Prison Break

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
2 Prisoners Escape from a Maximum Security Prison.
This story continues 10 years later from my previous story, where the characters escape prison and get revenge on those who put them in prison.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



CNN Breaking News out of California state prison out of Sacramento, there has been a prison escape involving only 2 prisoners coming from officials at the facility. Prisoner Jackson K. Foster #129 and Anthony A. Potter #124 escaped early this morning at approximately 4:32am pacific time, Warden James Holden announced. We believe that prisoner Jack Foster has killed 3 of our prison guards and took one of their service pistols, we urge the public to stay alert and don’t approach these individuals as we consider them Extremely dangerous. We ask if you spot them to immediately call your local police department.


Meanwhile Across the country at Fort. Hood Army Base Staff Sargent Sullivan gets a call from Allie, hey babe what’s up and why are you upset Dylan asked. You better turn on the news, you won’t like it at all Allie replied. Dylan turned on the tv and stood shell shocked falling on the floor passing out as he made contacted the ground. Babe? babe? Allie replied, but there was no answer, shit replied Allie before hanging up and contacting her father to have Dylan checked on.



 1 hour later Dylan wakes up in the med clinic on base with Allie at his side. Babe, you’re awake Allie remarked. What happen Dylan asked What happen Dylan asked, well I called you to tell to put on the news and after that it was silent, I think you may have fainted from the news, because Private Smith here found you. The news is it true asked Dylan, yes I’m afraid so came a voice walking into the room, father Allie Yelled walking over to him giving him a kiss on the cheek.


I need a phone Dylan panicked looking for his cell phone. Here babe use mine Allie replied handing over her cell phone to Dylan as he is entering a number to call. You have reach the voicemail of 2nd class petty officer Peterson, I am unable to answer the phone right now please leave a detailed message after the beep. Gage I need to talk to you in person, it’s very important and I’ll try to catch a flight out tonight, so yeah I’ll be in touch soon Dylan.


In Everett, Washington Gage is home with his girlfriend when he gets the missed called from Dylan, Gage picks up his phone and puts his voicemail password word in and listens to the message. Gage, its Dylan We need to talk it’s important and it won’t be very pleasant for you, so I’m flying up there tonight, so could you please be at the airport when I arrive, I would appreciate that see you soon Dylan.

Fuck Gage said softly but loud enough Zoey overheard. What is wrong babe, Zoey asked politely knowing Gage has a temper. My Best friend I told you about is coming to town to see me about something important Gage replied throwing a chair down the steps of their townhouse. Okay Zoey said, I’m going to watch tv now giving Gage a kiss on the cheek. 10 minutes later Gage was in the shower when he heard Zoey screaming his name to get his undivided attention.


  Gage, Gage Zoey Yelled. What wrong babe Gage said panicking? The news Zoey replied, there’s been a prison escape. Fuck not this, Gage said, then started crying running to his room, slamming the door behind him. Ring, Ring, Hello said Zoey to Dylan on the phone. Where are, you replied Dylan, I’m at the airport waiting to be picked up. I’m sorry but Gage is having an emotional episode right now, would you like me to send someone to get you Zoey asked? No, I’ll take a cab to your place, that’s fine Dylan replied. Okay Zoey I’ll see you guys soon.



Jack what have we done, Anthony replied nervously. We escaped prison you fucking dumbass, that is what we did and we are going to take revenge on those who put us in there said Jack slapping Anthony in the face.  We need to get the safe house my buddy has set up for us jack also stated.


  7615 N Taylor St Please Dylan said to the Uber driver. Right away sir, Uber Driver John replied. 10 minutes later, Dylan thanks the driver and says he’ll give him a good rating for his profile. Dylan Zoey yelled from the front porch of their house running towards Dylan giving him a hug crying happily. Where is he Dylan asked Zoey walking into the house, he’s in the bedroom upstairs on the right, go on up he’ll be happy to see you replied Zoey softly walking away from Dylan going into another room.


Dylan softly knocked on the bedroom door waiting for a response, come in Gage replied softly. Dylan enter the room and saw the teared Gage lying in his bed in the fetal position, hey buddy how you holding up Dylan asked in a strong serious voice towards Gage. I’m not taking the news too good as you can clearly see the state I’m in Gage replied angered in tears.


Gage, I assure you that they won’t know where we are now that it’s been 10 years since that tragic day sniffled Dylan as he started to tear up having to think about what happen ten years ago.


Welcome to Lenson Law Office of the Greater Bay area, may I help you sanctuary Lisa asked 2 plain clothed gentlemen that walked in. Yes, we are with the fbi and we are looking for a Mr. Claysan Whitmore for some questioning regarding an investigation. Hello came a dark toned voice walking out a back office, I’m Mark Lenson, Owner and Lawyer of Mr. Whitmore, may I help you with anything regarding my client. I’m Agent Pike and this is my partner Agent Brooker, we just need to ask your client some questions regarding a recent prison break, follow me gentleman to my office Mr. Lenson said to the agents. Lisa, will you call Clayson to come to my office please. Right away sir Lisa responded. Ring, Ring hello said Clayson, hey clayson it’s Lisa from upstairs, Umm, Mr. Lenson wants you up here right away it’s important. I’ll be up there in 5 minutes reported Clayson.


5 minutes later, Clayson was walking into Mr. Lenson’s office when he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw two plain clothed gentlemen sitting in his boss's office. You wanted me sir replied Clayson? Yes, Clayson, Mr. Lenson acknowledged. This is Agent Brooker and Agent Pike with the FBI are here to ask you some questions regarding a prison break, and yes they know about you being in prison for 10 years and I assure you if you had anything to do with this or if you were forced to, then they can help you with whatever we can by putting you into protective custody or witness protection. Claysan stood there shocked and asked what prison break, I haven’t heard of anything answered confused Claysan. Well, let me show you Agent Pike pulled out his cell phone to show Claysan the news. Claysan just stood there extensively shocked almost passing out from looking at the alarming news.


Here Son, have some water to drink to clear your mind, Agent pike said handing Claysan a cup of water. I had nothing to do with those monsters 10 years ago, but I still paid the price for it then ended going to prison, and I never been contacted by them and I never knew they were even still alive after what they did to those young boys. Okay thank you Claysan for your time and cooperation, here is my card for any concerns you may have in the future.


Dylan, have you called you parents and brother yet Gage asked?

I have not yet replied Dylan franticly. Dylan picks up his phone and calls his parents and brother, hello Dad, it’s Dylan oh hi son, how are you doing replied Dylan’s dad.


 I’m not doing so good right now; did you hear the news asked Dylan nervously. Yes, we did son, it’s terrible what has happened, but we’ll be fine, don’t worry about us.


Dad, I’ll send some protection detail to you just to be safe said Dylan. Thank you, son, for your help replied Dylan’s dad.

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