The question of life

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Why Life?

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



Why do we exist? Why are all animals are classified in different groups? Why are we even living on earth? Those are all question most people think of every day. I question my life. The whole world seems fake to me like I am in a dream. So in order to check and feel real I self-harm. If you cannot feel pain you are not human. To be human you have to feel. Me, I don’t feel. I have a problem with expressing and feeling feelings. People believe that a god had created the world. Some think that multiple gods created the earth. Others just look to science to explain the beginning of the world. If you travel around the world being exposed to different religions you would question how really the world was created. I personally love religions. Me being Buddhist I have my own beliefs. If god gave us why do we what to sin and do bad stuff? Why do we have a dark side in us? It’s not normal. Normal to people would be different. My normal is being relaxed and passing the day by doing what I am told. Thou we have people at war and people not getting protection, food, and water. In Africa people suffer because disease is cutting their population down fast and we are trying to help them but the people with the money to help are selfish and what to keep their money and not “waste it on the poor”. To me money is worthless. It is just a piece of paper. Paper should not determine the worth of someone. The wealthy are living in luxury while people are dying from the only way they can do. I guaranty that most poor people look to drugs and smuggling goods so their families can survive to the next day. People start to join gangs for protection and money to support their families. I am personally trying to survive for my family so nothing happens to my family or me. Why do people think of death as the end but it is not your legacy will be remembered in your family and you would be reborn in the world as something different but you are still here and the world does not forget the people it takes care of. People with suicidal intentions always question their worth and why do they exist. It is really sad when someone what’s to kill them selves and think that no one will remember them but everyone would miss you who you have met and would cry when you go. So instead of asking “ Why do I exist?” ask “How can I make a difference in the world to help others like me not to jump?” it’s a good question to ask. I say just be you and help others and tell your story and change as many lives you can.


“In life you would have tons of bumps in the road to your propose. So survive the bumps and learn the meaning and worth of your life. Keep walking and ignore all the bad weathers and holes that you will fall in and walk thru but if you stay true to your self you would reach the end in a happy way and can say bye with everything done and leave being happy at what you have accomplish in your life. Be true to your selves and you would be fine.” – Mary hall (Aaron)

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