The Little Demon-Troll

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Trolling for laughs!

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



I know the rhymage is a stretch, but 'work with me here!'


Clamidius Sessionus was an evil little troll,

who lived under The Trump Tower Bridge.

He only came out at night to roll

little children of their candy--forage,


he found difficult, so he took his sweets by force,

for his Emperor was a bully, and if it was good

enough for the Emperor, he'd follow suit, of course.

Technically, it was against the law, but it was understood


that, if the Emperor blew it off, damn it, then so could he!

'Laws, shchmas!' was his boss's oft-repeated reply.

He knew it was 2017, but his boss wanted it not to be,

he wanted it to still be Roman times, when the cry


of, 'I am a god, you will comply with my every wish!"

rang throughout the land, and men and sheep feared

their Emperor, who drank Kool-Aid, and who's favorite dish,

"revenge,' was best served hot, and his adage was adhered


to by any underling with an ounce of common sense,

and, while Clamidius Sessionus was very short,

self preservation common sense he had--he wasn't that dense,

dense enough to disregard them, and in the court


To Emperor Trump, his words was all that mattered, and the law

of the jungle, which Emperor Trump laid down with a hammer.

He went with his gut, and a kind of twisted menage-a-trios;

attack reality, attack you enemies (of which he had many!) attack


the mainstream press--repeat bullshit enough, and it's spun

into alternative gold--so as to clothe the downtrodden,

who obviously have their hand out--no, the government was done

with the 'entitlement business,' and now needy men


were on their own--'lift your own ass,' as it should be--

Clamidius tried not to show it, but he felt rather scared

of his erratic, unstable Emperor-boss, who one never knew

what he'd say next, but times for evil troll-men were tough, and he dared

not arouse the ire of of the unstable Emperor, so stayed a part of his crew.


He might have been a little scared of his Emperor, but overpowering kids

was like taking candy from, well, little kids-hiding from his boss

was another reason he was living under the bridge, to avoid what his boss did,

not having to defend the obvious lies, and pay such an outrageous cost!






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