Letter To My Dear Son

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This was a real letter written to my son. Names of certain places, people and events have been censored, to protect both the guilty and the innocent.

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



 To my dear son, 4-28-2017,


Dear Son,

Sometimes there are things that an intellectual father wishes to just sit down and say to his son. Most speak these words, but spoken words only make an immediate impact, then melt away into thin air like the snows on a mountainside slope. These words then live on inside the memories of the son, and unfortunately both comprehension and word volume tends to fade with the passage of time.

Very few fathers who speak to their sons during these times are writers, however, and even fewer are accomplished writers; for written words possess the ability to remain exactly as they are scribed, outlasting the men who have written them by decades, even many centuries, if not millennia in a few examples. In that regard both you and myself are very lucky, since I am a writer with midlevel publishing success, and I write far better than I can speak.

While this work is not intended to be labeled as advice, my first recommendation at this point might be for you to print at least three copies of this, carefully folding each one and placing it away inside a private file somewhere that you know is permanent, to the best that anything can ever be. In fifty years of living it has been my observation that people tend to fold letters such as this away, or make a very shallow scan of the information, then file it away. If  the letter is not secured, then it only vanishes away somehow in the midnight breeze, leaving the son to desperately desire finding it on some delightfully wet, springtime day in future years from the time of it’s writing. His memory is destined to wane, and he  spends his life regretting his loss that can never be replaced. I have witnessed this fact on more occasion that one.

I highly suspect that you may be thinking at this time, that should you ever lose the letter, then you could simply just request another one from me. In most instances such a circumstance would always be true;  but son in this life situations, things, and even people are never permanent;  and when the day arrives that you really wish to absorb what this letter is all about, these words may well be speaking to you from within that eternal void into which I will one day melt,  as do all situations, things, and people alike.

There is a glowing positive in this seemingly melancholy fact of life, if we dare to search for it. All negative situations, things, and people are only temporary at best; so always bear that fact in mind, no matter how tough life situations may become for you in the ever dawning future. All of us are doomed to experience adversity at some point in our lives;  but again,  it sure is pleasant to know that this adversity will not endure the test of time..

I will always desire the very best for you in life, as any father should for his son, especially if the son is an only son. I realize that you will soon be a married man, with his own family. I anxiously await my grand children. I visualize that one day in the distant future my grand children may wish to read this letter, and of course, they all have my permission to do so. I anticipate that by the time they are twenty, I may well be seventy three or seventy five, if not older. I will be very thankful for what ever time span it is that the supreme Lord Of The Universe allows me to spend with them. I know that he is out there, because I have found scientifically endorsed proof. He really does desire that life down here on planet earth  continue on for an infinity, and he knows that we are here.

Consider what appears as a boundless void of outer space. Inside this huge void are dozens, if not hundreds of solar systems. These solar systems always maintain an appropriate distance apart. We never hear tale of solar systems crashing! Their own gravitational forces of attraction and revulsion work in cinct to hold these massive systemic bodies apart at the appropriate distances.

The planets interact with each other, pushing and pulling, from varying angles on an hourly basis, all in conjunction with the push of the sun's heat and the pull of it’s gravitational forces, allowing the earth and the planets to stabilize inside the tense realm within this void. The elliptic motion of these planets conjuncting with the gravitational push and pull, allow both the earth and the planets to make a near perfect ellipse around the the sun. The mathematical exactness in measuring this gravitational attraction into its specific necessary volumes to facilitate this motion, commands a complication far too advanced for such a system to occur due to pure random chance;  and done so in the absence of an intelligent force, from a minute inferior into a continuing superlative, as the authoritarian liars on earth would have us all believe.

Think about the manner in which the earth tilts two notches on its axis toward the sun, and two notches away from the sun. This varying gravitational magnitude found inside the individual planets interacts toward each other and pushes against one another, from varying angles every hour on the hour, doing so from different angles conjunction with the moon at certain times of the year to facilitate this tilt, all so necessary for the biorhythms of life on planet earth.

The moon rotates around the earth, and is in possession of its own gravitational force, which no doubt interacts with that of earth, allowing the earth to rotate continually. The reason that it does so is for the purpose of evenly distributing the heat throughout the globe. If the earth did not spin on it’s axis, it would burn up on one side and freeze into solid ice on the other…., hence, all life on planet earth would perish.

In other words, what we are at liberty to observe is a profound concern that life on planet earth continue  indefinitely. If this concern did not exist, then why is planet earth not simply just a naked rock floating aimlessly through space? Since it is an irrefutable fact that this concern exists, then certainly this level of concern has a source, and that source is the creator of the entire universe! So there is your scientifically validated proof that the supreme Lord Of The Universe exists, next time you encounter somebody who insists on demanding it. There is more for your consideration as we close on this subject.

The moon rotates around the sun with the same facing toward the earth. Every once in awhile we have what is known as a total eclipse. This event occurs when the sphere of the moon fits completely flush over the sphere of the sun, then momentarily pauses. In other words, the moon is at the exact distance from both the earth and the sun to facilitate this astonishing spectacle. This event can only be observed from planet earth, thus the supreme Lord Of The Universe not only knows that mankind is here, he has given us his eternal signature inside this event itself! The moon was in its place long before mankind, so man did not put it there. Any person who casts this observation aside, then rejects the hard truth of the Lord’s existence. No wonder it is that people like this will suffer horrible when this eternal power manifests on the earth one day in the ever dawning future.

Never forget that the supreme Lord Of The Universe exists,clearly knowing that you are here;  and pray daily for him to assist you in your personal endeavors, to bless your family and your children, when the day arrives that you have some. No matter how negative an experience that the waves of life may throw you, always remain focused on the vision of a much better day in the future, and take comfort in faith in the supreme Lord Of The Universe,  that he will allow it to materialize.

Keep that focus on the positive side..., no matter how many days, weeks, and dismal months may transpire. No matter if those long, dreary months should transform into years, keep to the vision of a much better day just ahead in the future. No matter how many people may speak down to you, or go behind your back and speak foul words in jest of your personal situation, keep moving ahead and clearly focused toward the beacon of light at the end of this dark tunnel. Seek  for the positives that you have already experienced in each passing day, and I can promise you, that you shall indeed find it. When difficult days arrive in life, which I assure you they will, ignore your own personal circumstances, and take notice of others. When you do so, I can promise you, that you shall observe many others who are in far worse shape than yourself, and dealing with negative situations far more dramatic than yourself.

Life is just like this..., no matter how much money that we may acquire, how many possession it is that we may obtain, or how great it may be that we become;  life still takes on its own flow, at times, running contrary to our own personal desires. What we are called upon to do when this flow moves against us, is to seek out the weaknesses in this intimidating system around us, in order that we move into areas which will allow us to maintain our status and position, while we continue the search for what it is that we have determined to do. I have done this throughout my entire life, but at times this isn’t always easy to accomplish when everything is so saturated with people.

When I was in highschool, I made straight A’s in high school drafting. I wanted to be a drafter back in those days. We had watched a number of films speaking of apprenticeship schools in the shipyard in Newport News, Va, the Ford Motor Company in Maryland, Ford Motor and GMC Company in Akron Ohio, Indianapolis Indiana,  and a number of other places. When Christmas arrived during my senior year, I rode out toward the shipyard in NNVA on a Sunday in my father’s burgundy Chevette, since back in those days we had nearly an entire month off from school. Come Monday morning, I was right there in the human resources department, only to find out that the apprenticeship department did not even exist, and had not existed for the past five years. What was I going to do, I asked myself?

The other places virtually had the same sob story;  no hiring going on at all, and absolutely no apprenticeship school. What was I going to do? Nothing inside  a radius several hundred miles long , other than grocery stores and restaurants were hiring in my home area; which didn’t even pay a living wage, but what was I going to do?

When I made it back to my high school after christmas, I examined the film reel that we had watched telling us about these apprenticeship schools, only to discover that they were all more than ten years old! No wonder it was that I wasn’t aware of these choices no longer existing. Still, this reality placed me standing behind the same line once more again, with no instructions informing me of realistic alternative choices, if indeed, such even existed in the first place. My anticipation then, and my opinions in the present day looking backward, is that these alternative career choices in fact did not exist.

My only option, so it then appeared, was going to college in hopes that somehow doing so would facilitate employment. I enrolled in forestry class, but dropped out after the first semester. I aced all of the forestry courses with flying A’s, but bombed out in Biology. I had tons of fun in the class, since we camped out at Jamestown, Va, and frequently down in the Dismal Swamp.

By the time that I graduated high school,  I already had a virtual  lifetime of camping, hunting, fishing and trapping experience, so this class was really fun; but even so, not the level of fun that I was used to, since I felt that these people obeyed far too many restrictive regulations that prohibited one from having real fun. By the end of the first semester I was really bored, especially with Biology class, so I simply dropped out of the school. This put me back into square one once more again,  at my original point of origin. What was I going to do now?

I continued trapping and selling deer, coon, catfish and opossum meat in the local meat markets, and doing general odd jobs. I soon found myself in a circle of acquaintances, and one of them informed me that I should put in at the University, since all of them were going to! On a sheer whim, I put in at phnpaailacaeattsieyrnisutv…., and they accepted me! Why they did so, I haven’t a clue. Maybe they were desperate for students at the time. At any rate, soon I was off on my new mountain adventure.

My major was  education and history. I loved the classes and the campus life, but soon I became restless once more again. I put in with both the school newspaper and the local county newspaper in town as a staff reporter. In all honesty, what I discovered was the very best job that I could have ever landed! Soon I found myself out on the beat until late at night doing interviews, or writing articles inside the press room, and becoming less interested in my course material all the more. In my free time I soon found myself hanging out with the staff, going to many of the local clubs and parties in their company.

By the end of the first year, I had became very bored and simply lost interest in the college, soon dropping out. I had determined to keep my employment with the county newspaper, but eventually they let me go when word of me dropping out of school made its way around. I put in at many other news papers, but none seemed to have openings. What was I going to do now? I am back at square one again, and going nowhere.

I soon headed out again. This time I moved to cnrhtcltaeo . I began working as an usher and security guard in sdwriocna. I liked this job and had a number of memorable adventures there, but the wage unfortunately was not a living wage, and I really missed the newspaper.

I soon put in at the taslrnace News, in taslrnace, SC, and got the job as a staff reporter! There again, I loved the job, but a year later I was laid off simply because I didn’t have a college degree at the time. Little did I know then, but that journalism was and still is one of the most unstable areas of employment that a person can hold. That being said, I knew well that I wanted to write. I had been writing since my high school days, and I would continue. I freelanced articles and stories, even if I could not secure work with a newspaper or magazine. This was before advent of the computer, however, back when the only choice for a person was to mail these manuscripts in. What was I going to do for a career? How should I start?

I tried to join the military first with the navy, since I had always loved the sea. I went through the MEPS program, making it all the way to Washington, D.C. for another round of medical examinations. I actually thought that I would make it through, but then they discovered my clubbed feet. Once notation of my clubbed feet had been officialized, I was permanently disqualified. Later on I would try joining the Air force and the Army, but when they traced my social security number back to the naval catalogue, I always wound up being disqualified. There again, what was I going to do? Their disqualifications never helped me out in this great odyssey, they only prevented me from having this experience.

Even at this point in my story, there were accounts in a myriad of experience left out of this record, from the audaciously crazy and bizarre,  right on out to pure chance types of entrepreneurial experience; but in the end, all of this only carried me right back to the point where it was that I first began. What was I going to do now?

Through the course of time I would eventually wind up doing construction work as a pipe fitting helper, pipefitter, welder, carpenter, carpenter helper, top millwright helper, and even electrician's helper. I made some really good money, many times clearing 1500.00 weekly. I traveled over many different states, met tons of interesting, even bizarre people,  and had loads of wild and crazy experiences;  but in the end, I wound up right back to where it was that I stood in the beginning. What in the world was I going to do now?

I was doing construction work when I met your mom and we had you. I had worked for a while prior to that with a local land surveyor. When I was laid off, I found employment at the pig plant helping build one of their coolers. We didn’t have health insurance and she was pregnant, so what were we going to do?

On the job that I worked at the time, there was an old black man, and I spoke to him about my problems. He suggested that we go down to the social services office.

After work your mom and myself did so. What they informed me was that if I was working, then your mom could not get on the program. This was on a Friday. Come Monday morning I approached my foreman on the job site, telling him of my situation, and he gave me a two week layoff slip, telling me to get her on the program then come on back in to work. I wound up working at the pig plant with this construction company for over a year.

Obviously in this story there has been loads of information that was left out. Many outrageous experiences and places I have traveled to,  that maybe I should recount on paper. Then again, maybe I am wise to simply just keep these accounts to myself. Before it was over I would wind up getting out of construction, working with The City Of eyteliteavf for three years, getting away from the OCF and walking into a classroom as a Special Education teacher. Just pause and  imagine that for a change.., little ole me, a teacher for crying out loud!

Three years later I came to highly dislike teaching Special Education, and opted out, which was easy since I had gotten in on a lateral entry program. The paper work was very demanding, and the people running  the program unreasonably difficult. I had one more course to take, then the certification test, and I would have had a license to teach it. I really only wanted to teach in my licensed field of History, however.The problem for me was that no employment opportunities existed in history.

This record doesn’t even account for an entire host of hunting experiences, crazy half baked experiences in my personal life generally speaking,  and the working life that I held during my time with the OFC. I could literally write a hard to believe book on this subject , in and of itself;  and who knows, maybe I will do so later on in life. During this time I also went through a separation, divorce, and child custody proceeding;  which I can tell you in all honesty, is no fun for anybody, especially the children, or child in your case.

There is no account here of the many side jobs that I have always kept throughout my life. Maybe before I get much older I will go down to the Employment Security Commission and get a record of my many legal jobs that I have worked again, then attempt to remember my numerous side gigs that I have negotiated. I did that once at thirty years old, and the job list would have stretched maybe ten feet long or so!

In the end I would go on to marry a foreign lady, spend summers in South America, months in China, and two months in Europe. I have traveled virtually all over the caribbean sea except Cuba and Margarita island. I have been to Beijing, Chang Hu, Shang Hui, Xiamen, and Hong kong. I have traveled to and spent time in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Belize, Italy, Switzerland, France, gorgeous Mel Palma Island, and of course my favorite place among them all, beautiful Spain.

This brings me to more recent times. I have worked now as a substitute teacher for more than seven years. I have also worked as a security guard, a freelance author for magazines and journals, a day laborer, and an author for a number of book publishers.

I will be 123 years old on 05/20/2017, and I still at times find myself feeling just like I did when I graduated high school, asking the same lifelong question. My house has came close to being foreclosed on at least five different times, my power and water has been turned off maybe thirty times over a ten year period;  but I could turn it back on myself in half the instances, until WPC and elbuemlecitrce  Corporation threatened to throw me in jail for doing so. I have no money in any savings account, no retirement account, no health insurance;  nothing but the clothes on my back, the sky above my head, the ground beneath my feet, and the good Lord right by my side…. And still with lots of hope for the future!

Why would you or anybody else ever want to know about any of this, you may now be asking? What in the world did I ever get out of living this kind of life? Well,  the point is that in spite of all the adversity, I still did what I wanted to do, even though it may have not been on the level that I imagined myself doing it. I have always written  at my own liberty, publishing dozens of short stories, four novels, two collections of poetry, and two large works of US history, published by a mid level publishing company, and written from an angle that no other author has ever made a US  historical record from. . I have worked when I felt like working, hung out, carouse around with people of a like mind. I have lived in a huge variety of different settings,  and at various times made really good money either in cash on the side or on my regular legal job, or both. I have hunted, fished, and trapped until my heart’s content, virtually when I wanted to, wherever it was that I wanted to, and how it was that I wanted to.. I have traveled more by far, than most non-military people.. The only exception in this might be certain people with an inherited well to do business enterprise, or those with wealthy parents who literally handed them unlimited funds, such as JK,  aithirsnsc uncle, if you know who I am speaking of.

There are so many skills that I have picked up along the way,  and those that I haven’t, I at least have an idea on how to perform it, and more than likely could work my way through it. I can set traps, fish, tan hides, clean fish, build a house, build a barn, lay brick and block, repair my own clothes, repair small motors, repair car engines in numerous instances ( new cars are tough to do). I can plow a field, plant a garden, put up vegetables, raise chickens, put up and live inside of a tent, roof a house, do basic medical work, do basic dentistry, and many other tasks.

Look at all of the different jobs that I have worked in. Like my own mother said recently; by the time it was that I was thirty, I had already lived more than most people eighty years old. Yes,  not having employment stability concerns me, and has concerned me for quite some time, and I have been down about it at times as well. On the other hand, there are also times when I am actually glad that the cards were dealt out to me as they have been! Most people only live boring lives working at the same job, being married to the same woman ( I even know a man my own age who has only dated one woman in his entire life, and it’s the one who he is still married to) Being around the same boring people, seeing the same old boring things. The man mentioned above even lives in the same old boring house that he was raised up in! Had some of the employment scenarios actually worked out, I may have wound up being only another one of these same boring, frustrated, angry at the whole world types of people, with a very narrow range of skills, and a narrow range of intellect to go with it.

Take life in stride, son. Perceive what others view as grave misfortunes, as your new opportunity to do something that you always wanted to do for yourself. Never be afraid to try new things.  If your marriage should ever fall apart as mine did, then view this event as a new liberty being granted unto you by the good Lord himself, a real opportunity to maybe find something exoitic and expereince another adventure. I certainly did so. Should your job ever crash out, then view this as an opportunity to find a new thrill in doing something new. If you should ever lose your home, then get an extended stay hotel room. I have lived in both. Personally I actually like the idea of an extended stay hotel more than renting or purchasing a home in the mainstream way. Search for the good in whatever negative situations should ever arise in your life, , and you are certain to find it! Don’t worry, if all else fails, then you could always move in with us until you get back up on your feet.

Like so many other people probably are, you may be asking the question; what in the world is he going to do with retirement time sneaking up on him, and the fact that he will soon reach the cut off age for finding employment?

The out-of-the-box approach has always worked best for me anyway. I took my state retirement funds and put them into eardcaiuno real estate. I only had ten thousand dollars. They have this program over there where one can hand an investor $13000.00, and own an exclusive home entirely for a year. At the end of the year the investor gives this money back, or the home is yours. We could live well off the rent from the property that lgndae bought.

We have also found a hotel right there on the beach that only charges $10.00 a night. Food is served downstairs three times a day at three dollars a plate. Personally I like the idea of staying there much better. I could get a part time ESL teaching job in the local English academy a stone's throw from the hotel room. I can also write, designing ESL books, then marketing them back to the English academies. I have already had some small success in doing this. We will have the rent off the house here in empllshio, in  combination with our Social Security checks that we will have mailed to a bank here inside the US, drawing them from inside the bank with a debit card when offshore. I am all ready to go right now on this exotic adventure!

This is the game plan, since I have access to these options, and will make use of them just as soon as the opportunity presents itself. There are no guarantees in this life, however son. Should this coin suddenly turn on me for some unanticipated reason, then I will have to make a new beginning for myself all over once more again. What the heck, though,  it’s all in a life anyway, and I have already made it to 123..

To be honest with you, one day in the not so distant future, you may find yourself and your family contemplating leaving the US, or retreating away somewhere while remaining inside. Alaska or the north western states might be a fine place to consider. There is a book titled, “Strategic Location,” that I highly recommend .

I have been a student of history all of my life. I can clearly see that there are powerful indications that the US stands on the edge of a hardcore National Socialist Tyranny. My last two books from Algora Publishing company cover this topic in great detail. These books are titled, “Reflections On The Loss Of The Freeborn American Nation,” and “Stairway To Tyranny.” The iron fist of tyranny has been closing in upon the American people since the year 1940, in twenty year incrementations, and very few are aware of it.

As always there was a great distraction to the American people, then an assault on the constitutional checks preventing the tyranny. The last time that this occurred was during 911. While the US citizens had their backs turned, the Patriot’s Act dismantled the checks in place that kept a US president from establishing himself into a position of absolute authority. Based on my historical observation of twenty year incrementations, we are due for another extraordinary distraction around the year 2021.

I see the American people being motivated into violence between the left and the right. This war will gravitate quickly into a race war, especially in the Southern half of the nation, but certainly not exclusively. Martial law will then be called by the president in charge when this event occurs. Other possibilities for a great distraction might be a nuclear attack on a carefully selected US city or an EMP attack, feigned as being from North korea, Russia, or Iran. This would effectively conceal the Federal Reserve's intentional crash of US currency, while the citizen population is rounded up into mass containment facilities..

There will exist concentration camps, and persecution of the right (anti socialist, anti communist, anti New World Order, pro constitution and christian  religion)  will follow. When it is called, the constitution will be suspended, and all property ownership transfers over into the hands of the government and US president at large, who is now an absolute authority. For the sake of your family, you will need to keep your eyes open to what is occurring around you, and most importantly, be ready to act according to a predetermined plan, since the very lives of your family and yourself will depend upon these decisions that you make. History has proven this to us.

When they dismantle our 2nd amendment, or cut off (reduce) citizen access to arms and ammunition, this will be the first red flag, as history clearly informs us. I will admit that I do not have a very positive view of America’s future, based on its past. The Germans themselves claimed that they learned everything that they did during WW2 from studying US history. We can only pray this this grave situation will delay itself for a few more years or decades.

When unfortunate situations arise, don’t ever despair, my dear son. Open your eyes to what it is that you already possess, then seek for ways that you might use this to your advantage.There again, search for weak areas in the system at large, then exploit these to your advantage. One of  my personal examples was the job of security guard. These jobs are really easy to get, very plentiful, and even at times relatively interesting to work. They pay as much as 90% of what is out there. Always keep your anger in check, since little errors in this day and age, bear the possibility for setting one back years in time. A woman can bring out the devil in any man faster than anything else.

In the end, the real truth is that nobody really ever loses everything in life. He always has the beautiful blue sky above his head, the ground beneath his feet, and the good Lord by his side, if he makes the effort to. If he can only retain his health, he can regain his status quot relatively quickly. I know this to be true, because I have lost everything it is that I own once, and have came very close in doing it a second time, and on numerous recent occasions. Just hold to the vision of you entering a new brighter day and much better life, no matter what the negative situation is that you might find yourself in. If you should do this, then one day you will awake at long last to discover yourself walking into the reality of this elegant scene that you once could only visualize! Above all else, live to enjoy the ride there.




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