My First Date

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Its a short story and tell us how a boy was contacted by a young girl, she was his best friend's sister. As the boy never dated a girl before, so his curiosity about her and to explore her inside beauty was at extreme. He finally succeeded to convince her for a date in a local hotel.

Let's see how it begins, and ends.

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



It was 14th February 2010, I was travelling with my friends as we had arranged a tour. We were sitting in a coach which was about to start journey and suddenly I received a call on my mobile phone from a friend's (boy) number, as I picked the call, in a sudden, I was astonished to hear the unknown voice of a girl, "Hello" she said, and "Hello!" I replied, and I further asked "Do I know you?", she said "Who are you?, your number was saved in my cell phone", and I also got confused, and I said "But I also don't know you, maybe if you tell me your name then I might know you", she said, "Okay, I think its wrong number, sorry, bye", and I also said "bye" to her.


The call ended, but there was rush of thoughts in my mind,  who was she? was that my friend using voice changer for trick, or was that his sister trying to hook with me, but which sister? he has three elder sisters as told me, but why his sister will do such things, those were really mixed thoughts and during the whole tour  I was thinking about that call. The voice was much pretty and it was still buzzing in my ears. It was really hard for me to come out of those intense thoughts.


I returned from the trip, a week passed and I didn't received any call from that number.


You will be thinking who am I? well I had recently done my Masters in Computer Science, I am very good in programming, databases, web designing, I turned 23 last November, and many people will surprise tp hear that I am still a virgin! It's due to the society I am living having strict cultural values, though my mind always stuck in sexual desires and always thinking for opportunities to avail. 


My friend 'Arya' was 17 year old boy, he was cute in looks and he never missed an opportunity to come and spend lots of time with me, playing games, hanging out, travelling to various places, sharing thoughts, eating together and lots of fun all together. He had three elder sisters and no brother, his elder sister was married, his other two aging 21 and 19 years were still studying and unmarried.


The next Saturday, I was sitting in front of house to get some sun heat, that suddenly I saw Arya coming towards me, and suddenly all those thoughts of call stroked back in my head and mind, "Hello there, what's going on" in a very pleasing and with smiley and cute face he said, I also replied "Welcome dear", in a pleasant manner with welcome gesture, then I said "where you been, why you didn't contacted me! not even called me!" and he said "dude, actually I had given my cell phone to my sister, since last Saturday, that's why I was unable to contact you through phone, but I will soon purchase other and then will be in touch 24/7". and I was shocked but now confirmed to hear, oh that was really his sister, mixed thoughts again grabbed me with questions, which sister? how she will look like? (as I have never seen his sisters before), will she be pretty?  but then I looked at Arya face and he was looking and so innocent and cute and I thought that if his sister inherited his looks she must be so cute, and suddenly I thought if I was in love with her even if I had not seen her yet. Then I asked Arya, "which sister? and why you have given it to your sister!", at one end I was trying to re-confirm while on the other I was trying to show a kind of feeling that it should not be done.  and he said "Actually, my sister got admission in college, and she was leaving for hostel so she needed a cell phone in emergency, and father told me to give her my phone, and he will buy for me a better one ...", and I said "Oh, that's okay, and which sister of yours have taken admission and where?" I was trying to further confirm the things, he said "Isha, the younger sister", and I said,"Okay, in which college?" he said, "It's women College in other city and she has to stay at hostel", and I changed the topic, so he may not doubt on my intentions, I also didn't mentioned her call or conversation we had before (just once).


But now the thoughts about his sister really excited me, though I was sitting with my friend talking, laughing and making fun but I was really thinking about his sister all the time, I was looking at my friend and was drawing her sister face in my mind, in his smile I would see her smile, in his eyes I would see her eyes, in his lips I would see her lips, I was fully drowned in her thoughts and was thinking about how to contact her again, but I was also afraid of contacting her because I was thinking if I contacted and her she might tell her brother and I will lose everything.


It was 28th February, again Sunday morning, that I received a text message from that number saying “Hi”, as I saw the message the faded thoughts again aroused, and I was looking toward the message and was thinking, why she has sent me the message? Does she also want to get in touch with me? Is this again a wrong text on my number? What should I answer? I wrote,  “Hi, how are You?” and before sending that I erased it, and wrote “Oh, it’s you again” and erased it again, then I wrote “Do I know You?” and got erased, I was still thinking what to reply!! I was out of words, and thinking about something very special to reply, and suddenly I received another message, from same number “You, there?”, and I got so high and immediately replied “Yes” within seconds without thinking a single other word, and without waiting for another message, I sent “you are my friend’s sister?” but at the same time I also received, “you are my brother’s friend?”, and I replied “Yes, your brother is very close friend of mine”, and I sent another message “But how you know me?” she replied “my  brother is also a very close friend of mine and he tells everything to me about his friends”, I was confused to see that message, and was thinking what she meant of that, as I never shared anything with my own sister, but I carried on, and wrote “Oh, ..” but suddenly I received another message, “why my brother is so closed with you?” and I erased my drafted message, and wrote “Ask you brother, I don’t know”, and I wanted to keep the contact longer so I text, “may I know something about you too?”,  she replied “Sure” and I text “what about your hobbies and interest”, she texted “Reading Books, writing, cooking and sleeping” and I was thinking that how to turn the topic, as I was such aroused by this unseen beauty, and the thing fascinated me was that she was also interested and was keep texting, and I received another text “Your hobbies?”  I replied “travelling, swimming, hanging out with friends and story writing”, and I text another message “do u like or making sms stories”, without waiting for her reply, she replied, “what that means?”, and I felt that now I can really play with her as I wanted, It will be much fun if she continues, so I explained, “both of us will make a story through text messaging, I will text you one part and you will be text me the other part, and so it will goes ..”, she said “Ok” and I was much thrilled and excited and was thinking from where I must start now, and I text “supposed, we both were on a ship, and it crashed on an island, the only survivors were we two, both strangers to each other..” and I text again, “now your turn..”, she said, “oh, it’s getting dark here and I am so much afraid..”, I was surprised, as she seems good at it,  then I text, “yeah, I found you lying near  the beach side, you seems injured”, at the same time I was thinking of it all in real, her thoughts of being lying on beach injured were all in front of my eyes and was I feeling such aroused, I was not aware about her feelings or thoughts at the other side but it was enough for me that she was replying and was willing to be with me on that island/beach in such condition, she text “I shouted, Help! Help! Anyone there!” and I texted her “I, ran towards you, and oh, I saw that you have injured your foot and knee and it will be hard for you to walk, but don’t worry I can fix it, first I need to find a shelter”, from this story I was trying to satisfy my sexual desires which every boy have for a girl and I  was not sure of her thoughts but indeed she was helping me to be in that story, she text again “Oh, there is a cave, let’s go there” and I replied, “Yeah, it’s not far, but as you can’t walk I need to left you in my arms and carry you there”, she text “Ohk! Carry me there”, and I text, “Yeah I have brought you to the cave, it’s getting dark and cold”, she text “You need to burn some fire to keep us warm”, I said “Yes, I’m looking for woods and firestones”, and “also let me inspect your knee”, she was agreed with “OK” and it was time for me to bring the real twist in the story, for the scene I was waiting that how she will respond, and I text, “Your trouser is too tight to uplift, will you take off your trouser”, and she replied, “What! No” and I explained “Baby, I just want to see and fix your knee, and you can see there is no one other here, it’s just you and me”, and I didn’t waited her reply and sent another text of explanation, “babe, I am just asking about your trouser, you still wearing the underwear”, It was really hard for me to figure out that what she was thinking but I couldn’t believed my luck when I received a text “Ok, I have removed my trouser!” and this thought of her with me in a cave with her trouser removed and being my best friend cute sister, I was not believing that its really happening and she has gone with me to such an extent. I looked towards my jeans and these thoughts were so intense that I was such aroused and my dick was so hard that it was never before. At the same time I was confused whether to carry on this chat and also much curious that what will happen next because now I had a believe that she is also not quitting yet, so I carried on and sent a message “Oh, your knee is injured badly, wait I need to bandage it with my shirt, I am removing my shirt!”, she replied, “please do it gently, as it may hurt if done hard”, and I said “don’t worry sweet, I am doing it gently, your legs are so soft”, and she text, “why you are looking at me like this!” and I realized, she is also in some romantic mode, so I text, “cause you look so beautiful, your eyes, your lips, your cheeks, and your body is so perfect, just like an angel from the sky” and I was waiting for reply, then I realized that I just praised her body and she might mind it, so I again wrote, “and you are such a loving and soft hearted, I love you my sweet heart”, and she “I love you too!” and she again asked, “will you marry me?” and I was astonished as well as surprised, because although this was a chat story but to answer this question was really hard for me, because of the reasons I can't explain now. I didn’t answer her that question, but rather I text “You need to sleep now, come and put your head on my chest and sleep”, and she text “I am there with you, my head on your chest, and looking into your eyes, will you marry me?”, I text “I also looked in your eyes, and I can see my face in your bright eyes, I am hardly holding myself not to kiss your purple sweet lips, can I kiss you?” she text “Yes”, and thoughts of that yes she's in my arms, my lips on her lips, I can hardly explain the feelings I had at that time as I was wet in sweats due to the heat and thinking of being her with me without trouser and my lips touching her lips, no one will believe that I was rock hard in my jeans, and I text “I put my lips on your lips and MmmmmmuHaaaa”, she text and “I kissed you back Mmmmm”, the feeling I had at that time were so high that maybe the same would not be achieved in real kiss and I received another message “and then we married and living happily and the story ends :)”, and I text “wow, nice ending to the story” and the conversation also ended.


Though it was a chat story, but now I was much confident that I have established new but strong relations with her, and that now we she will do whatever I ask, I also figured out that she was interested in marrying me, though I was not interested in to marry with her but still I have to figure out much more about her,  and as I never dated a girl before so I was also curious that if I convinced her for a date how it will be, and so I started planning to convince her for a date and to meet.


After that text chat/ story she also started voice calls as and when she was free and we would talk for hours on different topics but the only point stuck in my head was to meet and do some practical things, I often asked for date but she refused as she can’t manage, until one day she called and told that she can meet/ date with me, I become so excited to hear that and asked when and where and she told tomorrow at the city where she study, father will not collect her from hostel, she need to come through local transport, so if I can come and pick her, then we both will have 2-3 hours to stuck together, and  of course I was agreed.


I immediately started preparation for date, I was grabbed in mixed thoughts of confusion and excitement, as I never seen her before, I pressed my best suit, I drunk milk shakes!, I took some pills and I even bought some condoms (childish)unaware of the facts that what will happen there. I was thinking that how she will look like and was sure that she will be cute.


Next day, I reached her college, she called me to pick her from PSO station and I went there and there was a girl standing in black overcoat hiding her face, and the overcoat hiding all her clothes too, I stopped near her and she came near my car and I given her the left. She said, “Hi, how you doing?”, and I was really excited to see her face, still, thinking that how she will look like, and I replied, “I am pretty Good!, How u doing?” she said “I am fine, you want me to unhide / show you my face or ...”, I was driving and told her, “It’s okay here, you can show you face if you want” and she revealed her face, Oh, my God she was much prettier than my thoughts, though a photocopy of her brother but she was much beautiful and looking sweet and innocent, her eyes lashes were large with big eyes and black balls and she has nice long curved lips, she was an original copy of angel, I was not believing my luck. She said, “So, where are we going?”, I said, “to a hotel, I have already booked a room”, she said “to Hotel!, not to a park or picnic spot?”, I said, “No, I think hotel is better than picnic spot, as due to rush as picnic spots we may not talk freely” and she said “Agree”.


We were keep talking and reached the hotel in no time, the front desk officer showed us the room I have already booked, and we went inside and I locked the door.


When she was about to remove her overcoat I stood at her back and hold her in my arms and hold her belly, she smiled and said wait please, let me remove this heavy load, so I sit back in bed and she started to remove. As she removed I saw a total different look of her as she was in pink trouser and yellow upper and red shirt beneath that. I had never seen a girl so cute in such hot outfits and my eyes were all lost in her. Then she came near and sit beside me. I was such aroused to have her so close in real and was speechless about what to say and from where to start. As suddenly she asked “how I look like?” and I said “Oh, you are pretty than I was thinking to be”, she smiled and said “Thanks, I have brought some gifts for you, it’s in my bag” and she opened her bag and there were chocolates in it. She opened and gave me chocolate with her own hands and then I gave her the same chocolates and we both started eating them, she asked, “do u like me?” and I told, “who on the earth will not like such a cute lady”, we were talking and my eyes were measuring her body parts, she seems to have small boobs maybe she was too young, as those were not fully pressing out her shirts, we were talking and I was thinking to touch her, and I put my one hand on her thighs right upon her trouser and it felt so soft, I noticed she was fully ignorant of my thoughts and the inner feelings which I had for her, I was planning to see inside those shirts and trousers, and she was acting so innocent.


She said, “you have any GF?” I said “No, and it’s my first date” and I slowly put my other hand on her shoulder, and I grabbed her closer, she moved towards me and put her head on my shoulder, she asked again, “what’s you doing”, I said “nothing sweet, I just want to hold you close, so that I can feel your heart beats”, she said “oh, how you will feel that” and I said “I can, let me put my hand on your heart to feel the beat”, she was looking in my eyes and I put my hand just above her left boob, trying to focus on heart beat and then touched her below the boob and I felt the beats, I told her “see, there is your heart beat”, and the innocent was pretty sure I was trying to hear the beats, she was confused and asked, “So” and I was trying not to miss the chance, once reached so near, so I grabbed her boob with my hand and squeezed it, and looking straight in her eyes to see her response, she said “are those small?” and I smiled and said “Yes, Small :)” and she said “because I am too young”, and I was feeling so hot and I laid her beside me in bed while my hand was still holding her boob, she said, “No one have touched my boob before” with trembled voice, and I said without missing the chance “Can I see them?”, she smiled, “Heh you like boobs?” and I said “Yes” and without waiting for her answer I start removing her upper and the shirt, she was just lying helpless in bed, very calm and looking towards me until I removed her shirt and her boobs were fully revealed. It was such an excited moment for me to see them, small V shaped boobs with pink and aroused nipples, I was clearly seeing the shame on her face being lying in such a condition, but there was nothing she could do or resist, so she put her hands on her boobs to cover them and said “don’t look at them”, but I was eager to see and touch them, and I said “Oh, come on! Let me see them”, and she changed the topic, still her hand covering her small boobs, she said “look at my skin, belly, do u like it? You see It look skinny!” and I turned my glance to her belly, it was skinny, and I touched her belly and rubbed my hand over it and said “Yeah, It’s skinny!”, and slowly I moved my hands upward and grabbed her both hands, and removed them from her boobs, and start steering her young boobs with her straight nipples, she was looking at me with helpless eyes and waiting for my next move and I touched her boobs and hold them, they both easily fitted in my hands and I squeezed them gently, wow, my strong dick was so erect in my trouser and my heart started beating loud and my lips wanted a kiss, she was speechless, and was so silent, all her resistance was gone, I laid her and rolled upon her and put my mouth and lips to kiss her left nipple, and took her nipple and almost the boob in my mouth and started sucking them out, I was so crazy that I started sucking wildly, and I heard her moaning, while her hands were on my face if she going to feed her babe, but my thirst for her boob was not ending and I was sucking madly, one after another I was sucking them both and her moans were getting loud, while sucking her boobs I also started to remove my shirt, now we both were shirtless half nude, after fully enjoyed her boobs, I kissed her lips, and hold her both lips in my lips and sucked their juice out, I don’t know why but I was mad in love, and didn’t knew if she was enjoying or not but she was quite and was letting me to do whatever I want, and I slipped my hand inside her trouser right between her legs, and touched her pussy, oh her pussy is small and must be real tight, I realized, and suddenly her silence brooked, “Oh, stop, what are you doing??”, and I stopped, stopped kissing, removed my hand from her pussy, I was surprised!, I was confused, and I was about to ask, but she continued, “You are making me wet, please stop”, and I sit back, I was not sure what to say or do next, and asked “are your wet?”, she said “No, but your touch was making me wet”, I said “Oh, sorry, I will not make you wet”, “but can I see it”, and she said “you wana see it”, I said “Yeah” and she said “Ohk, wait” and she start pulling down her trouser, and I rushed and hold her trouser and pulled it down and thrown it away, I could not believed my eyes, my friend’s sister was all nude in front of me, sitting in bed, and looking at me, her young boobs turned were turned red due to my harsh suck exercise and her lips have also changed color due to intense kissing, her legs were open and her virgin pussy was all revealed in front of me, It was small, it was very clean and separated by a thin line, I couldn’t believe my eyes and my luck, though I was still in my trouser but my dick was struggling hard inside it. It wanted to come out and to get fit in that tight hole, and I again hold her and lay her in bed, her legs were open, I again kissed her nipple, and her neck, and her cheeks, and then on her lips, while I squeezed her boobs on one hand while on the other I start removing my trouser,  and my hard aroused dick busted out of my trousers and straight my dick head touching her belly, searching for that hole, It wanted to rip apart that hole wide and into pieces. I already know that my dick is huge for her and it will be her real test whether she can take it, and yet she was unaware of the fact, as she has not yet seen or touched my rod. Now we were both nude, I once again rolled upon her and opened her legs, she seemed struggling beneath me and I gripped her tight, her legs were spread open and my rock hard dick was pointing towards the narrow target, I realized she knew the worst thing happening and started resisting, I saw her face color faded and could see the sweats pouring out her facial cells, but her mouth was still shut and she was dead silent, and in all that struggle my dick head touched her pussy, I tried to pushed in but of no use as the her hole was too tight, and she succeeded move away her pussy back, I could see her mouth opened if gonna shout be she didn’t shout and it was just a sign, I realized that it will not work like that so I wet my dick with some spit and rubbed my wet hands on her pussy and realized that it was already wet, I was again trying to get in position but this time she was trying hard to get out of my hold, I think she was not letting my dick, maybe she was afraid or some other reasons, she was making silent but intense protest, she was also moving her pussy from line of my dick, but I succeeded and placed my dick head right upon her wet pussy hole, now I was ready for a push, I planned for a strong and forceful push so that my dick travel deep in inside her  to tear out her pussy  and as I was about to push, the silence brooked, “Noooooo” she said, this time she surprised me with a loud voice, and I looked at her face, her face was so fade, and tears were rolling down her eyes, and I stood back and looked down to her body, her body was all wet with her sweats, and I again looked at her face, and the tears were still rolling down, and she was weeping, and all of a sudden I realized my hard fully erect dick was getting soft, and she said “why, why always boys want this” and she continued weeping, this time I was speechless, I lost all my strength, I lost my grip on her, and I rolled beside her, and she was still weeping, and she put her hands on her face to hide her tears, to hide her weeping face, but she was unable to hide them, and she said “why boys always think of bad things with girls”, and all I could do, I hold her again, but this time I was not feeling if I was touching a sexy girl, she was having the same boobs, she was having the same pussy, and same lips with same skinny body, but I was only thinking that how she will stop weeping, and I said “I am sorry”, “please I didn’t mean that”, “please look at me”, I removed her hands from her face, looked straight in her eyes, and said “please, look at me”, “I am not bad”, “I will not do bad things with you”, “please ...”, and slowly her stopped, her tears stopped, and she started to clean her eyes, and I started to clean her tears from her face, and I added “happy, now, come on get up” I hold and helped her and she sit beside me, and she said “will you marry me?”, and I said come on, dress up, she smiled, got up walked nude in front of me, I was so confused, again in mixed thoughts, she was changing her cloths, backed towards me, I stood and went near her, and slapped her small butts, she juggled a bit, and she smiled, and said “You, are such an idiot, my boobs and lips are still hurting, you squeezed them so hard”, “look at them”, and I looked at them and I saw my finger prints on her boobs, and I said “Oh, sorry”, and she dressed up and said, “come one dress up quickly, we have to leave” and I realized oh we have to leave, it’s late.

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