Azure Gulf Village

Azure Gulf Village

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy




David and Elizabeth travel to the Gulf Village.
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David and Elizabeth travel to the Gulf Village.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Gulf village

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 30, 2017











Mid March, winter upon the region of Azure as Spring is here as Becca is 7 months along with Leo as her baby bump is expanding. Mira is due to deliver in the next few months as well as one of the earlier pregnant ladies lost the baby early, which she expected as she stopped feeling it some time before. Miscarriage is common in winter and the stress can cause them. With three pregnant mares and two pregnant females, David will be busy in the month of May. David and Elizabeth happily married as a routine figured out with them as Becca is watching the routine with amazement.

Now with several more pregnant women, David is making his regular runs as river sickness is rampart once again, with several hundred deaths, and even worse numbers in the southern villages. Usually young, sick or the elderly, a few healthy people died from complications which does happen from time to time. Azure lost no one so far this year as David treated several mild cases as the village is drinking tea, deworming themselves, and to keep the bacteria of river sickness down. Several other people, including Zahara, are now medicine people, trained by David. Elizabeth has her own remedy as Cayenne nut, also called Fire nut, taken to prevent pregnancy. Even through, Elizabeth suspects she is already with child. It can fail, not very often but it can fail. David has a trip to Gulf Village and Elizabeth wanted to see more of the area. She is a master of the language, same as Becca.


It is one day travel to Gulf Village as it is along the outskirts of the Azure ocean basin area as the Azure river leads to the Azure Ocean. When the day comes, Elizabeth prepared as David is ready for the trip. Azure river is calm when David has the canoe in the river with the sail towards the wind. Some paddling required. The morning started out bitterly cold as the temperatures warming up.

Three days back and forth to Gulf Village as the trip is mostly not paddling. The canoe is ten feet long with a sail in the middle for steering as David seats in back as Elizabeth seats in the middle. Elizabeth and David starts the journey as Elizabeth notices a large animals, very scaly, about ten feet long with a long row of spikes along the back. David noticed the animal earlier as it take a bull forest buffalo this morning, near the house.

“Spring is back.” David says

“How?” Elizabeth asks, “I have not seen the daffodil yet.”

“Giant Crocodile, a juvenile is over there with the kill.” David says, “The dead animal in the canoe is for Blanc. You will meet her soon enough.”

“Blanc, her.” Elizabeth says, “How do you know?”

“She lays a nest of eggs. I know this as I have knowledge of her nest. Not exactly smart with a 20 feet animals.” David says

“They did not say that man did smart things. Most likely, Aquarian women will say that Aquarian men are not that smart.” Elizabeth says

“100 percent.” David says.



The canoe goes into the river as the river width is a mile with a slow speed as the wind is going toward the coast, easy passage to the outside Azure Ocean. Elizabeth notices the Azure blue waters as she sees one more crocodile, even bigger then the last one. Any thought of tangling with one of them is a bad idea. The canoe passes three villages, abandoned for the winter as nomads are common in the


region. The inside villages are warmer and less sensitive to weather changes, better winter lodging. One human village is still out here as no word return about them. David had heard a rumor about some nomads that become permanent residents near the Azure and Thallium River.

David and Elizabeth will find out that answer on the way back from Gulf Village. Sailing up the Azure river, the water is calm, very peaceful as the Azure lights are the same color as the Azure river. Fish are biting on the surface as the river is usually 20 to 30 ft deep, with deep canyon in the middle. As they sail up the Azure river, the canoe is not the transportation on the river. Mile wide with wide edges as it moves in soft curves, Azure River is very much the main transport and rarely covers in ice. David has a wild pig, dead and frozen, as well as a lotus plant. Elizabeth will find out in due timing as the intersection of Azure and N Azure is a sudden change of color, darker in color and deeper. It is very much hard to miss the blooming lotus flowers.

The rare blue storm is 60 feet deep as a giant sink hole with a storm that ravages for years without stopping. The rare blue storm reportedly home of spirits of drowned people and missing souls. Swimming in the intersection banned as drowning occur in the pit when it happens. Only a sacrifice can allow you to swim in the pit, usually not allowed for the most part. Also known as the Lotus pit, blue Lotus grows here with the largest blooms I have ever seen, 8 inches across with blue flowers. The overlapping petals are like diamonds as the blue is dark at the edges and lighter as you go into the flower to the middle as the center is whitish to grayish color as it ages.

David does explain that an ancient goddess, Godavara Gangea lives in the pit and comes to find a moral liver every ten years. Males drown in the pit if they swim inside the pit. Godavara Gangea revered as a beautiful women as well as a siren. Many a male avoids the area as virgins will pick a lotus flower and find her husband. David places the small plant in the middle of the Lotus as an offering to Godavara Gangea. The rare blue storm, Lotus Pit, is old as the region of Azure, about 5 thousand years of age. As a Lotus, seaweed grows in the pit, from the bottom to the surface, seeing the tops of them only. Elizabeth can imagine spirits coming up from the depths as it would be a place of worship as well as terror.


“So the river goddess of the Lotus Pit, is she a beauty?” Elizabeth asks as they pass the pit.

“Yes, considered a beauty with grace, known as Gangea, she is a pleasant siren for the most part. She can be difficult at times. What women is always happy all the time?” David asks

“True. Does she visit you?” Elizabeth asks, not looking at him.

“Do you mean that she visits me as a spirit or a women?” David asks. Elizabeth looks back at him, confused as she thought the question is straight forward.

“both.” Elizabeth says

“Spirit visits me all the time. I accept that gift. Elizabeth, you share with the ancient world of Harbinger.” David says

“Harbinger, David, what is that?” Elizabeth asks

“Harbinger means Herald, Ancient world of Harbinger is the world beyond this realm. It is the world of spirits, demons, gods and goddess, even your god, supernatural in its all forms. I am rare, I communicate with all of it.” David says, “They know their place and when to find me. When I disappear from the marriage bed, then they want me.”

“Gangea, what does she like?” Elizabeth asks

“In human form, a beautiful women in all her glory, flawless, perfect. She comes rarely as she prefers them younger. When she does come, it is for a reason.” David says

“Experience and better sex.” Elizabeth says

“I have not thought about that as the reason but who knows. I dare not ask.” David says, “At least, I know how you feel about the marriage bed. Makes me feel better.”

“You are my first time and you are learning how to handle a human. We have both gained


experience.” Elizabeth says

“No arguments there.” David says


Reaching the Azure and Thallium river intersection, the village is quiet until David receives a wave. She is Matilda Van Black, one of the nomads groups, Twilight. Matilda heard David is around the area. He will stop for a few minutes as Elizabeth sees some people come to notice her. Stopping at the edge of the dock, David and Matilda talk.

“Who is your guest?” Matilda asks as she dressed like Elizabeth is heavy cloths, an ankle length skirt with a coat mid thigh with her head covering. Heavy fabric, like Tartan and wool, are common in winter as the warmth is necessary for survival. Matilda is light skin color as the blue in her face is less apparent.

“Azure Village. I find a community of 120 living there. Elizabeth meet Matilda, Matilda meet my wife Elizabeth.” David says, “See the Twilight Nomads stop traveling.”

“We did, we find a group of 100 people. River sickness is bad this year and I treated the village for river sickness. They are a mix group. Twenty people died before I arrived. The rest saved.” Matilda says, “Gulf Village.”

“On the way before Gaul Season arrives.” David says

“Gaul Season.” Elizabeth says

“Storms.” Matilda says

“Hurricanes.” Elizabeth says

“Similar, like Cyclones, used about here.” Matilda says, “Better reached Gulf Village before nightfall.”


Leaving the dock as the Azure River becomes choppy, less smooth, more whiter with each wave. Elizabeth sees the edge of the thick black walls of the Thallium cliffs. Once an ancient volcano, the region of Azure still has some volcanic presence as it is rare for anything to happen. Cliffs, black as midnight, are looming as they are thick, about 30 feet thick in width. After the black cliffs, Elizabeth sees the choppy waves of the Azure Ocean.

Elizabeth sees a white animal, must be Blanc as David gives her, his pig, to avoid any danger with them. She gives and takes food as she pleases. People know she will take food. Blanc eats her pig in peace as Elizabeth and David reaches the outskirts and the beautiful blue ocean in front of them as islands are around the edges as people live out here.


The island chains is 3 parts, North, Central, and South. Elizabeth notices the canoe has a metal bottom as the oars have metal tip. Out of the blue, Elizabeth sees a fin and they have sharks out here. The fin is 2 feet tall and David knows that the shark as a giant white shark.

“From one end to the other end, she is 25 feet long. I know she is a girl as I have seen her deliver babies.” David says. Elizabeth looks at him with shock.

“No asking how.” Elizabeth says

“I am a former submarine, train frequency.” David says, “Correct term is Submarine Diver.”

“Ok. So, she is peaceful.” Elizabeth say

“Yes, she is most likely pregnant.” David says, “They deliver in between islands, so the babies are safer and they eat fish, rather then seals. She moves between North and South Shark island, back and forth as she is the only shark out here, at least right now. The North Shark Island island is smaller then the south Shark as it is very unlikely to hold life. “North called Leper Island, so named for an ancient leper colony that once existed there.”

“Leper island, Leprosy, ok, why would they be out here?” Elizabeth asks, curious about the answer.


“Well, in the old days, lepers would be killed as they considered evil in nature.” David says, “Now, it is less sigma attached but the lepers are always away from the other people in certain communities until they are not contagious.”

“Does anyone live on Leper island?” Elizabeth asks

“Yes, a group of Natuna, Shark people.” David says.

“Natuna, what are they?” Elizabeth says.

“They are nomads called the Tiburon, they burn the bodies as they have the shark goddess, Tiburo or La Diosa Tiburo who they worship.” David says, “They are weird as Women rule over men. Some can say that they are like Amazona.”

“Amazons.” Elizabeth says, “I have pick up the language somewhat.”


In the north Gulf bay, the bay is a beautiful navy blue color with large waves. Elizabeth sees another shark as David also sees the shark, Basking shark gathering food as it moves in the circular pattern. Nearly 20 feet long as the rounded snout with a large dorsal fin and a white tipped upper lobe tail. The basking shark, or mouth shark, is very large as reaching 45 feet long. The basking shark lives, breeds and delivers in the gulf bay about the pearl bed.

Usually 40 to 100 feet deep with several areas reaching 150 feet down, the Gulf bay is a beautiful and dangerous place to live. Gauls can come any time, any place, and any where as the weather is queen as the winds are the king. David oars into the region of the pearl beds to the Gulf Island and a massive population of seals. Hundreds are on the beach, just seating there, very much lazy, in gray and brown in color. David tells Elizabeth that the gulf seals have grey males and brown females, 7 feet long as the females are with offspring due to deliver in May. 500 hundred live on Gulf Island as more live in the area.

Elizabeth notices the rogue cliffs as it looks like it engulfs the region. Quiet as the Gulf Island, the village comes into view, the village also called pearl village as it is centrally located in the pearl beds. Elizabeth helps with the oars as the dock comes closer to her view. The seals disappear behind them as a lush landscape has an empty spot of black and red gravel. David did mention that the region is in the middle of an extinct volcano and the grounds does have ash in the soil.


By late afternoon, David and Elizabeth reaches the gulf village as it is home to 150 people strong and mainly a fishing village with some industrial other then fishing. The port is large, with ability to have large ships here as mainly small ships are here. The Emerald Bay, a large schooner, is 20 feet long, from a place called Catalina. Emerald Bay is the largest as the other ships, like David and Elizabeth are Batloons, a bigger version of a canoe with one or two masts, with an attached sails. Masts can move when needed and most people here have a Batloons over a canoe. Still, the Batloons are small compared to schooners or the occasion man of war.

David's friend is waiting at the dock as she can tell that they is a reason why they are friends. Tall with blond hair and blue eyes, Jay Van Blue de Navy is a nice man that looks like a freak. Known as the Blonde Giant, he stands out in a crowd full of people. At the dock, David docks the boat as Elizabeth greets Jay with David close by. He is at the edge of the dock where the smaller ships dock. The residents know him here as she is a mystery. For one, Elizabeth smells weird as for two, the tale of humans are not very common around here.

“David, I have the supply ready for you. Who is the young lady?” Jay says as he wears similar cloths to David. Black or gray is very common here as the brighter colors are for special occasions. The weather is worse out here as storms batter them more often as well as gauls are very powerful here.

“This is my wife, Elizabeth.” David says, “How is the pearl beds this year?”

“Good, not as great as they have but supply is what we achieve.” Jay says, “So, she managed to find a way to your bed.”


“Long story short, I arrived and river sickness has been more deadlier then usually. She had river sickness and I treated her. Her father just asked me to marry her. I agreed. I missed a women being around.” David says. Elizabeth watches the ships dock as the Emerald Bay schooner has an usually crew, women on a ship.

“Supply.” Elizabeth says as she hugs her jacket even more then she expected. The wind is colder and chill.

“Pearls, I am a pearl dealer.” Jay says, “I trade in pearls to Atlantis, sorry, Aqua City.”

“Atlantis, Aqua City.” Elizabeth says

“Not a native here.” Jay says, “Emerald Bay is here from Catalina.”

“No, not a a native.” Elizabeth says, “Catalina.”

“Catalans or Catalians, depending on how you want to say it. Catalina is a kingdom ruled by a queen, Queen Seraphina Catalina. She is a fiery women with a strong head and even stronger personality. She is stubborn and head headed, her deals are tough. Emerald Bay is very common here.” Jay says as they walk from the dock to the land as night is felling very slowly as the sun is not down yet. Elizabeth notice the ladies as Jay approached by one of the crew. The crew member is a very tall male, as tall as Jay, with brown hair and peach skin. Catalina looks very unfriendly as he is a very plain as his face is not really pretty. Jay knows him as Lee.

Lee is mid forties as his skin condition is like Jay and David, most likely albino or lighter skin color. The language is not really easy to understand as he talks in jumbles. Lee has black pants with a red skirt, more like a red loose knee length dress. It is thick cotton as his hands are worn from use. He has been a sailor for years now and his hands are just scared and hardened from use. Lee talks with Jay for a few minutes as a woman approaches them. She is younger and wearing black pants. She is very pretty as she is most likely mid twenties. Elizabeth sees her as she looks at Elizabeth. Very much as she is nervous about something. Catalians are not really native here, more visitors.


That night, Elizabeth drinks tea as Jay and David talk. Pearl supply is a two yearly trades as Jay is the most productive pearl trader in Gulf Village. Elizabeth hears that David has a past, something she already know. Aqua City is the capital, now formerly Atlantis. As Jay explains, Atlantis had interior strife that caused the city to end. David has a connection to Atlantis as Jay would not say why Atlantis become Aqua City as the city of Atlantis is regaining once again. Jay calls him, a majesty once in her presence, which is strange. David called it his nickname, an odd nickname.

Night in Gulf Village is an experience as the waves moves along the beaches with 10 feet waves pounds the beaches. Similar houses to the Azure River region, with an added circular wall around the house, for protection against storms. Pearls is not the only product here as seaweed is common, with seafood and even ashes from the small volcanic outputs. On rare occasions, even whale bone sold.

Gulf island and the region are the product of a super volcanic eruption as Gulf Island has an small active volcano that regularly erupts. Ash is the results and often used as part in concrete. Elizabeth is learning about gulf Island food and culture as residents here eats seafood and fish as the main source of protein as chicken and ducks are common her. Whale eaten from time to time, just not a common situation. Blue Tartans are worn as it is worn as a winter gear and as blankets. Most of the Gulf Village residents are descendents of Oceanlings, Waterling Aquarian subtype. Known for its ocean residence, Oceanling are very much adapted to the ocean environment with more salt tolerance as Aquarians are salt tolerant by nature with Oceanling are more tolerant. Elizabeth is not able to drink salt water as they do desalinization water.

Next to the Gulf Island, Tooth island is reportedly home to the legendary dragon as ancient ways and monotheism live together in peace. Tooth Island is home to the temple of Selena and St Seaman, saint of the sea, live on the island as they share a port right across from Gulf Island. St Seaman has a plaque with written instructions 'Those who ready this, we protect we', written in English


and Franc. The language Franc, Its sounds like French and Spanish mix together. In the house, Elizabeth sees Jay's wife Angelika. Jay believed to be mid 30's until he revealed he has 39 year old daughter as Angelika is 39. Jay is mid fifties, about 59. David is the same age as Jay as 20 years age difference is better then 40 years, between Elizabeth and David.

Angelika is also Oceanling descendant as she is the daughter of the village leader, Varneer Duke Van Blue de Azure. Jay married her 20 years ago, now parents to 4 sons and 2 daughters. Jay's oldest daughter, Tiffany Van Blue de Navy is 39 and married with five sons and five daughters. Her eldest son, Duke Van Blue de Navy married two years ago and ready for his son to arrive in mere weeks. Duke's wife, Violet van Blue de Persian. Elizabeth stays out of the conversation as Angelika looks at her with this look of who are you.


Bedtime as David closes the door to the bed as it is very quiet on the second floor. Elizabeth stays quiet as the thought of asking in not right.

“Angelika is odd. When I first meet her, she proved to be harder then expected to know. It is your smell.” David says, removing his skirt as Elizabeth is already in the bed.

“My smell bothers her.” Elizabeth says

“Yes. We can smell you, taste you, just plain different.” David says

“Taste us.” Elizabeth says, “How?”

“Humans have an odor, rotten smelly odor. Living with you, I used to the smell and it does not bother me. Jay is an false albino, same sense of smell. We smell about the same as humans, not really pleasant on the nose.” David says, “False are more common, still rare. Angelika is odd, she has always been that way.”

“Great.” Elizabeth says, “May be it is the fact that I think I am expecting.”

“Tea did not stop it.” David says

“No.” Elizabeth says, “I just did not want you to worry about me.”

“I figured that out.” David says, “I will always worry about you. It is my job.” David climbs in bed as his cloths folded on the side of the bed. He sleeps next to her as Elizabeth feels safe. Angelika is feeling odd about Elizabeth as Jay keeps his feelings about the situation quiet.


“About Elizabeth, who is she?” Angelika asks, “Why did she marry him?” Angelika is not really happy about her as they have a daughter her age, married and currently pregnant with her first child.

“Elizabeth is human and she is younger then David. Her father asked him to marry her. He agreed. I do not ask reason why.” Jay says, “Just let things go.”

“Jay, I can handle David but Elizabeth is not exactly what I would call someone I would know.” Angelika says

“Angel, I am not expecting you to like my friends. David and I have been friends for years. Elizabeth is new in his life and he seems happier then I have seen him. He has not revealed his past to her, so it will be a shock to her.” Jay says

“Jay, you know his past.” Angelika says, “Then who he is?”

“A royal.” Jay says

“Jay, a royal, David Van Pink is a royal.” Angelika says

“Yes. I meet him when I am 16, military training. What trainee has a bodyguard about him.” Jay says, “His first wife, Alexandra is a descent of a royal family. David is not ordinary, his past not known to many people.”

“Honesty, Jay, you are lying.” Angelika says, “David is nothing great.” Angelika walks away as Jay knows David's past. The town knows Jay is right.




Next morning as David and Jay handle business as the elders know David's real name, greeting him with some respect. The younger generation knows some stories but mostly the stories of the elders. David is a mystery, just as someone you treat with respect. Angelika and Elizabeth avoid each other as they are not going to be friends right now.

By mid morning, David has the supplies of pearls for April's visit to Aqua City and various items for the house. Elizabeth and David set sail as the trip back is quicker then the coming trip.

“Angelika is an oceanling but she is not exactly look like one.” Elizabeth says

“Angelika is a rare bloodline, Z as it called, the Royal bloodline. I am a Z. An Z comes from 4 possibles lines. Saxon is back to 15 thousand years ago to a man named Saxon Van red. Viking dates back to a group called Viking, man who started it unknown. Blue blood lines is one hundred thousand years back as it started with a man unknown to history. Ancient dates back to one million years, back to the starting of the species.” David says, “The four lines are not common as the descendents are scattered.


Several hours passes as the seas are calm and the waves are small. The basking shark is still hanging around the surface as another canoe hangs around the edges of the South Shark island. It looks like David's with one distance, a black sail. David knows the sail as he always sails with a white sail for protection. Really, it is for more then just protection. The people that live around the Shark and Finger islands, above the shark island, so named for fingers, are strange people. David would not say why but other then they are not friendly kind of people. They enjoy peace and quiet. The people of Shark islands are known as people of Perlae, pearl in Aquarian.

We reach the entrance of the Azure river, Elizabeth feels safer then she had in the past 2 days. Meanwhile, any thought of pregnancy is the last thing on her mind as David is not really focusing on that fact, just trying to reach the river intersection of Azure and Thallium. Mid day, only one to two hours from home, David stops at Thallium village, home to Matilda and home to the nomads that settled for good right now.

Matilda watches us arrive at the river edge as the village is aware of them. Matilda is not really public as Elizabeth has a feeling that something about her bothers some people. As the villagers watch us, a few of them gives David a respectful bow. Elizabeth finds that funny as she does not know much about David's past. Maybe she should ask.


With the canoe docked at the shore and daylight temperatures not so warm as before, time for warmth needed. Matilda Van Black is a widow as she has a daughter Kiera and son Taylor. The village of Thallium is 100 humans of Native American and Asian descent as Elizabeth hears that river sickness takes 20 people. The nomads number 60, called the Twilight Nomads, more Hindu or ancient culture like Gangea. Nomads groups takes the outcasts as a few of them are Lumnia.

Inside the seer house, Matilda Van Black is 39 as Kiera is 18 and Taylor is 15. Kiera is a married women as husband, Jacob Van Black is 20 and a member of the Nomad group Black Magic of the East & South Thallium forest. Jacob is a medicine man, like his grandfather, Iron Mark. Taylor is dating local girl, Ginger Van Red, aged 15, living with them. Ginger lived with her grandmother until her death, 3 years ago. Ginger and Taylor due to marry in April, when both 16. Ginger's grandmother is Twilight origin as her grandfather is Zion Nomad group, not really find around the Thallium forest.

Elizabeth wonders about David's past as Matilda wonders about Elizabeth. David has been a widower for quite some time as David shows no interest in women. Suddenly, he married. Matilda finds that strange. Matilda is a beauty with black hair and very peach skin. Her body is less curves and thinner in nature. Elizabeth has some quiet time to think as David looks out the back door of the house to the garden when Matilda approaches.



“What convinced you to marry again?” Matilda asks as David looks at her.

“Loneliness.” David says, “She come to live with me. She had river sickness, acute, not easily treated. So her father decided for her to live with me. Matilda, something is not right. I have feeling it in the my bones, a thought of trouble ahead.”

“You mean the wandering spirit of Devik is back.” Matilda says, “I feel him too and his presence is not good. Only a sacrifice will do this time.”

“Which kind? Alive or dead, virginity or not.” David says

“Watch your back. You know the past and he could be ready for you.” Matilda says.

“I know about that. He is not facing me yet, so I am not the target.” David says, “We all need to watch our back.”

“Are you going to explain your past to her?” Matilda asks, “With people bowing down to you in respect, she may ask.” David sighs

“I know that but I will have to reveal some truth that I choose not to reveal.” David says

“David, time to reveal the truth.” Matilda says, “Including the fact that you are a Bruna.”

“That will be a difficult one as her father is a preacher.” David says

“Nice.” Matilda says, “You need to make better chooses.”




That night, David sees Elizabeth resting on the bed, enjoying the peace and quiet. David carefully and quickly reveals one secret.

“I am a Bruna.” David says

“A what, what is that?” Elizabeth asks looking straight at him.

“A witch, medicine men, voodoo priest.” David says

“A braha.” Elizabeth says

“A what, what is a braha?” David asks her, walking into the room

“Amish witch.” Elizabeth says, “Medicine person. What is a Bruna, anyways?”

“A witch with skills with the dark arts.” David says, “Like a Lumnia, we see what people do not see.” Elizabeth looks at him with some surprise as she did catch him telling someone fortune, a young couple with fertility problems. Elizabeth did not say anything as Becca keeps her nose clean of the art as much as possible. “Elizabeth, I keep the secret of me being of Bruna as many people think of us as evil people. It is hard after awhile. People come to us for answers, that religion can not answer.” David says

“Unexplained infertility.” Elizabeth says, “Curses, things that not unexplainable.”

“Correct.” David says, “Things going wrong.”

“David, your past relationships, will you tell me?” Elizabeth asks

“It is a long story.” David says, “Married twice, both decreased, children.”

“Are you royalty.” Elizabeth says

“I come from a royal line but just because you come from a royal line does not mean you are royalty.” David says

“You are and you do not want to tell me. I understand. You will have to at one point.” Elizabeth says. “That is another day.”


Next morning as they prepare to leave, Elizabeth has word on the missing village and the people are alright. David knows he is in hot water as they leave for the village for Azure Village and home. David does have some explaining as Elizabeth will require a straight answer from him. David does not reveal his past to anyone and he must do this again.

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