Stay Hidden

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Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



Stay hidden, little mouse.  Quiet. Hush. Whisper. They don't know you’re there. They never know. You hide and hide; never knowing when you’ll be found. They don't know and you don't either. Why, you ask little mouse? Why hide?

Hide, because you’re afraid. Hide, because they might hurt you. Hide, because they might have the answer, you don’t want. That’s why you hide. You hide, and keep hiding because you’re afraid, but wait. What if I told you a secret, they don't want you to know? 

Would you like that, little mouse? Yes? Well, listen closely, because I don't like to repeat myself. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. Surprising isn't it? They hunt for you, because they’re afraid of you. Afraid of all that untapped potential. Why? It’s because they’re afraid you might break out. Break out and fulfill your purpose. 

What’s your purpose? Well, I suppose that’s up to you. I do not know nor do I care. Hunt them, you say? Well, go ahead. Be my guest. Grab what you can and grind their bones into dust. Rip out all that goopity goop from their intestines and scrape that sloppity slop that gushes from their heads. Hell, crush them all into a fine red paste that you can spread on your crackers. Make sure you stay hidden though. 

Why? So, you can pick them off one by one. Take your time with each one. Have that sense of fun, that you were always deprived off. That sense of feeling alive, because those bullies are afraid of what you are. Shush, little mouse and go. Find that sense of fun. You have another question? Ask away? 

Who am I? I am your friend, that’s always been there for you. The one who never left your side. I am the one, you can always rely on. Who am I really? Such a smart question for someone so young. I am the one you trapped. Trapped deep within your subconscious that you tried to forget. 

I am the voice of sound and reason. The sound and reason that dwells within your mind of insanity and pain. I am the insanity and pain personified that you will make them feel. Happy? Good. Now grab that hammer from the garage.

Feels nice, doesn't it? Well balanced, and it may be rusty, but it gets the job done. Oh, how wonderful! It has a claw at the end of it, but just be sure it doesn't get stuck. Now run along.

Pick them off, one by one, like the petals on a flower. Stay hidden, little mouse. Quiet. Hush. Whisper. They won’t know you’re there. They never will, until it’s too late.

© Copyright 2018 Ricky Souffront. All rights reserved.

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