different, I have met women like her before. She was straight forward, honest, she looked me straight in the eyes when she talked. I could feel like she was looking at me with connection not with conversation. I have to know this woman. What is she hiding? Is she hiding? 

I drove home to my new place that I got not too long ago. It was an old fashioned apartment but it suited me well, I can accommodate to most things. When I got upstairs I threw my purse onto my paisley printed bed sheets and unhooked my robe to go take a shower. My room is so empty, I need some more decor and lights and plants to make my room feel a little lighter. 

I recently broke up with my boyfriend so I am home alone most of the time. Some people say I'm boring because I don't have many friends and I don't like to go out and party that much but I just know that those things don't interest me as much as they use to. When I went away to college, I was so excited to be on my own and go to real college parties because I skipped that stage of high school, my parents were pretty strict and I moved around a lot so I didn't really ever have a consistent group of friends. I also don't have a lot of friends because generally, every one I have ever trusted has fucked me over. As in people I really trusted lied to me, stole from me or just made me look like an idiot behind my back. So I would rather work on myself I don't have much time for that anymore. 

I walked into the bathroom and turned the water on before I sat down to pee. Every time I get into the shower I have a routine. Conditioner, let it sit while I shave whatever I need to. Then I was my body with Dove soap, it’s my favorite because it doesn’t leave me feeling covered in a waxy coat. Then I use my Summers Eve orange scented feminine wash, I just don’t like the idea of putting soap near somewhere so precious to a woman’s body. After I rinse everything off I wash my face with any kind of face wash I buy with the bursting beads inside. I like the way it makes your face feel cold. I leaned against the wall to enjoy the steaming hot water dripping down my beautifully shaved and cleansed body.

I hold my DD cup breasts in each of my hands slowly squeezing and releasing. I trail my hand down my belly, past my pierced belly button over my shaved mound and into the crease of my opening. I slid a finger in and over my clit, still enjoying this hot water bouncing off my body drip by drip. I slowly circulate my finger in a clockwise motion making my legs weaker and weaker with every turn. I close my eyes so I can feel it throughout my whole body as I release onto my own leg, it trails down my body and into the sewer. I turn off the hot water and step out of the shower. Damn my legs feel tired after all of that I think to myself ass I dry them off.  


*Beep Beep Beep Beep*

"Fuck." I jolted up and reached over the side of my bed to turn my alarm off. 

8 am. 

I stumbled out of bed to my kitchen where I started brewing my coffee. While I was waiting for my coffee to boil I sat on my black leather couch- which I despise because it's a hand-me-down from my moms old living room. I didn't have much money when I first got my apartment so I took what I could. Anyways, I pulled my chocolate wooden brown cigar box off of the ground and took out a tobacco leaf and my weed. 

I rolled a blunt for when I got out of the shower. I did my make up routine, which is pretty short in the summer. I just touch up my eyebrows, put on some mascara, add some highlighter to my inner eyes and match my lipstick to my outfit. 

8:36 am.

Shit, I should probably put my shoes on now and leave the house, I thought to myself. I am always late on weekends and my boss is going to kick my ass. 

8:54 am.

I finally pulled up to work and I see this little blue sports looking car in the drive way of my job, which must mean that someone new is working today. I walked inside and that same Spanish woman I saw last night was sitting on the couch. I looked at her and smiled and walked into the office to clock in. In a matter of two seconds I scanned everything about her, she has two different bags on her, which means she is very organized- or at least tries to be. She had on these black boots with these silver chains on the side, which means she means business. She also had a button up shirt on and jeans. The way she puts herself together looks so professional even with the simplicity of the jeans. 

On Sundays we don't do much I explained to her. So we just sat and chatted while the ladies went about their morning whether it was watching tv or doing laundry. She is a very interesting woman.

"I love your accent where is it from?" I asked her. 

"Puerto Rico, I grew up between there and the east coast. I have some properties out there too, they're beautiful. They are in the mountains and I would love to go up there soon and renovate with nature." Kara told me.

Everything she talks about are things I love. She loves nature, coffee, 

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