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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the story of a teenager, who ca go where he wants. 'So why is it I feel like a god but only of myself. I had been to multiple eras. Drank with kings and danced with queens. Met lords and danced with the daughters. Courted many ladies, but never found a companion. For how could anyone be a companion with a lonely god like me.'

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



I leant at the edge, feeling each nerve strike in a line to my soul, the air breathed straight over me. My eyes were shut, but I knew what was in front of me, been here so many times in so many different times. I took in the smell, the fresh morning smell drifted in through my nose. I sniffed again, a second smell flew in. The smell of fresh donuts being made, I could hear the maker pushing them in a bag and spinning it to make it look fancy. Then I presumed he handed over the donuts in exchange for money. “Excuse me sir… Excuse me… Mr John.” I turned around opening my eyes to see another world. The man in front of me smiled “Your donut?” His accent was heavy for north Yorkshire, I looked at the bag he had in his hand, on the bag was written Bridlington Donuts company. The man was wearing a white suit, with a white bowler hat. I blinked then pulled up my hand and took the bag of donuts of him. “Thank you, Mark.” Mark stared at me, I blinked looking over the man to his shop. There was no one actually at his donut stall no one was waiting for his donuts. “So where are you going. You said yesterday that you couldn’t decide. But what were your words?” I looked at man my mind flashed back to what I had said to the man. “Erm, I said… I couldn’t decide when I was going. I got the perspective wrong.” The man coughed “Oh, where have you been?”

I looked at the man, a face id seen before. “Here, tomorrow and yesterdays. Tomorrows the abyss and the tomorrow after isn’t written. And I’m here telling you this again.” The man seemed shocked, like he didn’t know what to say or had lost the ability to speak, I remember when I talked to him he actually lost the ability to speak.
The man turned away, I think I annoyed him. I turned around to look out to the sea, it was calm. Flat to be precise. I started to walk to the concrete wall placing my hands on the rough concrete. I pulled myself up looking straight down at the sea. I closed my eyes returning to the peace of my mind.

Around me in my head were thousands of boats, all sat in the sea. I focused my thoughts, thinking of what I want. Then the thousand boats set off, just leaving one. I took a deep breath, pulled myself up, and jumped off the wall, I felt the wind blowing through my hair. I was not scared more excited.

Splash, my legs broke the calm surface of the sea, few seconds I floated. Then I felt grab of someone’s arms as I was pulled aboard the boat, then everything turned to white.


The white faded, to reveal a pristine landscape, one full of fields, curving in and out and back on too each other. I thought to myself, what a good choice.

I was in Belgium, the fields near Ypres, I could see the castle not too far away. About a mile away. In the air there was no smell, slightly discouraging. I shivered as I began to warm up in the hot sun. I looked around me there was no one about, I thought to myself where to go. The options were either walk across the field ahead of me to Ypres, or turn around and go off on a walk to somewhere, I don’t know.

I heard a weird trumpet noise, in the air which seemed to of echoed from the town. I made up my mind. I’d go and see where this noise came from.
I stepped forward down the small hill, shoes slamming into the dry mud, kicking dust ahead of me. The cloud fell quickly as I continued walking, the field were over gown, long strands of grass pricking into the sides of me.

Striking through my light blue trousers, I was wearing an emerald green suit with red lining, I had no tie or bow tie I had never owned one so I didn’t have one to wear. I wasn’t cold neither wet, even though I had fallen in the sea. I was still warm.

As I strolled through the fields I thought about what I usual found myself thinking. Why me? The truth is I can go anywhere, I can pass through all the gates and look through all the mirrors. I couldn’t be normal. I felt different. I was able to live until I died, anywhere I ever wanted to see and I could go. Time has no limit on me.

So why is it I feel like a god but only of myself. I had been to multiple eras. Drank with kings and danced with queens. Met lords and danced with the daughters. Courted many ladies, but never found a companion. For how could anyone be a companion with a lonely god like me.

I reached the boarder of the Ypres, the mote laid straight ahead of me the walls stood high. I could smell something, a small scent had taken my attention. A strong aroma, I sniffed my nose and took instinct to follow it. I started walking over the bridge, the wooden planks creaking from each footstep.

I stepped under the stone arch way and started to walk down the Rue de Lille, feeling the rough cobles through my 1461 Dr Martens. Then I finally my oblivious mind came to notice the people around me, there were a couple of people dressed in period clothing. There was a man lent up to a wall next to a sweet shop. He was reading a newspaper which I didn’t know, but date was the nineteenth of October nineteen fourteen.

I kept walking, following the scent, my brain was still ticking over what it could be. Then it clicked as I saw down the street the baker open his door, I started to walk faster. Nearly running to him. But then I stopped I saw a shop which was even better, ‘Salon De Crème glacèe’ which mean Ice Cream Parlour. I stopped looking straight through the door, the shop was painted green like my suit. I placed my pale hands on the golden handle of the door. Pushing it down, I then moved the door forward but then bang. My head went straight into the door, the door wasn’t unlocked, I hadn’t gone to full extent of surveying the wooden green door, there was a sign which read ‘Fermè’ or closed.

Someone’s head bobbed up, a woman it was she looked straight at me then ducked back again when my gaze caught her. I few moments later she reappeared, she was wearing a light blue dress with an apron over her front and a white hat on the top of her head. She smiled showing her red lipstick, and white teeth. She pulled out her left hand as she reached the door placing it other the lock, she then rotated her hand and pulled the door open.

“Salut!” she smiled and replied “Salut! Comment va votre tète?” I smiled her voice was soft, she was asking how my head was. I replied “C’est bien. Je ne cherchais pas où j’allais.” Which roughly translated to. ‘Its fine. I wasn’t looking where I was going.’ She smiled I then followed up with a question asking how she was. “Comment ça va?” She smiled with gratitude “Très bien. Parlez-vous anglais, mon français est pauvre.”“Qui.”


She asked me if we could speak English because her French is very poor, she must have been a migrant working out here for some weird reason. “So, can I have an ice cream mademoiselle?” She smiled nodding, she walked back behind the desk as I walked up to it. There I was met by a rainbow of colours laid out behind the glass.

I hummed to myself, thinking which to have, vanilla, mint chocolate, chocolate or strawberry. Then I realised the woman was stood waiting I looked up. “Sorry mademoiselle, can I have strawberry merci?”

The woman nodded. But looked at me in a confused tone. “Pardon me sir, but home come you use both French and English. You could just use English.” I smiled, I instantly knew the answer, “French is so much nicer and we are in Belgium, we should try and speak some of the tongue.”

The woman nodded “Je suis D’accord! Tis a perfect language. But sadly I am not amazing with it. Oh yes let me sort out your ice cream. La Fraise est magnifique!” I nodded she was emphasising how good strawberry was.

She pulled out an ice cream cone, placed it on the green holder and then moved down to under the glass. She pulled out a green ice cream scoop. Dabbed it into hot water then waved it down into the tub of strawberry, sowing though the creamy solid, moving slowly till she reached the end of the tub then she lifted. Raising the scoop in the air not dropping one drip of the ice cream. She then reappeared from behind the glass. Moving the scoop over the cone and placing them in the magnificent cream.

She then put the scoop back in a tub of water, then picked up a white napkin picking up the cone and ice cream, wrapping the napkin around it then handing me it. “That will be Forty Francs S’il vout plaît.”I reached into my left pocket, pulling out some money. When I left twenty seventeen, I had five pounds on my in change. I now had two hundred francs. I counted out forty and handed her them.

I started to walk out, then I heard thunder. Weird it was weird there was no could in the sky, but still a brutal cracking noise. I looked out of the Parlour window. “Mademoiselle, did you hear that?” she nodded.

“Funny sir there is not supposed to be no thunder.” I looked back to the woman, “Weird, well I must be off.” I walked out of the parlour saying my adieu.

I heard another strike of thunder. Looking up to the sky, there was no lightning no flash no nothing. It was strange, I was outside the cathedral. The cathedral stood high above me a beautiful work or articular. I recall on the nineteenth of October nineteen fourteen, the cathedral was hit by an artillery shell.

Then it hit me, I heard another strike of thunder, looking up to the sky. I saw a red ball of fire sawing down towards the town. It landed straight into the cathedral, slamming a chunk of its holiness to the ground, there were screams. I looked around, somewhere that would abide good shelter and was near and exit out of town. Another shell fell down landing somewhere else in the town, I started running to an under hang for a door. My legs were slamming into the cobbles, pushing all the energy I had to my legs, I heard two more strikes of thunder. Making my heart race fast, making me run faster.
I was half way to the under hang then one of the strokes hit the building exploding instantly burning the people around it the explosion threw me backwards. I rolled along the floor till I faced the parlour, the girl was running out of it. He ginger hair floating in the wind. I couldn’t hear anything. Just a ringing noise which stroked pain though out my body. But the fire of adrenaline inside was telling me to stand up. I started to make my way to my knees in agony.

I could see the girl she’d stopped running, then there was a screeching noise, mixed with the ringing was it her screams, no then something landed behind her, from now everything switched into slow motion. A ball of fire busted out behind her slowly moving outwards closing to her, lighting her uniform on fire, burning up her dress, then pealing her skin. Destroying her eyes last.

My heart dropped burnt with that memory, then I heard another screech. My heart rate was increasing, exhaling more and more. Panting like the hound of Baskerville. Then next to me I felt a burning heat, I looked to my left to feel my skin burning away, my clothes ripping off my body, I screamed but there was no point. Everything turned to black.  

Then I was awoken by the fresh smell of the sea.

© Copyright 2020 Abyss_tears. All rights reserved.

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