The Fall of the Giants

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The trees speak of the beginning.

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



A long time ago they’re where two races that shared the world. The higher and bigger race, the giants, and the lower and shorter race, the humans. Two men from the giant race ruled the giants, Buch and Gon. Thou the giants were fond of the humans; they never showed them selves to them because they were afraid of the outcome. As like the giants, two humans, Hun and Wun, ruled the humans. The world at the time was all one land with a forest that ran on the right side of the land from the north to the south. The forest is where the giants live and the giants’ spread rumors and legends about the forest so humans don’t wonder in their homes. As time pass both Hun and Wun became greedy and what’d to rule the world separately, so they fought and bickered about it all the time. So one day they had enough and they split the world in two with Hun the ruler of human in the north and Wun the ruler of humans in the south. When the giants heard of this conflict they also started to argue on how to live in the separate lands. So the giants that supported Hun went to the north with Buch as their ruler and the rest of the giants went with Gon to the south. As the conflict with Hun happened Wun, the ruler of the south, fell in love with Cora, Hun’s daughter. When Hun found out after the split of power and land, he banished his daughter, Cora, to a castle in the giant’s forest, which he knew that no human would cross, and left her by her self with soldiers dropping food off when she needs it. At first Hun had guards protecting the castle but on a visit to the castle, one day, he had a feeling that he was being watch. So Even though the humans did not know of the giants that went to the forest in the north Hun withdrew his soldiers from the castle and left. When Wun heard of this he was really mad. So Wun gathered his soldiers and started to march to the north. Hun being afraid of separating Cora and Wun he sent scouts to see what the South was doing. When the scouts came back they reported that they saw that the south soldiers where moving toward the north. So Hun gathered his troops and sent them to meet the south soldiers at the boundary line. All the while the giants watched the movement of the soldiers and became anxious and vulnerable to make bad decisions. The humans having meet at the boundary line in a couple of days, Hun and Wun talked. Having enough of not agreeing with each other and negotiating Wun ordered his man to attack and the battle begun. After a couple of days the north started to get weaker and weaker as the south attacked reliantly, so Buch, having enough of the fighting, gathered all the northern giants and all of a sudden started to help Hun in the fight. Having reviled the race of giants to the humans Gon, being outrage, started to help Wun. After many years of fighting the south had defeated the north, who retreated multiple times, and pushed them toward the northern forest. Hun, having lost so many soldiers, retreated in the forest and started to get ready for the last battle at the castle his daughter was in. As the north started to get ready the south was also getting ready to fight. The giants on the other hand took down the trees of the forest to make a huge battle ground for them and the humans to fight together. When the forest was no more the south began the last battle. As the fight raged on both leaders of both races found each other on two hills and started to dual. As Buch and Gon fought they saw glimpse of the battle that was going on below them and stopped fighting to look at the war that was killing so many humans and giants and seeing the pain the soldiers were experiencing. Then it hit them, they realized what they had done and decided to make things right again. Hun and Wun, being on a smaller hill, stopped fighting each other and looked at what the two Giant leaders where doing and they couldn’t believe their eyes. They saw the two giants shake hands and turned back to back and started to say words in a different language foreign to the humans and to their surprise the giant leaders started to glow. Then all around the Giant soldiers started to change but the soldiers were to into fighting that they did not notice. The giants were turning green and brown, having their feet sink to the ground holding them in place and slowly start to slow their movements like it was getting hardier to swing their weapons. As that was happening the humans started to stop fighting and watched the change. Once the changed was done the humans made peace with each other and Gon was reunited with Cora unifying the human race again. As time passed the human race started to separate and made their own kingdoms creating different rulers and fought a lot. But on the day that the last battle of the giants came around every human, even the humans that where at war, would gather in any forest and celebrated the end of the giant race and the last thing the giants did. Buch and Gon having did what they did stayed a little longer to see the humans be at peace with each other and watched the last battle happen every night, silently, going on and invisible to the humans until they finally disappeared from the world. Now as the humans evolved they forgot the fight and started to cultivate the earth and growing in population but at night if you look at the trees closely in the winter you could see the giants slowly fighting each other in the last battle that ended their race. Every time you go in a forest hear the giant’s stories as you touch the trees. As the wind blows between the branches and leaves you could hear Buch and Gon’s last words saying, “Please remember the giants”.


“As I looked at the battle that was happening below me I realized that fighting and wars are useless and gives people the right to kill. We should learn, like the humans did after the fight, to be at peace with each other and end the blood baths.”- Gon


“ After we did what we did I and the survivors of the battle went thru the dead and living of my race and cried at the horror at what greed, jealously, war, and other sins could do to people.”- Buch


“After the war me and Wun made peace with each other and started to gather the dead of the battle and saw to it that they where buried like you would if the king has died and saw that their families where taken care of. What the war did to me was unexplainable and hopefully set a example of what war and other sins can do to a race.”- Hun


“As the time pass we humans became worse then what happened with me and Hun. I am really sad that us humans did not learn anything about the last battle with the giants and did not take anything out of what happened. The giants were forgotten, the celebrating of the battle ended, and the growing greed and sins of us humans have made mankind view lesser then the other races that would and was made. Even fairies are better then us even thou they live to hurt and tease other races we are still below them. Hopefully we learn so we don’t repeat what the giants did and have the race go extinct because of our sins and wars.”- Wun


“When I see the tree in the winter I see trees that are covered in snow. So my imagination would then take control and I would see soldiers fighting with weapons. So one day I finally gave up and created this story to express the reality of what the human race is coming to be. We fight for no reason, we sin, we kill for no reason, we think we are superior to other animals, and we are never honest. I am just tired of what we humans do to each other and wish that some day we learn our lessons and be at peace just like the giants and humans did at the end of the battle.”-Mary Hall (Aaron)

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