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Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



Walking. Slowly walking. Not even thinking. Why? Why do I live? Why does my heart brake every time I love? Why does my family not love me? Alone. So very alone. Walking by myself, alone. Why am I still living?  Why did it have to happen? The big explosion, why did it happen? Alone. Walking. Why? Why was I speared? Why was it me and only me? Why? So alone. Crying. Stopped. Stopped to sit down. Finally I find something beautiful. See a Light. So very beautiful. I see people and animals. So happy. Now I understand why it was me. I now understand why. Why have I not noticed earlier? Alone but now I can see. See the light. Walking. Flying. Finely I am not alone.


“Why do us humans question our existence? Why do we have to go thru so much just to find the propose of our lives? I say live life like you are going to die the next day. Be you and no one else and explore the world. Go out and live. Be free of restrains and get out there and make a difference.” –Mary Hall (Aaron)

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