Employer Series #6: Naked in the Netherlands

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Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



"Why won't this thing stop?!" asks Davison, frantically  slamming on the brake pedal, "Fuuuuck!" The car continues up the path, increasing in speed. Davison begins to sink into his seat. A beep can be heard from the dash as the screen activates.

"Listen up, kid!" commands Tenisett, " The pod you're in is heading towards a familiar face, so just enjoy the ride and try not to stress your system to much just yet. Ev-y Th-n w-l be ex-pl..... -" The doctors face is replaced with static and his voice with another.

"Jump from car at the first sign of water!" commands the voice.

"And die?!" asks Davison.

"What are you the bionic pussy?! Just jump, shit for brains!" commands the voice, "I saw your augment list so I know you can handle it. Now look around!" Davison notices he's no longer in a tunnel. He is now approaching a bridge. "I can't hold this connection much longer!" states the voice as the locks disengage, "You need to jump!"

"No no no!" yells Davison as he attempts to lock the doors back, "I'm sorry, I can't!

"Fine...Emp said I could have a little fun with you..." utters the voice, "We have the same boss now, and he wants you put to work." The mysterious voice disconnects.

"Wait, who's Emp? What's an Emp?! Hey!" exclaims Davison as he beats the screen. The car continues towards a small  tourist town just over the bridge. Just as Davison goes to strike the screen again a familiar face appears.

"Dick lip! Listen, I promise I'll explain everything soon enough", states the now properly dressed and dildo free Janelle, " They're tracking the car! Get out now! We have another transport on the way, but in the mean time-" The shrews instructions are cut short by the honking of a horn. Davison turns his focus to his right. A van with the words "Techie Fucker" painted on the windshield barrels towards the car, slamming head first into the car containing the impressively girlish shrieking Davison, completely removing the front end. Davison is left sitting in the drivers seat grasping at a steering wheel that is no longer there. The van whips around, pulls up to Davison and stops. A man jumps out and walks over to the driver side.

"We can't be late...Mr. Davison" utters the man, "If we dont make it to the meeting it's my ass, and I like my ass Mr. Davison. It's my only redeeming quality I'm told." The man slicks his hair back before reaching for Davisons throat. " You must be something special if Emp would offer so much for one guy to be delivered alive." says the man as he throws Davison to the ground, " What ever the reason, that half a million is mine."

"That's enough Jeffrey, you're ruffing up my half a million..." says a female voice from behind.

"It's Hef-Frey, you money stealing bitch! Emp sent me personally-"

"It's an open bounty, pretty boy." states the woman as she removes her shades, "now unless you want more embarrassment, I strongly suggest letting this one go."

"Fuck you! I'm not letting my porshe go so easily, Lillian!" exclaims Jeffery while pointing at the empty space once occupied by a terrified techie. "Shit! Do you see what you did?!" exclaims Jeffery as he scans the distance for the franctic techie. "Got him!" he exclaims as he turns towards his van.

"Bitch!" shouts Lillian as she delivers an overpowered sucker punch to the glass jaw of the unsuspecting pretty boy, launching him into the very ditch Davison once occupied. She makes her way to her motorcycle and speeds off towards Davison.

"Who were those guys?! " thinks Davison to himself as he sprints full speed towards town. He makes his way towards an officer approaching his vehicle. "Thank God you're here! Help! I'm a captive! They're murderers! Dildo ghost!" confesses Davison, now out of breath and hugging the officer.

"Son...do you mind taking your penis off my broodje bal so i can arrest you for public indecency?" asks the stone faced officer. Davison notices his reflection in the cars window and realizes that his undergarments are in tatters.

"Wait! I can explain!" confesses Davison as he backs away from the agitated and hungry officer, "I mean, well, I can try to expl-"

"Sir,  you're obviously high on some combination of bad decisions", says the officer as he grabs Davison's wrist and applies the cuffs, "A few days in a cell will teach you not to fuck an officer's meatball sub!"

"They're coming for me, man!" cries Davison as he resists, "they'll kill us both!"

"Who? The dick ghost?!" asks the officer as he throws the naked techie in the back of the cruiser, "What are you on, kid?! Crack?! Jack?! Smack?! Flack?!"

"Flack?" asks the confused Davison.

"Fuck you, it's a thing!" declares the officer as he shuts the door. He makes his way towards the driver side door, but drops his keys. He bends down and acquires not only his keys, but a blade to the back of the neck completely severing his skull from his spinal cord.

"You're almost more trouble than you're worth, kid." states the increasingly agitated Lillian as she jumps into the cruiser and starts it up. "Almost."

"Listen, I promise if you let me a ga ga ga ga ga ga!" exclaims Davison as he receives everything Lillian's taser has to offer.

"Geez, where did Eddy get this fucker from anyway?" asks Lillian to herself as she lights up a cigarette and drives off. Just as she departs, Jeffery's battle damaged van approaches just before giving out. The door opens, and out falls the head of the pretty boy.

"Shit!" whispers the masked man has he exits the van. He looks around, finds Lillians bike, and takes off towards the cruiser.



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