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Chapter1 (v.1) - Crooks

Author Chapter Note

She had a lot of crooks trying to steal her heart. Never really had luck.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 30, 2017



My eyes were dry at the sight of the man killing himself.


Everyone else had droplets stream down their pale faces. I can feel their empathy and dread as they couldn’t take their eyes off the screen.


“????.” Were the man’s last words.


Hear me.


I can feel someone tap my shoulder and I looked at the person’s designated direction and saw a lachrymose female sprouting shaky words at me. “Do you have a tissue?”


Without saying anything, I offered my handkerchief instead.


She smiled with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Thank you!”


I nodded once and slowly turned back to the screen just in time to hear everyone shout, “No!”, “Oh my God!”, “Ahhh!”


The dead man’s body lay on the ground, his blood splattering over the cement. Next to him his daughter held a gun pointing it at his holed head. She shot him.


So he wasn’t dead at all. It wasn’t suicide. It was homicide.


So my suspicions were right.


Then the screen turned black. The lights turned on again and I can see more clearly all of my classmates’ horror-stricken faces. Most still had wet cheeks and red eyes – especially the girls – and the rest had goosebumps, hairs rising from their skin. They were shocked, aghast, and sorry for the main character. They failed to realize the message between the lines of his forged suicide letter.


Listen and you’ll hear my thoughts.


It was his last written statement, the only thing his enemies didn’t coerce him to mark nor have comprehended.


Guess they’ll never find out then.


“I can’t stop crying.”


“She’s too cruel.”


“How could they do this?”


Everyone chorused while I kept my face stolid, short of tears. People think I’m harsh to the point I can never sympathize or empathize. But the statement has a complete different meaning to me once I get attached.


And I should never get attached.

Miss Young slowly came to the front and started to ask questions – most of which I answered, everyone else was still too emotional – and provided a set list of themes found in the movie to research on.


Everyone was overwrought and I wondered if I was really too heartless to not get affected the moment his daughter revealed that she bore her father’s child in her.






I slowly looked up from my book and saw a smiling, pretty blonde looking down at me. Hm, never seen her before.


“Can I sit with you? I’m reading as well.” Her tone was friendly and sweet, like a daisy shining in the sun.


I smiled. “Mm.”


Her eyes twinkled and she settled in front of me, sitting down on the cushion chair. The library has a calming aura and a dusty smell which I appreciate sincerely. This is my second day in this private school and so far nothing’s been too unusual. Had a prefect guide me, showing me around and the Headmaster personally introducing me to everyone.


I can still remember the look on their faces the moment he said those words.


“She’s the president’s daughter.”


President Inoue was the new head of Silver Academy, the eighth most prestigious private school in the country. To everyone, he’s omnipotent, competent, and promising. To me….hah Vindictive, power-hungry, and loveless. No one could get to him, break down his immersive, almost endless walls, and crack his armor. Even I could barely reach to him, let alone break through his mind.


It doesn’t matter anyway because it’s impossible. That’s what makes him so powerful in the first place.


My eyes skim through the words, inking it on my mind. I can feel his hand firmly grasp my wrist. His touch wreaks havoc through my nerves. I’m scared of what he’ll do and realized I have to stop the dysphoria from swallowing my sanity before I completely succumb to hysteria. Survive the storm that he’s going to bring along with him.




My eyes quickly drifted from the page and settled on another female student. I can see the badge on her uniform. 11. She’s a junior. I wafted my stare to the friendly schoolmate sitting in front of me – Yumi – and looked at her badge. 11 as well. They’re a level a year older than me.


“Mm, Kim, what’s up?” Yumi asked warmly.


“You have to move. Now.” Kim sounded concerned and set-on. I can see her eyes nervously drifting from me to her friend. She’s unsettled. I merely gave her a stolid look as she grabbed Yumi’s elbow and practically dragged her away from me.


“Kim! Nani? Why are you heaving me away-!”


“Hurry up, Yum. Let’s just get out of here before-“


“Everyone’s staring because of your noise.” I mutter softly. Their stares are still set on us, disturbed or curious.




Everyone jumped but me. I calmly looked at the entrance, the double doors wide open – slammed. A man with a similar badge as mine only with a different color stood on the threshold, looking haggard yet amused. His eyes were one of the most captivating pair I have seen. The coldest shade of blue I have come to face with. His hair was a clutter of mess yet it suited him. And guessing from the look everyone’s giving him, he has control.


Those entrancing eyes searched the room and when it landed on me, it glinted. He smirked.


His stare lingered on me and mine on him although I don’t think I’m as attentive as everyone else around me. At the corner of my eye I can see Yumi widen her eyes and Kim boring a ratty expression. I think everyone found the sight of him more eye-catching than anything else right now.


He advanced towards me.


Whispers. Indistinct murmurs. Surrounding me.


Just exactly what am I facing here?


The guy stopped in front of me that smirk never slipping away from his face.


Then he soundly planted both palms on the wooden table and leaned down on me, a mere two inch away from our noses touching.


I stared back blankly.


His eyes were clouded with beguilement and excitement – even if the last part he’s trying to hide so effortlessly.


“Hey.” He murmured with a clear, silk-like voice.


I looked as monotonous as ever.


He snorted then he slowly leaned away but not enough to bring a huge gap between us, looking smug. “Alyssa, right? Thought I’d recognized that pretty face right the second I’d see it.”


“Who are you?” I asked blankly.


“The leader of this school, the guy no one messes with. Also the most attractive fella you ever saw.” The dimple on his left cheek evinced his flawless face. “The name’s Jae. Hella nice to meet you.” His smirk widened. “Mrs. Inoue.”


I stared at him a little longer not really feeling anything.


“What do you want?”


The whispers resurfaced again, louder and shocked.


“What is she doing…?”

“No one speaks to Jae like that.”

“Is she wishing World War III on herself?”



Ah. So he’s that type of guy.


“Hm.” He hummed in amusement. “Come with me.”


He leaned back and turned around, expecting me to follow after his trail. As he walked towards the exit, I slowly turned back to my book. I don’t think he realized that I wasn’t really behind him.


“Don’t. Just don’t.” I hissed at him. He gave me an unreadable look which rattled me. I can’t decipher what he’s thinking and it’s dangerous. “You have no idea, do you?” he muttered darkly. “The pain you have caused, the punishment you’ll face, the hell you’ll fix. You’re never gonna get away with th-“




this.” I snarled at him. “I didn’t do anything wrong! It’s this school! Everyone’s acting as if nothing’s wrong when clearly there is! Even-“




I closed my eyes and try to stop myself from showcasing my irritation.


I slowly looked up from my book and gave a rattled Yumi my best effort of a calm expression. “What?”


“Go. You have to follow Jae.” She claimed, no, demanded.


I stared into her brown eyes and I can see how nervous she was. In fact everyone seems to be uneasy at my defiance. He must have had so much control. To have this much effect on everybody, it’s clear he’s just not anyone. He’s Jae, the leader of this school, the guy no one tantalizes with. It would mean suicide to go against him. I get it. And apparently everyone does too.


I looked into Yumi’s eyes and finally conceived.




Hm. I don’t care who he is or what he’ll do to me. I’m not afraid. He means nothing and everything he does is immature and pointless. He can do whatever he wants; just leave me out of it.


“You’re not serious are you?” Yumi looked appalled.


I keep on reading afore turning to the next page.


“She’s not a good person to hang with, Yum.” Kim announced before gently grabbing her friend’s hand and pulls her away from me. All throughout it, I can feel Yumi’s stare lingering on me, still looking aghast.


The stares of everyone in the library stayed on me, shamelessly indistinctively talking while at it.


“All of you have to realize.” Mrs. Mori, the school librarian, declared calmly. “That Alyssa Inoue, President Inoue’s only daughter, has no reason to fear that child. Such delinquency won’t be tolerated by the family. So everyone kindly keep your mouth shut and your gossips to yourself as this is a library and not a market.”


And with that, all was settled.



“How was school?” Father asked before calmly drinking wine. He was facing twelve feet away from me as we sat across each other, far and barely missing one another, silently eating dinner.


“It was satisfactory.” I reply.


The only answer Father approves from me. How did the recital go? The test went well?  How was the competition?


It was satisfactory.


I could never go through a question without answering the same answer or anything similar.


“The teachers approved of you?”




“How were the lessons?”






I cast my eyes down and ate silently. End of conversation.




“Alyssa, right?” I looked up from my notebook and saw Elizabeth Walkins looking kindly down at me.


“Mm.” I reply shortly.


“Can I copy your notes? I think I missed some when Ms. Young moved to matrix decomposition.” Her voice sounded angelic, sweeter than Yumi’s and short of unsettlement compared to hers.


I have heard a lot about Elizabeth. People really talk fondly of her. Always a reliable friend and a good companion. That’s what they all say. Friendly, kind, and graceful. I’m still too new to actually decipher how true the whole thing is but I’m open to the possibility.


“Sure.” Softly I said.


She slid in next to me and opened her notebook she’s been holding all this time. I slide my notes closer to her so she can see more clearly. Seeing as the next teacher’s presence still astray, I got more comfortable and stretched my arms, I can feel some joints crack. Mmmm, how soothing. Then I grabbed my whole clipped platinum blonde hair and reallocated it to one side, specifically my left shoulder.


Neh, Alyssa. People seem to talk a lot about you.” Elizabeth says with her stare lingering on her writing.

I click my head to the side. “Mm.”


It was rhetorical but she doesn’t seem to acknowledge the tone. “Well they seem to fear you.” She continues. “Being President Inoue’s daughter seems to bring a lot of tension in them.” Then she halted her hand and turned to give me a warm smile. “But I’m not afraid of you. You seem elegant. It’s a refreshing sight to behold.”


She immediately turned back to copying and added. “Just don’t let the talks get to you. It doesn’t matter what they think anyway. You’re above all gossips combined.”


I looked at her and saw through her mind. I smiled. It was my practiced one. “Mm.”


She focused more on her writing which was a cue from me to distance myself right away. My ice-blue eyes wandered around the room. Everyone else was talking, sleeping, or using their phones. It seemed like they’re occupied at the moment.


I catch a triad mix of two boys and a girl gawking at me and when I held my stare at them they seem to grow bolder and stared right back, drifting away only for a moment to talk to one another before goggling right back. Seems like I have made a couple of fans.


The girl smiled at me.


I looked away.


I could hear them murmuring to one another which I didn’t pay any mind to. I found myself looking at another person. It’s that guy who slept through History and Chemistry yesterday and now apparently Math too. Students here really don’t try hard to stand out but I think this one’s putting a lot of his efforts into staying invisible. I don’t think I recognize his name.


“Jae really seemed ticked off yesterday.” Elizabeth started.


It feels strange not knowing most of my surroundings. Who was he again? I can remember most of my classmates’ names but I prefer to call them by their common nouns seeing as they mean nothing to me. But I really can’t recall this person’s name.


“He kept complaining that there’s this girl who couldn’t keep up with him, more than usual anyway.” She keeps on. “Do you know who she is?”


My stare lingered on his sleeping frame. His arched back moving up and down from breathing, his state deep into another world.


“Zero.” Elizabeth states after a moment.


I flitted my gaze to hers in an instant. She smiled warmly and I realized she was looking at him too when she discovered that I was too preoccupied at the moment to focus on her. “Hmm?” I tilted my head to the side.


“His name’s Zero.” She chuckled lightly. “Never was the one to talk much. Always kept to himself.”


I nodded in realization. Not that that’s anything surprising. Anyone could have guessed that at just the first hour spending in the same room with the guy. “He’s a good guy despite what people call him. Once you got to know him, you can see how gentle he is.”


I don’t really care but I let Elizabeth talk. “A good friend too. Are you curious?” she asked kindly.


Not really. I shrugged. “Just wondering what his name was.”

She laughed pleasantly. “Well now you know.”


I adjusted my stare back to more important things such as my notes. “Are there still more left to copy?” I ask.


Elizabeth turned her focus back on the matter at hand. “Ah! Just a few more then I’m done.”


I stayed silent and watch her handwriting occupy the page.




Oh great.


I was having a decent time reading my book, loving the dusty smell around me and the silence the library occupies. The ambiance it carries always suited me. So I can’t stop myself from coming here almost every interlude I have. Everything was going fine.


Then a bothersome group of friends entered the room completely shattering the calming ambience with their loud voices and crackling laughter. I shifted my gaze to them and saw Elizabeth among with them.


And that messy-haired blonde, “leader of this school” too.


I lightly brushed off their troublesome behavior and turned back to my book, having an easy time ignoring their noise.


“Everything’s different now.” I say cautiously. He looked at me and for the first time it wasn’t brooding nor aggressive. I-

 “Well isn’t it the idiotic new girl.” Jae’s booming voice can’t be missed even if I was sixty feet away from him.


It’s a complete relief seeing as I can’t take any more if he keeps on keeping it vague. He wasn’t looking any good though seeing as he won’t look me in the eye, looking as distant as ever. “Are you oka-“






He’s really testing me to aggressively close my book right when I’m reading an interesting page. I looked up at the jerk and gave him a cold look. He was grinning smugly at me. Everyone else was surrounding me – five of ‘em was holding large cups of some liquid state – all over the table, caging me, unable to provide escape.


Huh. Not that I’ll run from these people.


“They say blondes aren’t as slow as they seem but you really seem to hit the record, huh?” Jae continues. He grabbed my book from my hands and threw it to a person behind him. His smile defied all chances of being kind.


I stared back stolidly.


“Hm.” He chuckled deeply. “I’m not a bad guy, you know. So I’ll forgive what you did yesterday.” He gave me a judging stare, hoping to find some response.


I blinked.


His jaw tightened.


“So how about it, come have lunch with us.” His arrogance mixes well with his idea of friendliness. “You might have better fun then hanging out alone in this drag. Honestly it wasn’t so hard to guess where you are but I still can’t believe someone with your standard would find it worth wasting your time in such a dreary place. Seriously, man.”


He wasn’t actually waiting for any response from me as he continued. “Now c’mon. Get your ass up and let’s get out of here.”




As much as how he spoke so confidently about my willingness to actually hang with their large group he didn’t really made any effort to neither budge from his spot nor shift his gaze anywhere from me. I kept my cold, impassive stare at him, not really finding worth of my effort waste on him to actually speak back.


He snorted in contempt. “Thought you’d do this again.” He finally moved his peer towards to one of his lackeys and nodded his head towards me.


I didn’t move.


I didn’t look at anyone else.


And I can feel the frigidness of the soda from my skull to my spine, soaking my hair and my uniform as everyone else laughed and made fun of me. The lackey who poured the beverage made sure to drop the ice as well before aiming the cup at my head. 


Cold. Too cold. I opened my mouth in reflex, bearing the iciness and the uncomfortable feeling of it all.


Jae looked smugly at me and when I glared at him he pulled out his tongue playfully. Bastard.


But out of everyone who enjoyed my humiliation the most, I can see kind, friendly Elizabeth smiling down at me. Only this time, it wasn’t so sweet.


Knew it.






© Copyright 2017 Elise Alice. All rights reserved.

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