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VRIN... A virtual RPG world

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Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



r PROLOGUE the world is changing The world all we know now is not the same anymore... Science and technology has brought us far humans create weapons to destroy each other war,murder,corruption ..Its like a part of mankind's culture now.... As humans destroy each other a small group of humans with open mind decided to make a world where there could be no h? WAR ....a world where all can live peacefully they call it VRIN

VRIN is a world created based on a game genre wich is rpg but because the creator of this world don't want any war or whatsoever they prohibited pvp(player versus player) ... In VRIN humans unite together to destroy some of the monsters that created using a high tech machine the monster of course are not easy they have brain that collected from human this world is all about unity ....

5 years has passed since VRIN is created in a small village there was born a boy named Ray hael farel this boy was born from the two main scientist that created VRIN John farel and Ludia hael

15 years later... Ray has grown to be an outstanding swordsman in VRIN ..he devoted his life to this world to keep his parents legacy ..he is known as the great swordsman ..even though he's in VRIN he doesn't have that much friends he pretty much do things in his own

One day at the South monster cave .... Ray is fighting a fierce dragon he know if he can win but suddenly the dragon grabbed ray's foot and fly..ray was struggling to get off after a while Ray heard a footstep coming from outside the cave and he yelled "HELP ME" and Ray heard the footsteps is coming closer ......Ray was shocked the footsteps turned out belongs to a sweet lady named Ari


Chapter 1 "Ari wait for me!!" - a voice from a distance calls ... But then Ari keep running until she's lost and then she found a cave .... She entered the cave and found a boy that's struggling to beat a dragon ...... "hey you help me!" Ray yells....Ari shocked to hear that the boy asked for her help. But with her power at the moment she can't do much .... "I'll heal you!" - ari reply.......ari finally take her staff that's behind her back and cast a spell that's heal the boy ... "thanks!" Ray yells ray finally off from the dragon's arm and ride on the dragon's back he stab his sword into the dragon's neck .....the dragon falls and Ray cut his head........ Ari is shocked even more she just found an outstanding swordsman ...at that day she feel somehow useful..

Chapter 1 END

Chapter 2 Ray withdraw his sword and make an approach to ari ...And he ask "what's your name?" ....ari is still shocked of what happen but she answered with a small tone "im ari" and then ari tell everything what happen to Ray ....Ray agree to help ari find a place ...they get out from the cave and start walking.....

This is where it all begins

Chapter 2 END

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