The Unknown : Spirit's Destiny

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This one is a magical adventure and it has some ass kicking too. Enjoy! :)

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017




I was just staring at the sharp blades of the pillory at the center of the platform… Melissa will be gone later with her head cut off, and another pail of blood will be spilt on that dreadful-looking platform again. I can’t do anything to stop the governor from killing her; “I can’t save my best friend now…” The priest gave his sermon & the governor then announced to cut the witch’s head off. I turned back refusing to see my best friend die, but I heard her voice calling me; “Lyra!” I looked back and I saw Melissa reaching out her hand towards my direction with the usual smile on her face, and the next thing was…


“So where’s the next lair to be wrecked?” Melissa tapped the table that made the water on a wooden cup to spill. “Laurent said he smells boiling junks on the western London… on the deserted region.” “Oh wow! Potions, huh? These witches ain’t gonna do good, eh?” “What do you expect, Mel? They will certainly not gonna do good to us… they make plagues, epidemics, call pests, and kill everyone we know… And I want them to stop… For good…” I said while my mind recalls the executions I’ve seen and the people who died of sickness. The governor of our town executes those who are suspected to be the witches, who are bringing the plagues and the epidemics. Melissa’s mom was accused to be one of them and she was executed in front of Melissa. Her father died of sickness, he was one of the victims of the plague, but still, Melissa’s mother was accused and killed without considering her husband’s death… I know Melissa was really devastated by those happenings which made her brother lose his mind; that even made her more aggressive to end all the witches’ lives, no matter what happens. Mellissa is my best friend and her family is also my family. I grew with her because I lived with her and her family since my parents was lost. They took care of me like I’m actually their flesh and blood. I know she still feels devastated. It’s been a year since we both lost the only family we have, all that’s left was me, Leo and her. We have nothing else left. But as long as we have each other, I know we will survive and we’ll end all witchcrafts.


It’s been two weeks of witch detecting in western London… Finding their lairs, seeking for information and spying some suspects… I’ve done a great help for Melissa & Lyra; two of my most important friends. I always wander around to look for witches and the two of them will raid the lair and kill the witch. But what we are truly finding is the leader of the witches, the presider; Tituba. She was said to be the first follower of Wicca, the witches’ religion, and she appointed the 5 guardians of the pentagram. But she is so hard to catch because of her disguises. She existed 2 centuries ago but she could still be one of the girls who sell those freakish chimes or those who walk on the streets of the town or those who plant vegetables on the farm; she could be anyone. And she will never die… I gazed at the portrait of me and Lyra that was hanged on my bedroom wall. The thought of her made me forget about witch hunting. And later, I realized that I am already smiling. She has been very special to me since I first met her. That time, we were still on our adolescence, but I feel more like mature when I look at her. She captivates me in the way she is; her mysterious brown eyes, her pointy little nose, her pinkish cheeks, her scarlet lips and her black, glossy, wavy, hair. She really did get my eye on her. “Hey Laurent! Are you home?” A familiar voice cut my thoughts about Lyra. I went out of my room & opened the front door to see whose visiting. “Melissa… What is it? Are we raiding tonight?” I inquired as I saw Melissa on the front door on her red dress, bringing something covered by a white piece of cloth. “No. Not yet. I just came by to bring you some apples. I picked them up on the woods this morning.” Melissa gave me the basket of apples with a smile. “Wow… Uhhm… Thank you… Well, I haven’t eaten many apples these days… Come on in… I have a fresh brewed coffee from my visit on the west; I know you’ll like its taste.” I invited Melissa, to let her taste my coffee & to at least pay for the apples. “Lyra said you found a lair on the western region. Was it a black witch?” Melissa asked as she was ordering her dress. “Uhh… No… It’s a red witch… And I think she might help us find a guardian… Her lair looks like an underground. It’s a cave, to be precise, and I know she follows orders. I’ve been spying her for two weeks and looks like someone is sending her a recipe then she goes to the town to collect the ingredients and then performs the ritual. I bet she’s the one of the Earth witch’s followers.” “Well… The Earth witch is up to something. It could be another plague… we need to find this earth witch before she mess up.” “Yeah… We should. What did Lyra said?” “She told me to prepare my stuff because we’ll be heading west tonight & we’ll raid at dawn.” “Oh… She didn’t want me to come, did she?” “I don’t know… She hasn’t told me to inform you…” “But, I want to come with you… You’ll be stronger if you have me…” “I don’t know, Laurent… But honestly, I wanted you to come… I just don’t know if she’ll approve it.” Melissa took a drink from the cup of coffee I made for her. I was just silent while looking at the burning pile of wood in my fire place.“You still like her, don’t you?” Melissa asked with a serious tone. I immediately detected sadness in it. I still remained silent to play safe. “I know you do… And I just don’t know why she acts like she doesn’t know… But I suggest you find someone whom you don’t have to show too much just to make her like you…” Melissa stood up and pushed the chair back to where it was earlier. “I’m going back… And I will try to convince her to bring you tonight.” Melissa turned her back, heading to the door. “Thanks…” I told her before she could open the door. She paused and turned back with a sweet smile on her face…


“Hey, Laurent… Glad you made it… Come on, it’s getting darker…” I greeted as Laurent came nearer to the wagon. Lyra was directing the horse that was carrying the wagon while I & Laurent took the passenger’s seat. I can see Laurent looking at Lyra. We were travelling through the dark, creepy forest that was even made creepier by the moon’s pale light &the sound of owls. Lyra was silent & Laurent was too. I am getting caught up with the something going on between them. I tried to chat with Laurent, just to stop his thing on Lyra that seems to be tormenting him. “So… how was your trip?” I asked Laurent. “It’s a little dangerous. The red witch is really careful. So I needed to be agile… But, the trip was fine.” “Good to hear that… I was really worried you know…” “Oh… Well… Thanks for that… That’s really… sweet…” I noticed Laurent trying to get out of the agony; though I’m not so sure what kind of agony does he have that moment. I suddenly felt rejected when I saw Laurent staring at Lyra like he’s being hurt with Lyra’s silence. Everything is not the same anymore. It started to turn our friendship upside down when Laurent confessed about his feelings to Lyra. I don’t know why Lyra is acting that way. But I don’t want to be a liar; I actually like it. It is just giving Laurent a good reason to stop his thing with Lyra and give it to me instead… Laurent was the only man I’ve been dreaming of. My knight in shining armor, too bad it is just for me; I don’t know with him. He’s really into Lyra… I suddenly went out of my agony when the wagon stopped. I reached for the window to look around. “We’re here. Let us plot our approach after we hide the wagon.” Lyra said We hid the wagon in the woods, a few yards away from the way. We were heading to the cave. We were planning to do a surprise attack when the witch enters the cave, since the witch goes home at dawn, exactly 3:00 in the morning. “Okay, Melissa… you’ll cuff the witch. I’ll appear first…” Lyra instructed. I nodded to signal her for agreement. “What about me?” Laurent asked. “You’ll go with Melissa, help her catch her, because I’ll be doing the scare to freeze her a bit.” “Got it…” Lyra went up the cave while I & Laurent were behind the rock, just beside the mouth of the cave. Laurent was hearing footsteps… “She’ll be here in a sec… she’s close…” I signaled at Lyra who was already taking out her knife; it’s a very special knife she found in the woods. It can kill witches with just one stab straight to the heart. Lyra is getting ready, so I immediately got myself ready too. I can see the witch’s red dress sparkling just about 5 meters away. She is walking fast towards the cave, with a basket on her right hand. When she was about to enter the cave, Lyra jumped just in front of her pointing the sharp knife in her neck. “What are you up to, huh, witch?” Lyra uttered, giving the witch a forceful look. The witch took one step back, reaching for her wand hanged on the belt of her dress, but she wasn’t able to because I quickly locked her hand with the cuff & then took her other hand & cuffed it.Laurent grabbed her & held her tight. The witch was really frightened; it was projected on her young face… “Who are you? What do you want?” The witch asked. “Just some slayers… And you know what? We just need something… Some information that you might wanna tell…” I said. “Are you working for someone? Were you planning to make another plague?” Lyra asked impatiently. “I am not making a plague… I swear… Please, let me go…” The witch pleaded, trying to get away from Laurent’s tight grip. “Come on witch! You know we’re not just a bunch of kids fooling around, you know why we came. We want answers. We want you to tell us where to find that guardian you’re working for!” I yelled. “And then what? You’re gonna kill me? Lyra? “How did you know my name?” Lyra was dumbfounded. “Of course I do… I do know you all… Lyra, Melissa, Laurent… Oh yes… I do know all of you… And oh… How’s your little brother, Leo? Huh, Melissa?” The witch asked, giving me a strange smile. My fire just burnt even stronger. “Hey bitch! Let me tell you what… Speaking about my brother is not a good idea… You know I could burn your ass up if I want to… So, shut the hell up and tell us where to find the guardian…” I said angrily. “I won’t tell you Melissa…” The witch said. “Wait…wait…wait… What? You won’t tell us?” Laurent asked, irritated. “I can’t tell you… She’ll come to you… You don’t need to kick my ass, you know…” “Then tell us, what exactly are you up to?” Lyra asked. “My master wants to help the people… She can’t do it herself because it was forbidden so she needed someone to do it… She caught me as a prisoner in a witch fight… I don’t actually belong to her, but since I lost in that fight, I became one of hers. We are helping you… We weren’t the enemies here…” The witch explained. “Forbidden?” Lyra uttered. “Witch fight?” I asked. “Helping us?” Laurent said. “You don’t know us very well, do you? I suggest you learn more about us… You can’t just slay the innocent, you know…”The witch said, strangely smiling at Lyra. “Don’t worry; my master will speak to you… I give you my word on that.” The witch added. Lyra looked at me… “We’ll be watching you, red witch… We’re not gonna leave until your master comes.” “Lyra? Are we really doing this? Come on! Just cut her head…” I said. “Maybe, Lyra was right… If we want this mission all done, then we better wait until we meet the guardian personally, because this witch ain’t gonna tell us anything…” Laurent said.


“So, what kind of potion is that?” Laurent asked. “It’s a cure for the disease and we’re also working on a potion that will make the people resistant to disease brought by witches.” “Wow! So is this the witch fight you are talking about? Playing with the lives of people?” I interrupted. “We are not just playing, Melissa. We are helping you… Why can’t you see that? Not all witches make plagues; there are some who doesn’t hurt people. We are on your side…” The red witch glared at me like she was really hurt. “Okay…okay… That ain’t so hard to understand, so you don’t have to rub it in my face.” I told her sarcastically. I sat beside Laurent. Witches just don’t get along with me, maybe because I really don’t want to get along. “What’s your name?” Lyra asked. I was almost chuckling when I heard her. “What? I just want to know her name…” Lyra gestured at me. “Carina… My name is Carina Weisz.” The witch answered. “Oh… So, Carina, when will your master come?” Lyra asked. “She’ll be here when the sun sets… But you kids don’t have to worry; she’ll not hurt you… She will give you some things that you have to know.” Carina said. “Okay… So we’ll hear it then…” Lyra said, clasping her hands together. The sun is setting. The skies were orange; though the gigantic trees are covering the horizon. Laurent was sharpening his knife and Lyra was loading her gun.Laurent is stealing some glances at Lyra and I am getting caught up with jealousy again. I know I don’t have the right but I can’t just stop myself. “She’ll be here in a minute.” Carina said while adding more coal to the burning pile of wood where the big pot was being heated. Lyra stood up and put her gun on her holster & Laurent inserted the knife on his boots. “Melissa, Laurent… Just be ready, alright?” Lyra said. I nodded to give her assurance. Laurent bent & put his palm on the ground. “She’s close…” He said while feeling the vibration. “You might wanna sit down because I’ll be giving her an introduction.” Carina said. “No, we’re good.” I refused. Carina just lifted her shoulders. A person in a black, shabby hoody is walking towards the cave. I can’t tell if the person was just a hallucination or real because of the sunset’s effect on the forest that really made it look enchanting. The person stopped just about 2 meters away from the mouth of the cave. Carina went out & bowed in front of the person. “Master… They are inside…” The person took off her hood & revealed her pale, bony face with lots of creep in it. She went inside the cave followed by Carina. “Hello kids… I’m glad you’re here…” The witch greeted. “Are you a guardian…?” Lyra asked. “Yes… I am a guardian… My name is Serena… You are Lyra right? And this is Melissa & Laurent… Yeah… I know you well enough.” Serena introduced. “So, what are you?” I inquired. “An earth witch…” Serena answered. “You’re one of the guardians of the pentagram, and you know where to find it and Tituba, right?” I asked. “Why do you want to find Tituba& the pentagram?” Serena curiously asked. “We will destroy the pentagram and kill Tituba!” I exclaimed. “Why do you want to kill her & destroy the pentagram?” Serena asked. “Because we want to end all witchcrafts… If we have to take you down and the other four, we will not be hesitating to do it!” I said while taking out my knife. “You don’t know us well, do you? Let me tell you something, if you do that then you’ve just destroyed the only reason why you’re still human right now…” “What? What do you mean? Tell us what you know…” Lyra said, confused. “You’ve just been fooled. You believed in a lie… The truth was kept by someone unworthy, yet strong enough to take on the good guys. Everybody might be tricked but I will never be, because I will always know nothing but the truth.” Serena said, looking straight at Lyra’s eyes. I can feel something going on. I can sense something that the Earth witch is trying to let Lyra know. “Say it straight witch! You’re riddles won’t help…” I yelled. I was quite pissed with her gestures that are just delaying us, and another reason is that; I just hate witches. “Foolish girl… You don’t have to yell at someone who can clearly hear. I would like to ask for your silence.” The witch said, looking like she was really irritated with me. “Fine… I’ll shut up.” I said with a smirk. “Now… If you want to save London, then you have to get these potions to the sick and make every people in towndrink that. I swear these potions will help you…” The witch said. “How can we be so sure that it is really a cure?” Laurent asked. “Well, if you’re brave enough to try it, then you’ll see. Serena gave a quite excited expression. “Okay… If that would give assurance to the people’s safety, then do it.” Laurent said without hesitation. Serena cast a spell on him, bringing a disease on his body. It was clearly seen in his body; he’s got blisters, bruises & some nasty stuff that were unusually seen. I really felt awful. I can’t bear seeing him like that. “Try the potion now!” I yelled. “Yes… I am… Easy there…”Serena said while filling a vial from the big pot. The potion was a greenish, sticky liquid. It looked pretty nasty. Serena poured the potion into a cup of tea and she gave it to Laurent. Laurent took a drink and in a matter of minutes, the nasty things were gone. I couldn’t stop myself so I ran & embraced Laurent like I haven’t seen him for years. I can see the look of curiosity in Serena’s eyes, but it was gone when I turned to look at Carina. “Okay… We’ll do it … We’ll leave with the potions at dawn.” Lyra said… I was leaning my head on the table, trying to get at least a short nap. But even how much I try; my eyes just won’t spare me the sleep that I need. I looked up to search for Laurent and Lyra. Laurent was asleep on the corner while Lyra was outside, discussing something with Serena. Carina was beside the pot, looking like she was guarding it. It was almost dawn. Lyra went in with Serena. I can see something from the look of Lyra’s face. “Laurent, Melissa. Let’s get these potions to the wagon… We’re leaving.” Lyra said.


I was suddenly scared when I felt the cold breeze mixed with humid. The things that Serena told me were hard to accept, yet I have to, for it was the truth. I can’t do anything to change it and I was destined to fulfill the prophecy. I don’t know what to do; should I tell Melissa that there is a change in our plans, or I’ll stay shut and just keep it a secret? “So, what are we gonna do with this stinky liquids?” Melissa cut me off from my agony. “I’m still trying to figure it out.” It’s all the words that came out of my mouth. “What? So you brought these junks without a concrete purpose?” Melissa asked with a bit of irritation. I can’t figure out what to say this time, lucky for me Laurent saved my ass. “Wait… I think I might have a good idea.” “Well… What is it?” Melissa asked impatiently. “I suggest we find all water sources in London and contaminate them with the potion… What do you think?” “That’s actually a good one Laurent.” I uttered as a sign of agreement. Melissa looked quite convinced too. And I personally think that Laurent’s idea would work. I just took a time of silence to think about the things that must be thought through while directing the horse. I have no idea how to figure this out. I am a little out of my mind but when I saw the gate of the town, I was alarmed by the guards that were checking the belongings of the people who are entering the town. “Mel, we have to pass through the forests… We can’t pass through the gate with these pots of potions in our wagon.” I told Melissa.“Then let’s go for the rough ride! Yeeha!” Melissa yelled in excitement. She really loves risky things. It really entertains her. So, we took the dark forest. We were halfway through the forest when I heard twigs breaking like they were being stepped on. I pulled the rope to halt the horse. Melissa and Laurent closed the windows of the wagon. I listened to every sound to try to locate where those sounds come from. Another breaking of twigs echoed, and this time, I think I know where it came from. It’s coming behind a big pine tree. I felt this weird feeling again… It's always like this every time I come across a witch. That’s why I will always know when a person is a witch. And I have the strong feeling that the person behind that tree is a witch. I took my shotgun and pointed it at the pine tree. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” I said forcefully. Laurent and Melissa got off the wagon and took out there weapons. A beautiful woman with a messy hair and shabby clothes went out from behind the pine tree. “I mean no harm. I am just on my way home.” The woman said, raising her hands, showing that she’s unarmed. “Why are you wandering here in the forest? Aren’t you supposed to be home right now?” Laurent interrogated. “I am just watching over someone. Of course you know why. You know what kind of being I am, right?” The woman glared at me. Her lips are saying something, yet her voice wasn’t able to be heard. And yes, I figured it out, but as I looked back at the woman, she just disappeared like magic. “Witch.” I whispered. It was the word on her mouth before she left. “What was that? What’s with the muted audio?” Melissa said, shaking her head in disappointment. I know she expected a fight, but unfortunately, the witch just disappeared. I went back to the wagon to continue our journey. The sun was up when we reached my house. It is nearest to the boarders that’s why the people rarely wander around that region. And it’s quite a good place to hide the potions, We immediately started filling flasks so we could distribute them easily in every water source in London. I caught Laurent looking at me like he’s worried or maybe puzzled. I am not sure about what he was thinking but I am hoping that he haven’t seen the witch’s mouth back in the forest. If he did, then I’ll be forced to make an immediate decision. I scooped the last liquids left on the pot. We’ve filled about a hundred flasks. We were all tired, I can really tell. “Maybe we should rest first. We will continue this mission tomorrow.” I told Melissa and Laurent. “Yeah… best idea.” Melissa agreed, stretching her arms. “Hey Lyra, I’m gonna eat your… whatever this is in your wooden bowl…” Melissa asked. “Okay… Go ahead.” “And I ‘m gonna sleep in your nice, soft bed.” Melissa said as she was lying down in my bed. I went to my fireplace and sat on the old wooden chair. Laurent followed and sat on the chair just in front of me. “Lyra… I…I just want to know… what did Serena told you?” Laurent asked. “Why do you want to know?” “I… I just want to know the truth.” “You did find out something, didn’t you?” “The witch back at the forest… I saw it… I saw her mouth… And Serena, and Carina…” “Just ask me straight, Laurent.” “Are you…” “What? I am what?” “Are you a witch?” “What makes you say that?” “Lyra … You can trust me… I’ve already figured it out since we’ve started to fight witches… I’ve been spying witches, Lyra. And I know a witch when I see one.” “Yes…. I am a witch. And I never knew about it until I’ve met Serena. I don’t want this Laurent… but I can’t change it… I can’t…” My tears just burst out of my eyes. Laurent was looking at me with pity. “Now that you know that I am one of the persons we wanted to destroy, then I’ll gonna have to leave it to you. After this, I want you to take care of Melissa and Leo… Will you do it for me?” “Of course… But, where will you go, Lyra?” “You don’t need to know… but I swear I’m gonna put an end to this… I’ll do whatever it takes… even if it takes my life.”


“Okay, guys… Let’s do this…” Melissa nodded while carrying her bag full of flasks filled with the potion. We are on our way to contaminate all water sources in London with the potion that the Earth witch gave us. Melissa is heading east, Laurent is heading west and I am heading north… Southern region will be the last part to be contaminated. And I insisted to do it so I could grab an opportunity to run away. “After this, I’m gonna check on Leo. I hope Mrs. Scotts has not run out of patience…” Melissa uttered. I know she’s been worrying about her brother, even I am really worried. She left Leo on her mother’s friend so someone could look after him every time she can’t be able to come home. We all went in our separate ways. We rode on horses so we could do our mission faster. I was passing by a small town in the northern region and it will be my first town. I looked at the map that Laurent gave me to locate the town’s water source. The map was really detailed. Laurent really have this awesome collection, that’s why going anywhere inside London would not be a problem to him. I had a little problem upon knowing that the town’s water source is in a very prominent area of the town. It is surrounded by houses & I can’t put the potion without being noticed by the people. “Okay then… Looks like I really have to do some acting.” I uttered. I went off my horse and took a flask from the bag that my horse was carrying. I put the flask in my pocket. I went near the well, which is the water source & I approached an old woman who was washing her clothes. “Uhhm… Excuse me, ma’am…” I began. “What is it, lady?” She responded, not looking at me. “I am so thirsty from my long journey… I am moving to the next town… Can I have some of your water?” I asked. “You go ahead… Use the pale with the long rope.” She pointed at a wooden pale behind a basin. “Thank you very much, ma’am.” I took the pale and went near to the well. I glanced at the old woman, and I can see that she’s really busy with her work. I immediately took the potion and poured it on the pale. I put back the empty flask on my pocket & dropped the pale on the well so the potion would mix up with the water. The pale sank on the water & I can see the greenish potion dissolve on the water. I then took small amount of water, pulling the pale up. I took a fake drink on that pale & put it back to where it was. I thanked the woman again & went back to the next town to do the same job. I finished the mission, a little earlier than I expected. I was on my way home when I noticed something written at the back of the map. It was Laurent’s handwriting.

“By the time you’re back, your things would be packed in a wagon, a few yards behind your house. I know you’re planning to leave… Melissa must not know about you, so you must be gone before she knows it. I don’t think she’ll understand it right away, but I’ll try to make her understand… No matter what you think… For me, there will be no difference. There is no gap that cannot be bridged, but for you, I’ll try to keep my distance no matter how hard it is… Just always keep in mind that whenever you need me, I will always be standing on the other end… waiting… I love you, Lyra…”


I don’t know why I’m so hurt when I read Laurent’s letter. He did so much for me. He gave up his studies just to help us… I knew that his parents were not in favor of his decision of joining us, but I am still thankful of his choice. His father was struck by the plague and I know that this mission means so much to him. This is not the goal that we’ve been trying to reach yet I know that for him and Melissa, this is close to it. I know Laurent loves me and the truth is, I feel the same, but I can’t bear seeing my best friend tormented by my feelings for the man she always wanted. And I don’t know why, but it just feels so wrong to treat him more than a friend. Melissa is like my real sister so I don’t want her to be hurt especially now that Leo is not well. I could endure this feeling just for the only family I have. And now that I’ve known what I am, it’s even pushing me away from Melissa and Leo, and most of all, from Laurent. I don’t want Laurent to be in danger, just because of me. I want him to live normally and peacefully, which I know, won’t really happen with me near him. So I will let go… Melissa would be just right for him… I went out of my thoughts when I realized that I am almost home. Melissa and Laurent must have talked by now, which means I need to go. I went off my horse and looked for the wagon that Laurent meant in the letter. I saw the wagon and I immediately went to it. I was headed south to complete the mission. And I am almost out of the boarders of central London. It’s already dark and I am really tired, but I have to finish my mission in the south, so I continued my journey until finally, I reached the first target for the southern region. It is already late and everyone is asleep; it was easier for me to finish the mission. It’s almost daybreak when I departed the last town in the south and I have no idea where to go. I was passing through a forest when I decided to set camp and take a little rest. I fell asleep, leaning on a tree… “I need to talk to you…” I was awakened when I dreamt of Serena saying those words. I don’t have any idea where to find her but I feel like going back west. I rode on the wagon and directed the horse to head back to western London. I am almost at the cave where we met Serena but a weird feeling halted me. A witch is near me and that witch is familiar to me. “Hello, Lyra…” I was surprised when that woman we saw in the dark forest showed in front of my horse. “You… What do you want?” I asked while grasping my shotgun. “Put that down, kid… I’m not fighting you… I’m here to transport you… Serena wants to talk to you…” She said. I was confused, and I think she felt it. “I know …You’re confused, right? Okay… I am Meygana and Serena is my friend… She asked me to take you to Salem so we all could talk about something coming… So as what she said in your dream, you need to come with me so you could talk to her, okay? Come on… Trust me; I won’t take you somewhere dangerous.” Meygana lent her hand. “So… we’re going to Salem? Salem, Massachusetts?” I asked. “Yeah…” “You’re kidding, right?” “No… I’m serious.” “Salem? That’s in US and we’re in London…Europe… Are you really serious?” “Yes… Just hold my hand kid… You’ll believe it when you do as I say.” I looked at Meygana and she really looked serious, so I held her hand and to my surprise, my eyes opened in a different place. A sign board was in front of me and it says that we’re on Salem, Massachusetts; like magic!


I was crept out as Meygana was leading me into a dark cave… There were candles on the edge of the tunnel and every two meters, there is a woman in a black hoody, standing like a guard. We reached the end of the cave but there was no Serena. “Put your palm on the wall… Go on…” Meygana said. I did what she told me and suddenly, the dead end opened like a door, letting us through. When we entered, I saw Serena, sitting on a wooden chair, and Carina, standing on the corner. “Welcome to Salem, Lyra… This is my home, or as what you used to call this; this is my lair… Thank you, Meygana… Come on… Sit… Carina, can we have cookies, please?” Serena’s face was clearer to me now… She was beautiful & she looks younger than Meygana, I felt really weird about having witches around me and I’m actually not fighting them. Serena is quite serious about this talk. Meygana seemed to be neutral but I can feel her support to her friend. “So… Tell me… What is it about?” I inquired with a smirk. “It’s about the prophecy…” Serena answered. “What prophecy?” I asked. “I understand that you have no idea about the truth; about Wicca, the guardians, Tituba and the pentagram. But you have to do this fast. We have no time for a long story telling… We can’t afford to lose and ruin all mankind.” Serena said. “Wow! What is this? Witches turning on each other? Well let’s bring it to the ring then… And we’ll see who’s the toughest…” I said with a bit of mockery. “This isn’t a joke Lyra! You are a witch and you will always be a part of this. The end of these dreadful plagues and all the killings depends on you… You are the Spirit Witch; the witch of power. You are the last guardian and you are holding the key of both destruction and peace… You need to do this… The reason may not be because of us, but please, do this for your family… and the people you care about…” Serena said in a serious tone. “Then tell me… What do I have to do?” “First, you have to do the pledge…” Meygana said. “Pledge?” I asked, curious of what she was talking about. “Yes. Pledge to the pentagram…” Serena answered. “And when you decide to do it, there will be no turning back.” Meygana added. “That’s not a problem, if you’ll just assure that I am doing this for the people.” I told Meygana& Serena. “We can assure you that… We don’t actually do this for ourselves, Lyra. We are doing this for the people and the innocent witches who are being punished by death and fear because of betrayal… We will bring you to the pentagram and you shall pledge to your vertex as fulfillment of the prophecy and as a sign of alliance.” Serena said. Now it is getting serious and really complicated. But I have to do this; for Leo, for Melissa, for Laurent and for London. Meygana lent her hand to me again… and I know that when I come with her and Serena, there will be no options left; no turning back. I held her hand & closed my eyes, and when I opened them, Meygana and Serena were standing on their vertex… I can feel some kind of energy that I’ve never felt before. I know that I am a witch and now I am sure of it. I stepped forward and moved closer to the vertex next to Serena’s… Meygana& Serena lifted their right hands and bent to put their palms on the surface in front of them… I saw the center of the pentagram, glowing like a star. Serena gestured to me which was a signal that she wants me to do the same. I lifted my right hand to the sky and put my palm on the surface in front of me. The other two vertices glowed like the center and so were Serena’s &Meygana’s. I fell in a bit of hallucination and I felt like I was floating in the air… I can feel something rushing through my veins, like a heartbeat. I could feel the power I possess and it was really amazing. When I opened my eyes, I spoke with the spirit of Tituba and pledged to the religion; Wicca… “I am Lyra Miller … And I hereby pledge in the name of Tituba and the religion of Wicca that I will protect the pentagram, the religion, the witches and the people…” it was the words that came out of my mouth… And the next thing was… Shut…

Chapter VIII - The Pillory

I woke up in a weird-looking room. The room was very cold and there is a water fountain at the foot of the bed. I know I’m in somebody’s lair… My body was really light and I felt much stronger. “Well… Welcome to my place… Cold isn’t it?” Meygana’s voice appeared of nowhere. “Meygana? Where are you?” “You know kid, I am the water witch, so when there is water, there’s Meygana.” “Wow… So you can speak to me through this fountain? Amazing!” “Yeah… Now, get your ass out of my bed and get dressed. I have clothes in the closet.” “Where are we going?” “Somewhere…And this is some kind of important to you so I suggest you should get dressed immediately…You don’t wanna be late on this one.” I felt anxious about what Meygana is talking about. I hope it isn’t about something that I fear to happen. “Use this. We can’t be noticed.” Meygana passed me a black hood. “Where exactly are we going?” “To your best friend; you need to warn her.” “Melissa? Warn her about what? Tell it straight Meygana!” “Actually, I don’t know… But something big is coming…Serena sensed it. She said Melissa will be making a decision that she must think through, carefully.” “Wait…What is this? You said my pledge to the pentagram will keep Melissa and Leo out of this, right?” “Yes.” “Then tell me what this is about.” “This is about her destiny.” “What destiny?” “If I were you, I’ll stop asking questions…You must get to her first before anyone else does.” I was really curious about the issue and I really want to know everything that I have to know…But I know Meygana is right, I have to hurry. “You’ve been asleep for a week. Every guardian does when they pledge to the pentagram. Some witches raided Serena’s lair so I brought you to my place; Cherrapunji, here in Assam India, to save you and Serena. And I guess somebody in your place found out that you are a witch.” Meygana narrated as we were walking towards Melissa’s house. “Yeah. I know.” I answered, thinking of Melissa and Laurent. “It’s okay kid, they’ll get over it. Come on, I’ll bring you inside.” Meygana took my hand and when I opened my eyes, we were already inside Melissa’s room. The door suddenly opened and the familiar figure of my best friend was looking surprised of what she saw in her room. “Mel.” I uttered. “Lyra? I thought you ran away. And who is this? Another witch? Wow… So I guess I’ll be slaying double today.” Melissa said. “I’m sorry Mel… I…” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because I was afraid… And I don’t want you to be devastated.” “I am already devastated! And now, I am angry. So get your witch face out of here! I don’t want to see you…” Melissa turned her back on me, like she really meant what she said. It’s really painful to hear my best friend say those words. I can’t lose Melissa; I can’t lose my best friend. But she doesn’t want to see me anymore, so I must leave. “I’m so sorry Mel. But always remember to think about things carefully… Goodbye Melissa.” I turned and held Meygana’s hand. When I opened my eyes, I and Meygana were already at Meygana's house. “I’m sorry about that… Sometimes, there are things that are hard to understand… But maybe it won’t take too long for her to get it…” Meygana said. I just looked at the window, hoping that Melissa will still forgive me. “You want to see her? Try to look at the fountain and think about her…” Meygana said before leaving the room. I went near the fountain and tried to do what Meygana told me. And YUP! I saw Melissa… And she’s being dragged out of her house… I know something came up and Melissa’s in trouble. I immediately stood up and called Meygana. “Meygana! Please… Help me…I have to get to Melissa…” “You can’t go… It could be a trap… I saw what happened and I know who took her… Some of them are witches…” “Help me… Please, Meygana…” “I can’t… You can’t be found by those witches. You must not get out of this house for it is the only place you can’t be detected. They can’t find you here…” “I don’t care if they’ll find me… Please… She’s my best friend!” “Okay… I’ll help you get to her but promise me, you will do nothing…” “What?” “Come on.” Meygana took me at the Central London’s Court. “Tell us… Are you a witch?” The governor asked Melissa. She said nothing… her eyes were searching for someone in the crowd. “Answer me! Are you a witch?!” The governor asked again. Melissa found me. She saw me and she looked straight to my eyes. “Okay, if you want a silent treatment, then I’ll give you one. Put her on.” The governor ordered his men to put Melissa to the pillory. I know she’ll be gone later. When the governor announced to cut her head, I closed my eyes and held Meygana's hand. I opened my eyes and I was glad we’re not at the court anymore. A single tear dropped from my eyes; SHE’S GONE…And so is Leo… The governor will kill every family member of a witch. So Leo will be killed next and I can’t afford to see it.


“Why do they have to find me?” I asked. “It’s not just you, but both of us.” Meygana answered. “What?” “You see, the pentagram has five vertices, and every vertex corresponds to a guardian. Three of the guardians possess extraordinary power; stronger than the other two guardians. The spirit, water and the fire witches are the strongest…It’s you, me and Victoria. The other two vertices were the earth and the air witches; which are Serena and Rena. They were the moderators since they have just enough power to guard the pentagram and because they were ought to balance it...The fire witch made an army of witches who wanted to rule. Victoria wants to control every people, even the guardians. Anyone who will stand in her way will be her enemy. She knows we’re not on her side so she wants to eliminate us; you, me, Serena and everyone opposing her. She’s in team with Rena and the others.” Meygana explained. “But why did they kill Melissa? She’s not with us, right?” I asked. “I don’t know… But there’s one thing I am sure of; I know she’s up to something… and you better get yourself ready for it… You’re the strongest and you will be the only chance we have to defeat her.” Meygana said, looking me straight in the eyes. “I’m gonna find out what she’s up to and I’m gonna stop her no matter what happens. I will restore balance in this world and avenge my family.” “Are you sure you’ll gonna do that?” “Oh honey, I am dead sure of it. I’ll do whatever it takes… It is my destiny…”

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