when my friends anger me most

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This is actually one of my school work and I thought I would share with you all. So basically this essay is about the things that I really hate when my friends do something to anger me. All of this is true and to anyone who is reading this,I hope this will be a lesson to all of you.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



"Hey!Jas!" Only two simple words that could make me cry or put me in a bad mood. Since I was eleven,I had always hated it when people call me names. When I was in primary school,boys would call me "Fat" or "Ugly" which caused my self-esteem to become really low. When I entered secondary school,I thought the teasing would be over,but I was wrong. The most famous one right now that the boys would usually use is "Jas".

The name "Jas" actually came from a person's real name and that is Jas Nazreen. Why him you might ask? Well,the cause of it was from my naive-self in the past . When I was Form 2,Jas and I became close and that led me to grow some feelings towards him. Then,a few of our schoolmates knew about this and they started calling me his name everytime they saw me. Back then I was not getting used to ignoring the teasing so I reacted to them by saying "Shut up!" or "I'll kill you!". This had given them another reason for the boys to tease me,espeacially Ajay Raul.

Ajay is one of the most annoying person I had ever met. I actually met him when we were in Form 1. He used to come by to my class to meet with Ernie who sat beside me. I was not sure if he was aware of my existence at the time but I sure did noticed him. After he discovered about Jas and I,he kept on teasing us. At first it was fine because after he teased me he would apologise but now,he is teasing me just to be mean. Year by year,he get more and more annoying. For me,I cannot really describe how annoying he can be.

Words cut deeper than a knife. That is how I feel everytime he or anyone teases me. I am actually okay if girls teasing me just as a friendly joke but when it comes to boys, I am never a fan of them teasing me. You can say that I actually despise every boy who teases me everytime they pass by. Every one of them except the ones that I am close to like Jas himself and few boys who are close to him. There were also times where I could not stand the teasing anymore and I would kind of start crying. I know it is immature of me to cry over something like that but I could not find a solution to control myself from reacting to the teasing. So I had no choice but to let it all out by crying because I rarely cry these past few years.

Although I have to face this nearly everyday but I still stay strong and continue my life. If let myself suffer,I do not think I would be where I am today. No matter what obstacles that life throws,I will try my best to face it. This is because if you let these negative things bring you down, you will never be better or continue on with your life

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