Lost from the Pride

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The young lion as always been hated for who he was. He was different from the rest of the pride. They made him out to be the monster he never was. Even his own father hated him for who he was. What will the young lion do? Will he run?

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



In a vast and distant land, there remained a pride of lions. Proud and strong; kings of the wild. One, was different though, feared even, because of his uniqueness. Even feared by his father, the leader of the pride. His mother though, loved him until the hour of her death. His mane was crimson as the blood and the rest of his fur was a ghostly white. 

The pride made lies about the young lion. “He’s a demon” “a monster”, and “a curse on the tribe”, They alienated him. They didn't give him any of the food they got from the hunt. They wanted him to starve. They weren’t brave enough to even ambush him. He was still the leader’s son, and because of that he was far stronger than any of the younger lions. Did it matter to him? No.

He hunted his food himself. Found it more reliable to hunt alone, than with anyone else. He hunted anything from the wildebeest of the plains to even the crocodiles of the rivers. He feared nothing, because he had to. He knew, if he even hesitated for a moment, he would die. He knew eventually, he would fight his father for the sake of leadership, but could he kill him? Could he kill his own father? Only time could tell.

Even when he was young, his father distanced himself from him. Showing no love nor compassion. The old leader hated his son for even being alive. If he wasn't alive, his favorite concubine would still be alive. That’s a story for another time though. He hated the fact that this demon is growing stronger by the minute as he gets older. Threatened by his youth, he calls his son to him, at the very spot he was birthed. 

His son knew what this was. Their eyes locked on one another’s, waiting for the moment. They moved in circles, never breaking eye contact. Stared at each other for minutes on end, and then they roared. The father attacks first, clawing his son on the side of his face. Flesh and sinew torn from the strike. His father may be old, but there is a reason he is leader. 

Blood drips down his face, as he charges. He leaps at his father, as his father stands to fight. Midair, he bites his father’s ear off. In pain, the father roars and bites his son, on the shoulder. The young lion, turns and pushes him off. They stare at each other with the intent to kill. They attack again.

Flesh is torn, and blood is splattered. They fight so intensely, that the entire pride sits in silence as they watch for the outcome. The young lion's front right leg is bitten into with such monstrous force, he roars into the sky. Then he bites the flesh of the father’s shoulder in rage. The father lets go, and at that moment, young lion, pushes him on his back; then bites the throat of the father. 

The old lion tries to fight back. Clawing at his own son’s face. Making scars, cutting his nose, and even slicing his left eye. His doesn't give up though. He bites even harder. He waits, as the struggle from the father, becomes less and less. Until nothing. Not even a roar. No movement. Nothing. 

He looks at his father’s lifeless body and the pride stares in awe and fear. The young lion looks around, but everyone tries to avoid his gaze. He looks back down and licks his father’s cheek. Then he runs. He doesn't stop. Doesn't even look back. At full speed, he just runs.

Does he knows, when he’ll stop? No. Why is he running? Is it the guilt of killing his own father, or even trying to find a new life? He doesn't know why he’s running. All he knows that he just needs to run. Far, far away. 

He trips into a ditch, and he doesn't get back up. He lays there. Tired and hurt. His vision starts to blur. He wonders if he’ll live or what he’ll even do if he lives. He closes his eyes, and everything goes dark. The feeling leaves his body, and the noise goes blank.

Nothing for the young lion. Nothing at all.

© Copyright 2018 Ricky Souffront. All rights reserved.

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