What's So Funny?

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taken from my book, "Breaking Thru The Thought Barrier"

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



What's So Funny?


It couldn't be more of a laugh

The lack of any one meaningful

__anywhere around me

To see me smile

__would take a lot of hard work

Miles and miles of emptiness

To my left

__and to my right

in front of me

__and even behind

The world laughs at my misfortunes

Ev'ry one of them

It's a beautiful sky

And yet, nobody is mine

Ownership of a woman is easy

__as long as you're not me

I could join the laughter

__and laugh at myself

I really could

But I don't think it's funny

I could laugh my ass off

__at ev'rything that sucks about me

But I'd just be crazy

'Cause it's just not funny

I could laugh at my solitude

Even within the most crowded rooms

But I don't find it funny

Because it's me

I could laugh when I go broke

But that's too sick of a joke

__to laugh at

I could laugh when my neighbor

__continues to talk shit about me

____behind his door

______in the hall

But since he's saying shit about me

__I don't find it funny

I could laugh each time my heart breaks

But then the purpose for breaking my heart

__would be defeated

I could laugh when I get an "F"

__on my mid-terms

But that would only make me stupid

I could laugh when I lose a race, driving

But it wouldn't change the fact

__that I'm a loser

I could laugh when I lose a friend

But I'd still be without that friendship

__in thee end

I could laugh when I get made fun of

But I'd just be made fun of more

I could laugh when something of mine breaks

But it would still be broken at thee end of the day

I could laugh when I get a ticket

But it wouldn't look good in front of a judge

I could laugh when I get kicked in the nuts

But I'd still be in pain

I'd still be being laughed at

I'd still be alone

I'd still have no one to hold

I'd still have nobody

__to ever make moan

Crawling under a rock and dying

Is all that the world expects of me

But I'm not gonna give them that either

I'm gonna laugh at them

Because I can

Because I find the world more funny

Than I am


03-26-'17 #1

D. L. Cannon

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