The Secrets We Keep

The Secrets We Keep

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The next generation of the 'Learning' and 'Old Roots' series are all grown up. Join them as they stumble along to mature and live their uncertain futures. Love, deception and forgiveness is included along the way. How can there not be when their parents have all gone through it? Enjoy. :)
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The next generation of the 'Learning' and 'Old Roots' series are all grown up. Join them as they stumble along to mature and live their uncertain futures. Love, deception and forgiveness is included along the way. How can there not be when their parents have all gone through it? Enjoy. :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Author Chapter Note

This chapter is mostly to tell you what is happening with everybody at the moment. Next chapter will be more like a chapter, if that makes sense. :)
Sorry in advance, there is another Linc in this story only his name is written differently. I had the characters from the alien series all sorted out before I finished the 'Learning' series. I gave Lincoln his name and I never thought I would write a story about them. He's not evil like Link was though or an alien lol.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 31, 2017



Chapter 1

Bethany had her hair pulled this way and that. She didn't mind though. It would all be worth it in the end when she would be ready to walk down the aisle.

There were still a few hours to go but Edward wanted everything perfectly done and on time. He was special that way. She loved everything about him.

She smiled at herself in the mirror as the hairstylist pinned another strand up.

Her wedding would be all over the news. This was following after weeks of campaigning. The cherry on top.

She felt happy for her fiance and future husband. He would be a great mayor.

This would be the happiest day of her life.


"You better hurry or you will be late for your sister's wedding." Pete called to Lincoln. He was his partner and best friend.

Linc fixed his bowtie around his neck. Yes, Bethany would have his head if he missed her wedding. He was supposed to take the day off but as per usual he was a workaholic and knew he could get there in time.

That would have been ideal had there not been a shootout at the end. He still had to drive to the venue and be there before everyone else since he was in the wedding party.

"Well don't you look sharp. I bet the ladies will be a coming." Pete winked. That was a double sense joke.

Linc rolled his eyes. "You're just jealous because they always come to me."

"Whatever dude. At least I don't have to be there until later."

"I'll see you then." Linc closed his locker and jogged out of the police station.


Maleah ran a hand through her hair. "You have to look perfect. Linc will be there and this is a special day. This will be the day he looks at you and stops being a fool."

She let out a huff of air. Her hair was looking great, the dress fit her just right and she felt very optimistic.

She had been in love with Lincoln since they met which was when they were toddlers. She knew it in her heart that he would be the man she married. She even had a scrapbook that said what type of dress she would wear and all the details of the wedding.

She hadn't lost hope. There had been little things that kept it alive.

He was her first kiss, her first boyfriend even if it only lasted a month and her first intimately. Yes, she had lost her virginity to him when she was fifteen.

That night still brought her face to a full blush. Actually every night that they spent together made her blush.

They were a type of friends with benefits. They had no right to be jealous of the other being with other people. Most of the time she couldn't help it though. Today she knew he would not be bringing a date. She had asked him multiple times. For that she was happy. It meant that they might spend the night together again.

She certainly hoped so.


Briar returned Parker's kiss. She had gone to his dorm room to help him move in. To her surprise he had all his boxes there already.

His hands trailed down her back and cupped her bottom. He pressed her against him. She could feel the hard ridge at the front of his jeans.

She pushed his chest gently but he continued to lead her backwards to his bed. She felt it hit the back of her knees and she fell onto it.

He was over her quickly, kissing her neck.

Her mouth opened in a silent gasp. Her skin felt hot and her clothes tight. One of his hands ran down her thigh and under her plaid skirt.

He groaned against her smooth skin.

"Parker." She sighed. She didn't want to stop but they should. "Please."

"I don't want to stop. I want you baby. I want you so bad. We've been together for six months. I think that's enough time."

"It's just, I keep hearing my grandma's words. She wants me to wait until I'm married. I should."

He grumbled but started kissing her skin again. "Your grandma isn't here. Do what you want."

She bit her lip and stared up at the ceiling. She wanted to stop. The door opened and she thanked the lord for the intrusion.

"Damn." Parker rolled off her and she pulled her skirt down.

"Hmm, sorry to interrupt." Noah walked into the room. "Next time put a sock on the doorknob. Although I still would have come in. I have to get my things for my cousin's wedding." He set down his gym bag. He glanced over his shoulder at Briar.

She blushed and looked away. "I'll go. Since your things are all here you don't need my help, Parker." She stood up and headed for the door. She turned back before leaving. "I'm Briar by the way. Parker's girlfriend."

Noah nodded. "I'm Parker's roommate. Nice to meet you and sorry for interrupting."

"It's fine. It's not like we were actually going to do anything." Parker complained on his bed.

Briar frowned and walked out of the room.

"Fuck. I'm going out. See you tomorrow." Parker got off his bed and left the room.

Noah rolled his eyes. "What a shmuck."


Joe smiled as he looked at the picture he had of himself with his identical twin brother Jake and Sophie. He was almost done with his deployment and tour. Only a few more months and he would be home.

He thought that he would retire. It was time to find himself a wife and settle down. He was young but he wanted a family.

His smile curved down. He wished it would happen with Sophie but she had been Jake's girlfriend for years. She always liked the bad boy.

He sighed and put the picture back in his belongings.

"Ready to go out again?" Sam stuck his head in the tent.

"Yeah. I'm coming."

"Only a few more months and we're home."

Joe nodded. "I know. I'm counting down the days."

"You gonna steal your brother's girl once you're home?" Sam teased.

"Course not. I'm gonna get my own girl."

"She'll be prettier."

Joe got his rifle and headed out with Sam.


Sophie kissed up Jake's chest. He grinned and kissed her hard when she reached his mouth. She moaned and bit his lip.

They broke off the kiss and she rolled on her back. She giggled as he took out a cigarette from it's pack.

"My dad would kill you if he walked in on us." She leaned over and lit it up.

"That's why I have my own apartment." He let out a long trail of smoke from his mouth. He offered the cigar to her and she pulled. She puffed out the smoke.

"Have you talked to Joe?"

"You really have to bring him up when I'm relaxing?"

"He's your brother."

"Yeah, goody two shoes. What I know is that he's still alive. Mom and dad are so proud of him." He puffed out more smoke. "They always will be proud of him. They will also love him more until the day they die."

"Don't say that. You are great too."

"Really? Their unemployed son who hates to do ranch work. Can't keep a job and is fucking their best friend's daughter for years but can't commit to her."

"I told you I don't want to get married." She smacked her lips. "I'm only 19."

"Well we've been dating for four years. They all expect it. Except your father. He hates me and always will."

"I don't care about that. I care that you love me enough to keep me." She pecked him on the cheek.

"Of course I love you. Can't help it when you drive me crazy in bed."

She laughed. "Is that all you care about? Sex?"

He shook his head. "There's more but for now let's leave it at that. Give me some more love babygirl."

She straddled him and kissed him. She was so ready for another round.


"Come on, let's crash this wedding." Charlotte shook James from the shoulders. "I'll do your chores for a month."

"First of all, we are adults and we have no chores." He shrugged off her hold. "Secondly, crashing a wedding isn't nice."

"You are such a party pooper. All we would do is sneak into the dancing part. There will be cake. Have I told you that this is the future mayor's party we are talking about?" She bounced up and down.

He stared at her. "Have I told you that you act like a two year old?"

"Yes and often." She grinned. "Please, pretty please."


"Ahh! You are such a bore. I swear I don't know why I bother with you. Why do I even live with you?" She threw herself across their couch.

"You live with me because you are afraid of turning into an old cat lady." His mouth curved up. "You do remember about that neighbor you had whose cat..."

"Eww! Eww! Yes, please do not remind me." She shuddered. "That was horrific and I couldn't believe that it happened on my floor. I swear that room is cursed with all the dead people. The guy that lived there before her hanged himself. It was crazy."

"Who lives there now by the way?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. I think some guy. I don't bother with neighbors anymore. You are also never here to snoop around. What are we going to do now since we're not crashing the mayor's wedding?"

"Let's watch movies and pig out on ice cream."

"I know I've asked this for like a million times but...are you gay?"

"If I say yes will you stop asking?"

"No because you have had girlfriends but like a selected view. They always dump you but maybe it's because the equipment just isn't up to par. I don't know. I'm just plain confused with you, I'd like some answers."

Of course everyone would think he was gay. Couldn't a guy be sensitive? Apparently not. So he lied hoping she would stop asking and leave him alone. "Yes, I'm gay."

"I knew it! Oh my god, I am so going to hook you up with some gays I know."

Okay, nevermind, she was never going to leave him alone.


Adrian walked into Ruthie's. He ordered a piece of pie and some coffee. He liked the buzz of the diner around him. It was needed after a long day of work.

"Here's the pie." His aunt Randy set the plate down. She was the new owner, had been since Ruthie's death a few years ago.

He missed the old woman. Gary, her husband, used to be the cook but he was long retired. He was the one that sold the place to his aunt.

Randy loved the place and felt at home there. "Tough day?"

"Like any other."

"You need to stop working so much and find yourself some fun. A nice girl would be great too."

"You've been talking to mom." He accused.

"Of course I have. Lucy wants some grandbabies already. Same goes for Harold."

"I'm not old yet. I got time."

"You men." She chuckled and went back around the counter.

He sighed. When would his mother get it that he hadn't found the right girl yet? He had expectations and as of yet they had not been met.

He dug into his pie.


"How do I look?" Ava posed, puckering her lips.

"Like a hooker." Cheyenne smiled sweetly and blinked her eyes innocently.

"You bitch. You're jealous I have a great bod after having a baby."

Chey rolled her eyes. "Yeah, a baby you don't bother taking care of. Where is she by the way?"

"She's hardly a baby now. The girl is nearly two years old. Mom has her."

"Right, cause mom is like the nanny now."

"Why don't you shut your..."

"Girls, calm down. No fighting. This is Bethany's day and you will pretend to love each other like sisters are supposed to." Dom chastised them as he came down the stairs.

"I don't even know why I have to go. It's not like we're besties or even family." Ava checked out her nails. She absolutely did not want to go. There were things people didn't know and that they shouldn't find out at the moment.

"She is family. Be on your best behavior."

"Daddy, we're not little kids anymore." Chey linked her arm with his.

"You sure act like it most of the time." He tweaked her nose. He loved his daughters equally even if they fought about it.

"Look how precious little Laney looks." Katherine came down with Elaine, Ava's daughter in her arms. She was wearing a puffy pink dress.

"Thanks mom. I really appreciate what you do for Laney." Ava smiled.

"It's a pleasure. She is my first granddaughter. Let's get to the wedding. I'm sure Delilah's being a bridezilla even if it's Bethany's day."

As a family they left their house to get to the wedding on time.

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