Kidnapping of Gage Thorne & Dylan Sullivan

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Dialogue: WARNING this is a “FAKE Fiction story” involves two young bisexual males, but each boy has girlfriends, but are in a secret relationship and this also involves kidnapping intense violence, love, Torture, betrayal, sadness and possibly Murder, be FAIR WARNED. THIS STORY DOESN'T INDICT ANY LIVING, REAL PERSON, THIS IS PURE FICTION, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



Once upon a time on Thursday January 3rd 2017 at 2:30pm Dylan Sullivan and Gage Thorne both ages 18 went to Webster Middle school. Dylan Sullivan and Gage Thorne were best friends and they secretly loved each other’s company like if they were boyfriends. While on their Christmas break vacation they decided to go walk around Downtown San Diego, California holding hands to let everyone know they are a cute young couple possibly in love. Dylan came up with a idea; Gage asked what the hot idea was. Dylan responded saying how about our first-kiss, but in public. Dylan answered I guess you can since you’re already blushing, Gage made sure the coast was clear then he pulled closer to Dylan and took a deep breath, closed his eyes, then initiated the kiss on Dylan’s lips. Dylan was nervous about giving back kiss, thinking it wouldn’t be good enough as Gage’s kiss. Dylan told gage that kiss was great, then he took a great big deep breath and leaned in to give the kiss on gage’s lips. Gage and Dylan were getting ready to walk to the park when suddenly a 22-year-old Carter Westbrook was there with his hand in his pants probably touching himself inappropriately, he said well boys that was some hot show you put on there. Dylan pushed Gage behind him and told the man fuck off pervert leave us alone. The man made a signal to four other guys from behind Dylan and gage. The men known as 23-year-old Chris Hanson, 19-year-old Anthony Potter, 26-year-old Dakota Jamison, and 20-year old Jack Foster were behind Dylan and Gage while 18-year-old William Greenburg was sitting in the White Van, while the others try to kidnap the two youngsters. Dylan fearing for his lover’s life decided to take matters into his own hands, and took out his knife he carries for protection incase anything were to happen and charges towards Chris, but he fails when Chris trips him and holds his defenseless body on the ground with his foot. Chris orders the other guys to grab Gage, they comply with the order. Gage starts straggling to get away but it was no use. Anthony suggests putting duct tape around their mouth to keep them quiet. This scares Gage, but Dylan lets him know that’ll it will be okay and he loves him. The four men gathered the boys and put them in their van, driving off to their secret location. Gage & Dylan feared what will happen to them. The Van Stopped at their location in a different city Gage and Dylan were blindfolded and lead into a cold abandon warehouse. Jack took off the blindfolds and order Gage & Dylan to strip naked to their boxer briefs. Dylan was hesitating to strip naked in front of complete strangers, but he saw Gage doing what they were told, Dylan saw his friend nearly naked for the first time and he thought to himself, “he’s gorgeous”. Dylan just decided to strip also giving gage his first time seeing his friend nearly naked as well. Gage told himself that Dylan was even hotter with hardly no clothes on. Dylan said we got undress now what would you like us to do. William came in acknowledging how cute the two near nude youngsters were and said I want the short blonde hair boy first. Dylan heard him say this and said “fuck you if you come near me or my friend I’ll fucking kill you!” Jack heard this and went over to Dylan and punched him in the gut repeatedly falling on the ground covering his gut in pain, replying you won’t be able to kill any of us, because maybe you both won’t be alive after we’re done doing what the fuck we want to do to you, walking away chuckling in an evil laughter. Anthony replied saying wow “Jack that was intense what you said to him”.  Oh, look, a voice in the background said you made the little shit piss himself. “Oh fuck yeah you did “Jamison replied to the voice that belonged to Chris. Chris just happily snickered and walked away to go do his thing. Carter was reporting what was going on to his superiors, with the other guys not knowing that he’s an undercover criminal informant.

Prologue: When Dylan & Gage first met

5 months Earlier August 15th summer 2016, Dylan had just arrived at his new home in San Diego, California with his younger brother Sam, his Mom, and his new step-dad Kurt from Virginia. Dylan had a rough year at his previous school after his secret got out about him being bi-sexual, and his step-dad got transferred to Camp Pendleton Marine Corp base, so that’s why he moved to San Diego California. Dylan was close to his new step-dad because he was the one Dylan came out to tell him that he was bi-sexual, yet he had a girlfriend, but preferred boys. Kurt understood what his son was going through and insured him that he accepts him for who he is. Dylan was sitting in his room playing on his new game-system with his new 65-inch Flat screen television his dad got him for his recent birthday.  The doorbell rang; Kurt answered the door, and said hi the neighbor that came to introduce themselves. Hi my name is Stacy Thorne and this is my husband Richard and our 18-year-old son Gage. Nice to meet you, I’m Kurt Sullivan, oh hi replied Kathy. This is my wife Kathy; we have an 18-year-old son Dylan and a 5-year-old son Sam. hey Sam & Dylan come downstairs and meet our new neighbors. Hi said Sam in a childish voice came running down the stairs. Dylan came down slower than expected and introduced himself to the Thorne Family. Gage noticed Dylan was a bit shy, he said to himself that he was handsome. Dylan shyly said hi to Gage and Gage replied saying hi. Dylan asked Gage where he goes to school and what grade he’s in, Gage responding saying I go to Webster Middle school, and I’m in 7th grade, but it’s a good-sized school, so I’ll try to make sure you will fit in, and my girlfriend Becky has an older brother Danny that I can ask to help you if any trouble happens.



Meanwhile across town, Jack Foster was at home having sex with his girlfriend Emily Emmerson. After they were done having sex Emily said “Jack I know your cheating on me with Megan”, Jack just looks at her in shock while getting dressed, told Emily the truth about her. Emily gets dressed angrily, gathering what was hers, and left telling Jack he’s an asshole and have fun with her bitch of a sister. Jack’s 17-year-old cousin Anthony Potter heard Emily yelling at Jack came over to him and suggested a cruel unusual highly illegal idea to ease his pain and suffering he just caused himself. Jack responded back asking what the damn idea was in an angry tone of voice.  Anthony answer back saying I just got word from Danny Jansen that a new family of 4 just moved into town and they have two young boys, ages 18 & 5. Jack said what do you have in mind, we kidnap the 18-year-old, then we torture him, beat him, Jack responded to the idea being highly insane, crazy, and sickening throwing up as he spoke, but let’s do it, but with a lot of help, I know some people that would help.  Anthony said good “I thought you may want to do it, but this will take time and with some planning.  Anthony calls up his buddy from school William Greenburg and asks him if he’ll join in on their little devious plan. William said he’ll join, but then asks Anthony isn’t this highly illegal and if we get caught we'd go to prison and be prison assault victims ourselves, Anthony answered Will's question yes, it is, it’s a big risk I’m willing to take, if you are? will said yes I don’t have anything to live for since my parents are always gone. will said he’ll use his uncle’s old cargo van. will then calls his neighbor Chris Hanson and asks if he’ll want to join in on their heist. Chris asked what does it involve, will answered it involves kidnapping, beating. Hells yeah I’m fucking in, cool will said giving him an enclosed address to meet up with the other guys.  


Chris hangs up the phone, calls his long-lost cousin Peter Jamison, hello Jamison replied, hey cousin it’s me your cousin Chris remember? Oh, yeah how are you doing Jamison asked. I’m doing great Chris said, but the reason I’m calling you is I got a call from a buddy about a thing he’s planning. What is this thing James asked; well it’s something that involves kidnapping and beating? Okay I’m in, where do I meet you James asked? 16617 West Industrial Lane, Chris replied? Okay cool I’ll be there, see you then Chris said James. James calls his long-lost uncle carter that he hasn’t talked to in 5 years since that tragic night of the accident….




Flashback 5 years ago:

Carter Westbrook was 17 at the time; James was 22 years’ old along with his girlfriend Kelly. James, Carter, and Kelly were out driving around town, suddenly they hit a car, instantly killing the occupants of the other car, and sadly Kelly died due to her injuries. James had minor injuries, Carter had no injuries, and 3 months later Carter Westbrook was sentenced to 15 years for vehicular manslaughter at California State Penitentiary. James blamed his uncle for selfish driving. After hearing he’s getting out of prison early for good behavior, now he has a chance to make admins with his uncle.


Three Months later November 23rd Dylan and Gage were becoming best friends, one-day after school Gage took Dylan by the hand, and whispered into Dylan’s ear telling him Dylan I want to tell you that I’m bi-sexual and ever since the day we met I’ve fallen in love with you, but never got around to telling you afraid that you might hate me. Dylan looked shocked and just came out and told Gage that he feels the same way and he’s bi-sexual also. Dylan told him what happen at his old school, how his secret got out, so that why he’s in this town now. Gage leaned over and kissed Dylan on the cheek, Dylan returned the favor. They walk home together giving each other a kiss on the cheek indicating they are going home. Hey dad, Dylan said, I have something to tell you, I think I’m in love with Gage. Kurt responded saying you’ve only known each other for 2 weeks, well I know said Dylan, but he just told me that he’s bi-sexual like me and he fell in love the day we met. Good son I’m proud of you for telling me and I’ll love you for what you become. Thanks, dad I love you, giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug for being supportive.



At Gage’s house, Gage goes to tell his dad that he thinks he is in love with Dylan, dad yes son replied Richard, I was hanging out with Dylan today and I told him that I’m bi-sexual and I fallen in love with him since the day we met, but I just now told him. Good son I’m proud of you, and what did he say Richard asked his son. Gage answered by saying he’s also bi-sexual and feels the same way as I do. Gage my son I’ll always love you and support you all the way. Thanks, dad I love you and you’re the best dad anyone could ever ask for.  Richard replied saying I love you too son, so I’m assuming you going to be boyfriend & boyfriend asked Richard. Umm, I don’t know yet, maybe a secret relationship with him since I have Becky and he has Alexa, good son that’s your decision to do that, but be careful son. I will dad replied Gage.

10 days later December 1st 2016. Kurt received a certified letter in the mail involving another deployment for 6 months, “Fuck, Fuck! Fuck yelled! Kurt” getting Kathy’s attention, causing her to ask her husband what was wrong, Kurt answered her question by telling her that ‘I’m getting deployed out for 6 months and we just got settled here, well dear I’m sorry, but it’s your job, I know giving his wife a kiss on the forehead. “Hey Boys!” yelled Kurt can you come downstairs for a moment, both Dylan and Sam came walking down the stairs. Dylan immediately knew what he was about to be told from his dad’s tone of voice, Sam didn’t fully understand, but was told that Dad was going to work for a while. This made Dylan start to cry and ran over to his dad hugging him tightly, crying pleading for him not to go. Kurt told his son that he had no choice in going, that’s how we pay the bills and it’s my job as a Marine. Dylan whipping his tears off his face and told his dad he loves him. I love you too Son, As I always will. Kurt told his Son as he was continuing his hugging with his eldest son. Dylan walks up to his room and calls Gage to tell him that his dad is leaving, and he wants to come over so he can get some comfort and talk about how he hates his dad getting sent on deployments.


Saturday morning December 2nd 2016 Dylan walked over to Gage's house and Richard answered the door, Dylan giving Richard a hug telling him that his dad is leaving for a 6-month deployment, also telling him that he’s like the closest thing to another father even though he has only known the Thrones for a few months. Richard assured Dylan that he would be there for him, when he needs him. Thank you, Richard, Said Dylan, walking up the stairs to gage's room. Hey Gage said welcoming Dylan into his room. I’m sorry your dad is leaving, but I had to go through the same thing up till my dad retired, I hated it thinking my dad would never come home knowing something could happen to him.  I know gage, I know Dylan told him in a sad tone sniffling tears away from beneath his eyes, I’ve been going through this for 7 years, and I must lie to my own brother about this. Hey said Gage giving his friend a hug telling him it’ll be okay; do you want to play a game or something? No thank you, Dylan responded to Gage’s question, let’s go see what Becky and Alexa are doing.  We can’t they’re not home, what retorted Dylan, they’re on vacation with their families responded Gage. Oh, fuck I forgot that Alexa told me that she was going on a 1 week Caribbean cruise with her parents, and Becky’s family.  Aww man are they gone that long dude, yes.  I’m afraid so Gage told Dylan, I miss Becky too but we have each other till they get back, yeah I guess so said Dylan giving Gage a hug. Hey its Saturday morning let’s go to the movies, Gage suggested okay Dylan said, just let me tell my parents. okay I’m going to call Danny to see if he’ll give us a ride since my parents aren’t home. Ring, Ring, Ring hello Danny answered the phone, hey Danny it’s me Gage Becky’s boyfriend, yeah I know it’s you gage what do you want questioned Daniel. I was wondering if you would take me and Dylan to the movies, since my parents nor his parents are home. Sure, said Daniel, I’ll be there about 15-25 minutes, I’m just finishing up a school project, okay responded Gage I’ll tell Dylan. Hey Dylan Danny said he’d take us, but won’t be here for the next half-hour, okay yelled! “Dylan from the bathroom”. what are you doing Dylan replied Gage, I, I can’t tell you Gage, well don’t make me come in there to see what you’re up to. I’m taking a shower Dylan yelled to Gage as he walked in the bathroom. Sorry Babe for barging in like this, well hurry up with your shower, I need to take one also Gage said. Gage, did you just call me babe asked Dylan. yes I did gage replied and you know what, I’ll just join you in the shower but with my swim shorts on. 15 minutes later both boys finished the shower, got dressed and waited for Danny to arrive. Hey, there’s Danny “Dylan” gage yelled from outside on the front porch. Hey Daniel Gage said, hey you guys, so what movie you guys going see Danny asked. Well I was thinking about Captain America: Civil War, oh wow that looks like an awesome movie that I would want to see with you, but I’ll be hanging out with my girlfriend Danny responded. That’s okay we’ll be fine, I’ll call you when the movie is over. Okay said Danny. So, Danny you didn’t go with your parents and sister on the cruise Dylan asked. No I couldn’t since I’m taking summer school classes for college credit for when I go to college. Here we are guys Danny pulling into the movie theater parking lot. Thanks, Danny for the ride, yeah thanks replied both Gage and Dylan. as Danny pulling away, Anthony texted him asking how are those two young cute boys are doing, then pulled over to the side to returned the text his friend Anthony sent him, telling him that the two boys are at the movie theater, but advised him to stay away from them or he’ll fucking kill him. Anthony received the text and replied saying okay Daniel I won’t do anything, chuckling in evil laughter to himself.


3 Hours later around 3:30, Gage and Dylan finished watching the movie, they told themselves that movie was fucking awesome. Well I better call Danny and tell him to come pick us up Gage said as he was dialing Danny's number. Ring, Ring, Ring, “this is Daniel I am unable to get to the phone right now”, please leave a message after the beep… “Damn it Danny!” Pick up the fucking phone please, “me and Dylan are ready to be picked up from the movie theater”, hanging up the phone. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! “Gage yelled”, catching Dylan’s attention to ask gage what the problem is. Danny didn’t pick up the phone, that’s my fucking problem yelled Gage. I guess we start walking suggested Dylan, why the fuck would we fucking start walking, it’s 20 fucking miles back home,” “you dumbass!” Gage yelled angrily at Dylan.  Ring, Ring, Ring, “oh my fucking god”, its Danny calling me back, Hey Gage answered. Sorry I didn’t answer before, I was pulled over for speeding and countless other stuff, well I’ll be there in a few Responded Danny ending the call. Great he’s on his way now; let’s go wait outside for him. 5 minutes later Danny pulls in the parking lot Dylan and Gage hop in the car, they drive away towards home. Meanwhile William was driving around town in his uncle’s white van, saw Danny’s car and quickly turned around and sped up to Danny to say hi. Oh, fuck sakes Danny said unhappily, it’s William Greenburg from school.  Who is that replied Gage to Danny, it’s this creepy kid from school because he drives his uncle’s van when he got caught attempting to molest a child, so now his uncle is in prison explained Danny. Hey gage, want to come over to my house to play Grand Theft Auto VI on my big ass TV asked Dylan. Sure, I will gage answered Dylan’s question.  Dylan gave Danny directions to his house and an I.D card to get into the on base housing community at Camp Pendleton. Wow Danny replenished, “you live at Camp Pendleton Dylan” asked Daniel. Yes, I do, but my parents have two houses, but I like to stay here, because it’s on base, and there’s a lot of stuff to do, instead of going into the city responded Dylan. We’re pulling up to the gate Danny said. Dylan told Lieutenant Anderson and Private DeGette that he’s just getting a ride to his house, shows them his credential’s, as well as Gage’s since his mom is a nurse on base, and Daniel showed them his driver’s license. Okay you can continue Pvt. DeGette told the boys.Dylan told Daniel that the house is on North S Street house number 18. Few minutes later Danny pulled up to the house and looked in shock how big the house was. Danny, Dylan asked “do you want to come inside to play with us? " I have 3 separate TVs and 3 different Xbox one systems, each with Xbox live, we all can play GTA 6 together” Dylan said to Danny.  Sure, Daniel answered Dylan; okay cool just let me find my house key, okay let’s go. Once they entered the house, Dylan grabbed a special remote controller from the shelf and turned on 3 60 in televisions, 3 Xbox One Elite systems, then entered 3 gta 6 disks, and the three boys started raping, killing, running over prostitutes in the game. 3 hours later Daniel told the boys that he needed to go home, Dylan reminded him to take the same way he took, so security won't stop him, Daniel told Dylan he understood and left. Good Gage what would like to do now asked Dylan, I don’t know replied Gage answering Dylan's question I’m hungry, it's 6:30 pm let's order a pizza. Okay I’ll call and order. 35 minutes later, the pizza arrived, Dylan paid the young driver for the pizza, plus a tip. Gage asked Dylan if he could stay the night, Dylan replied to the question answering yes he could, my parents won’t care, cool said Gage, and I’ll call my dad and tell him I’m staying here. Gage dialing his dad’s number, hello Richard answered, hey dad its gage I was just calling to ask if I could stay at Dylan’s tonight. yes, you can son responded Richard, by the way Gage, your mom & I won’t be home, as we are going to a Conference in Seattle and we won’t be back till Wednesday possibly Thursday, so you can stay at Dylan’s okay. yes, dad I understand I love you, also tell mom I love her as well. Dylan pick up his phone to call his dad, Ring, ring, ring hello answer Kurt, hey dad it's Dylan, I’m at the house on base and I’m staying the night here with Gage, is that okay asked Dylan. that’s fine with me answered Kurt, did Gage call his parents asked Kurt? Dylan told his dad that gage did call and was told that he’ll be staying with us for the week, because they are going to Seattle for a conference. the school week went by vaguely, Gage got a 3-day suspension for fighting a group of older boys for defending Dylan from being bullied and he gets penalized for standing up to bullies. The following week, Dylan got into another fight, ending up being sent to the hospital from getting beaten up

Meanwhile across town at the San Diego Dock’s Anthony, Jack, William, Carter, and James were planning their kidnapping figuring out what they’ll do to their victims. “So Anthony what made you think of this evil plan” asked Carter? Well I was watching this documentary on kidnapping, , and murder of young children, hell I figured I’d try it. replied Anthony. so, who will be our victims asked James and Jack, well they are two young cute boys around 18 years of age and guessing nowhere near puberty answered Anthony showing the guys an uncensored edited photo of Dylan and Gage in pink thong panties. Wow, that’s a hot photo you got there Anthony”, an unknown voice said.”

That afternoon Gage got picked up by Dylan’s dad and was taken to Camp Pendleton Hospital, but Gage was hit by a surprise when he had arrived there. Gage! yelled Becky from the hospital’s entrance, hey babe, how was the cruise asked Gage, it was cut short when we hear what happen to Dylan, so me and Alexa flew back home while our parents stayed to finish the cruise answered Becky giving gage a kiss. where’s Alexa asked Gage? she’s with Dylan in his hospital room, okay let’s go up there grabbing Becky’s hand heading towards the elevators. Knock, knock, come in answered Dylan, hey guys yelled Alexa giving Gage a hug, Becky softly giving Dylan a hug. Dylan “who the fuck did this to you” yelled! Gage in anger. the same group of boys that you defended me from last week before you got suspended, but don’t worry my dad will make sure they are expelled from school. Knock, knock came a voice that belonged to Danny, hey brother! yelled Becky running over to give him a hug. I came as soon as I heard what happened responded Danny, thank you Danny I appreciate it, and I’m glad I have you as a friend exclaimed Dylan. knock, knock, hey mom, Sam, Dylan said giving his little brother, and mom a hug. I came as soon as I heard what happen to you. I talked to your doctor and he said that you recovered from your concussion well and you’ll be able to go home and return to school. yeah” I can’t fucking wait to go back to school “Dylan said angrily under his breath.  

The following day, the bully who caused Dylan to go to the hospital was Jaxson Mortenson Was expelled from school and was sent off to an unknown location. Dylan and Gage were now the popular ones in school from getting the biggest bully out of the school. That following week before Christmas, Kurt had left on his 6-month deployment, leaving behind his 2 sons and wife. Dylan took it rough but he managed to stress the pain in seeing his dad being gone.


The following day December 23rd 2016 was the most tragic day for Gage and Dylan as their lives will be changed forever and will never be the same again. That day during lunch Dylan and Gage told their girlfriends that they’re breaking up with them, and told them that they are secretly dating each other behind their backs. Becky just smacked Gage across his face, then kneed him in the balls calling him a freak for liking boys instead of girls. Dylan got the same treatment from Alexa, but got called a homosexual. That day afterschool Dylan found Gage crying outside in front of school, saying how he hates himself for keeping a secret from Becky, well it’s over now and we have each other Dylan told gage. the boys were walking around town, then Dylan told Gage he is willing to make him happy for what it’s worth. Gage asked what would you do to make me happy, Dylan responded by saying I’ll give you a quick make out session. Gage looked superstitious at Dylan’s reply, but said fuck yes let’s do it. Dylan grabbed Gage’s hand taking him down an alley and made sure no one was following or looking, then took Gage’s shirt off and his own shirt off and then start making out with gage s.

.Meanwhile William was driving the van while the others James, Jack, Carter, Chris and Anthony were secretly watching Dylan and Gage jerk each other off, then Carter went to interrupt their little playtime session. Hey boys that was some hot show you put on there, Carter yelled out catching the boy’s attention. the others were behind Dylan and gage, while carter was inappropriately touching himself. Dylan took out his knife threatening them to get the fuck away from them, but that was no use. Anthony hit gage on the head with a blunt object immediately knocking him unconscious, Dylan saw this happen, and ran over to him, but tripped while running knocking himself unconscious as well. Anthony ran over to the two lifeless bodies tying their hands behind their back and signaled William to back the van in the alley, so they can place the two boys’ in so they can get to the docks. while in the van on their way to the docks, jack instructed James, and Chris to strip the unconscious boys of everything, James stripped Dylan to his boxers, while Chris stripped Gage to his boxers, Carter was secretly recording this for evidence from his eyeglasses, but was caught as jack pulled out a gun pointing it to Carter asking him what the fuck he thinks he is doing. Carter reacts moving the gun away from him almost blowing his cover as fbi, causing the gun to fire killing Chris instantly. jack just pistol-whipped carter knocking him unconscious. William stopped the van as they arrived at the docks, and yelled “what the fuck” Jack. He was recording while James was stripping the two boys, and I have a suspicion that he’s a cop. Tie him up also Anthony declared, I’ll get to the bottom of this, no! yelled James I will get the answer you want he’s my uncle. Oh, by the way get that fucking body out of the van and dispose of it somewhere referring to Chris’s dead body and clean that blood up as well yelled William in an angry tone. Fuck, the boys are waking up what should I do Anthony asked. just drugged them again, as well as Carter said Jack and tie that cop up as well. Hey there’s our boat, let’s get the van loaded up Anthony said.


Three hours later Dylan’s mom and Gage’s parents were worried that they hadn’t come home yet, desperately calling both boy’s cell phones, with no answer. I’m worried about Gage Richard said Stacy. I know dear, I have already called the cops, and there’s little they can do right since it hasn’t been 48 hours since they’ve been missing. ding dong ding, who is that replied Kathy walking to the door opening to find two FBI agents at their door. hello I’m special Agent White and this is my partner Agent Howard, we are here to inform you that we got a call in from one of our undercover agents describing two young males around 18 years of age. yes, I have a 18-year-old son Dylan, my neighbor Stacy has a 18-year-old son Gage, hearing her name Stacy ran over to the door. Hi I’m Stacy Thorne, and this is my husband Richard, have you found any info on our son asking the agents. Agent White answer in a soft voice informing the parents that they have a photo of the two boys, but it’s a disturbing photo showing the parents to identify their children. Oh, my god! Kathy, falling on her knees crying and saying that’s my son Dylan on the left and that’s our son Gage on the right responded Richard. Good the agents replied now telling them the bad news, they got kidnapped by a Mr. Jackson Foster, 4 other assailants, but one of them got killed, so there is only 3 now.  Agent White, why are the boys appear to be half naked Richard asked angrily. We don’t know what the kidnapper’s true intentions are going to be, but as soon as we find out, I’ll let you know personally replied Agent White. Ring, Ring, Ring Agent White here, this is San Diego Dock port authority officer Kevin Hudson calling to inform you of a White van being loaded into a Cargo ship to be a little too suspicious. Thank you, Mr. Hudson, did you by chance get a plate number asked Agent White. I did in fact, its California plate # 9XZC102 hoping that will help replied Mr. Hudson. Agent Howard, run this plate # and see who it belongs to, yes sir replied Howard. 3 minutes later, the van is registered to Mr. Ernest Greenburg, but this fellow is in prison for attempted child molestation, but it also says that it is registered to a Claysan Greenburg 17 years of age. We need to find out what ship that van is on. Ring, Ring, San Diego Port authority officer Hudson speaking. Mr. Hudson, this is Agent White with the fbi calling about that van you spotted being loaded into a cargo ship. where is that ship heading towards Agent White asked? Mr. Hudson answered back saying the Cargo Ship, “The Great Spirit” is heading to Tokyo, Japan and replied saying I’m sorry but the ship has already left the port and it’s out of my hands, but I’ll notify the Coast Guard immediately responded Mr. Hudson.

3 hours later, Dylan and Gage woke up from whatever had happened to them. Dylan noticed he and Gage were both in their boxer shorts, seeing Gage in his boxers made him start to feel jealous a little. Gage began squirming because he was scared and confused, well the boys are up yelling Anthony from a railing above Dylan and Gage, getting James, and Jack’s attention, while Carter was still unconscious. Jack came over to the boys, grabbing Gage bringing him to a nearby wall, tying him up while Dylan was forced to watch what was about to happen to his friend. Jack turned to tell William to fetch a whip from the storage closet. William told jack to get it himself that he’s not going to be part of this anymore. Anthony over heard this and got pissed and went to punch Will in the gut, while Jack got his gun and pointed it to Will’s head threatening to kill him if he doesn’t do what he is told. Fine, jack I’ll get the damn whip for you walking away from jack to the closet. Jack then abusing Gage repeatedly with the iron whip leaving gash after gash in gage’s back, while Dylan was pinned to the ground by Anthony yelling for it to stop. The others took turns abusing Gage with that same whip, then untied him. Gage was crying and Dylan couldn’t do anything to help his friend as he knew he was next to be whipped. Dylan was taken to the same wall as Gage, but didn’t put up a fight as he probably knew he would get much worse. This time James and Anthony took turns while Dylan just stood there motionless, then they abuse Dylan repeatedly with an iron cable cord getting cut after cut all over his body while Gage was forced at gun point to watch the horrible act.

30 minutes later, Dylan and Gage took countless beaten, but they each survived. Carter briefly woke up and pressed a button on his watch notifying the FBI that he is indeed in trouble, Jack saw Carter, walked over to him just as he was about to shoot him, then the ship stopped abruptly knocking over everybody giving carter the chance to get free and grab the gun Anthony had, but got shot in the arm by jack. 15 minutes later the FBI busted in the cargo hold area of the ship with the help of the Coast Guard.Freeze FBI! you’re all under arrest, Anthony saw the FBI and took a chance in running, but was shot and wounded and cuffed.

17 hours later at San Diego Regional hospital recovering were Dylan and Gage. Gage’s mom and dad, along with Dylan’s mom and brother and his dad via video chat were all there waiting desperately for boys to wake up from the coma they were in.

3 weeks later Friday January 13th 2017 at San Diego’s FBI field office, Carter was given an offer to either stay with the FBI for the good work he’s done being a CI or he can be a free man getting his record cleared. Carter chose to work with the FBI, and he is officially an FBI agent, plus he got his record cleared as promised.

meanwhile at San Diego Court House, Jackson Kelly Foster, I hereby find you guilty on 1 count 1st degree murder, 2 counts of sexual assault in the 1st degree, and 2 counts of kidnapping and 2 counts of bodily injury of a minor I sentence you to 350 years in State Prison. James Rylan Sawyer, I find you guilty on 2 counts of sexual assault in the first degree, 1 count of kidnaping in the 2nd degree and sentence you to 25 years to life without the possibility of parole.  Mr. William Kenneth Greenburg, such a young age to commit a violent crime like this young man, but I find you guilty of accessory of kidnapping in the 1st degree, accessory to murder and sentence you to 10 years in state prison. One more you honor, the court martial yelled. Well who do we have here, Anthony Alisson Potter, another young age for this type of crime to be committed.  Well young man, I find you guilty of 2 counts of sexual assault in the 1st degree, 1 count of attempt to flee, 2 counts of kidnapping in the 1st degree, and I sentence you to 30 years to life without the possibility of parole. Case adjured Judge B. Matthews said, now get these pieces of shit out of my courtroom. 

3 months later April 13th, 2017 Gage and Dylan awoke from there coma’s and both recovered great well in the first couple weeks. Dylan received a broken arm and Gage received a broken leg from their injuries. Dylan’s Dad returned from his deployment early due to a severe injury to the leg and was given the purple heart medal. ...

Dylan and Gage were sitting on the porch next to each other talking about their future and what it may bring them.

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