The Shadows Dance

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Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



The shadows dance. They always do. I know, I can see them. I always do. The strange part is that, when they dance, I am not afraid. They dance to a tune only the mad could hear; only what I could hear. I know they dance. When I stare into the darkness, the shadows twirl. They twirl round and round and round, in the almost never ending cycle of joy they experience. Must be sad to be us, for we will never understand the joy that they feel. Let’s keep it that way, to be honest.

For if we ever stop their dance, they get angry. You’ve interrupted the music that you will never hear. You ruined the dance, you will never join. You, also, ruined the fun that you will never experience. When they stop moving, they stare. They won’t engage. They won’t attack. They’ll just stare. Stare into the ever-growing soul and mind of the human mind. Will they attack? No, but them judging you? It is the worst feeling you could experience. 

Who are they? Are they ghosts? Maybe. Ghosts are nothing more than an a event, that replays over and over, because it never got resolved. Some people feel that they are from other dimensions. Are they wrong? Again, maybe. I have a suggestion and it’s only a suggestion to those you dare read. 

They are you. For the very reason, that you are you're own worst enemy. The enigma of the mind and soul. They are what you are afraid to become. They are what you want to become. They are us, in the very aspects that we don't know about ourselves. For we are our greatest asset and our worst enemy. That’s why the light helps us escape.

We run to the light to cleanse ourselves of the fear, the hate, and the despair. Light is good, yes? You can see yourself for who you really are. A regular joe, right? Just another person right? Look at that mirror, and ask yourself one question. Am I the shadow to the man in the mirror? Think. Then walk back into the darkness. Back to  where the shadows dance. 

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