At The Bridge

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Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



I woke up at 7 am, just like every other day, showered, had breakfast and got dressed. Stepping over to my window to see my street full of bright colours, but it all seemed so grey. “Where did all the colours go?” I thought to myself. By now I was used to it. The grey was everywhere. It stained my world. Moving away from my window to put my shoes on, a thought entered my mind, “why do I bother?” I began to ponder on this thought. It seemed to have an answer hidden within it, I could feel it. Clearing my mind I decided to go for a walk. Once out and about, seeing all the people around going about their business as usual was exciting for me in some way. I found a nice spot too sit down and enjoy the fresh winter air, noticing the bridge spanning over the large river in front of me. “Seems like a nice place to walk around”. I arrived at the bridge 10 minutes later, taking a deep breath as I put my foot on the path ahead. I began to smile as I walked, people passing by were giving me strange looks, but I continued onwards. Reaching the middle of the bridge I stopped to enjoy the cold ocean breeze and calming sound of the rough ocean waves below. Checking both ways for signs of people coming, I quickly climbed the railing and stood upon it, like a victorious knight after winning a siege, except for the victorious part. I could hear faint screaming in the distance, but I couldn’t care less. Closing my eyes and taking a large hearty breath, I leaned forward to let gravity do its work, the screaming and sound of rushing air was a peculiar mix. I opened my eyes one last time to see the murky water advancing, then a loud “Splash”

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