Blade On My Neck

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



I was awoken by the shuffling of the bag on my head being removed. My eyes focused on a dull white light to my right. Then I realized that someone was standing right beside me, I looked over to be met with a blackened figure staring intently back at me. The silhouette grabbed me and pulled towards the center of the room I was in, allowing me to fully explore the room with my eyes. The room was walled by bricks, with a few shelves with various sharp objects lying about. Unsure of what to feel, I looked back at the figure, who was wearing a black mask to conceal his identity, I asked him “where am I? What is this place?” He replied in a soft, resonant voice “the last place you’ll ever be in” After which he punched me with considerable force, sending me to the floor. I quickly tried to stand, only to find my legs had be bound at the ankles. Unable to correct myself, I laid on the floor oblivious to whatever this man was planning to do next. Ironically I hear the sharpening of a blade to which I thought to myself “this is like some cheap horror movie” After sharpening his blade I heard soft footsteps pacing towards me. Then I felt a hand grip at my hair, jerking my head upwards. He wasn’t wearing a mask anymore. I was met with beautiful green eyes albeit, they were full with resentment and pure evil. “Tell me if there is an afterlife” were the words he spoke as he put the blade to my throat, and with one swift motion he slit my throat open. All I felt was a tearing sharp pain under my chin, followed by the panic of choking on my own blood. In my efforts to breathe, blood was spewing out of my mouth and trickling down my neck, joining the blood from my slit throat, as it travelled down my body giving me a morbid warmth. In the desperation to breathe I felt a serenity fall upon me, as if someone or something had wrapped me in blanket of happiness. I instantly gave up on trying to breath, the choking and spluttering had ceased. All seemed peaceful, as my vision fades I hear a laughter emanate from in front of me but I couldn’t care. This is the end and I am fine with it. 

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