Why Communism, Socialism, And Fascism Will Never Work

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This document clearly explains why individuals need the liberty to conduct their own enterprise.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017





A system of extortion might grow and go unnoticed, if the individuals managing it could control their impulsive greed and still allow for the expansion of a real opportunity base, with the people still having the freedom to engage productive individual enterprise and hold on to ninety percent of what they produce. The problem is that situations almost never work that way for ever. The devil's greed simply knows no end or can it honestly admit to it's mistakes, out of a consuming arrogance feeling it sits high above all forms of consequence. The leadership eventually decides for some reason, that it can force the people to produce at top quality standard, in complete absence of any profit margin or even basic incentive, with only themselves receiving the full benefit. This reality lies at the very heart of any Socialist, corporate managed or Fascist system and is inherently a system of compulsive corruption..., nay... I shall venture to say, slavery repackaged, in and of itself!

The ideas are simple and sound really good..., that the nation will take care of it's non-productive individuals, whom are always euphemistically labeled disadvantaged and everybody else will be the better for it, so goes the prevailing theory. The truth is, all that society owes anything to are the elderly, since they have already done their part....and the truly infirm, since they simply cannot be productive due to physical or true mental issues. When all of the dead beats are taken care of in a nation, the programs that provide this “care” {euphemism} exist only as parasites on the resources of the intelligent productive, since the funds to support theseutopian programs cannot be pulled from thin air. When one adds in the insatiable greed from State and National leadership, pretty soon there exists little in the way of incentive for the productive to engage in industry at all. When this point is reached, the vast majority of production usually halts, creating the problem at the heart of this type of system in any form, being a lack of incentive for intelligent, creative and industrious people to produce.

When the system reaches the point of lacking incentive and production drastically slows or halts outright, then the leadership has no other choice but to either admit that their half baked utopian experiment has failed, revamp the system or to simplyforcethe producers to continue being productive. When the time arrives that the system has reached the point of gridlock, the greed of the leadership accepts no limitations. This reality is why some of the greatest mass murders in history were committed by Socialist/ Fascist (systems ran by corporations whose leadership also runs the socialized nation) systems. In these systems, the people themselves are reduced down into the level of an expendable resource and those who refuse to produce or cannot do so for any reason, are simply reduced down into guinea pigs for corporate experimentation or even salable products to be exchanged within the deepest, darkest bowels of the system or on the world market at large.

Most Americans are not aware of the negative realities in these systems, and certainly not aware of their potential applications inside their own national system. Socialist, corporate dominated and

Fascist systems tend to be very deceptive. Take a look at both Germany's system of the nineteen thirties and forties, as well as Russia's system, if anyone is in need of proof to this claim. All of these systems claimed that they possessed opportunity, when in fact, the true intent was to reduce the civilian population down to the level of an expendable resource, with a few exclusive exceptions. The Germans used the phrase, “Work makes you free.” This phrase in German arched over at least one of their most famous compulsory labor camp entrances 1. The Russians used the phrase, “Patriots answer to the call of duty,” implying that labor in absence of a profit incentive was the civilians call to national duty and abiding obligation. Those who resisted were efficiently exploited and finally liquidated, as was evidenced in the massive bone piles discovered behind old fenced in areas that were once gulag prisons (compulsory labor camps) 2 .

I feel that most Americans would agree with my claims above, as they apply to other nationalities such as Germany or Russia, but only a stern minority would agree with anyone's claim that the same rules apply to their own nation. Some may in-fact, be angered at any suggestion made of the possibility! The facts tell us, if we dare to observe, that US citizens are being manipulated as their privately owned resources are being extorted right from underneath their noses 345. The process is being done slowly and over the course of time, the leaders using the generational rule of thirty years, allowing the older generation who would know better to fade away into the grave, leaving an idealistic, younger generation, both vulnerable and ignorant of history or experience of years, to feel that grasping onto a proposal of purloining individual liberty would better serve the nation at large 6. This process has presently accelerated as the last of the WW2 veteran generation is fading away.

Any person who questions my claim of a gradual relinquishment of individual liberty, may simply just examine the decade of the late fifties and nineteen sixties. This generation was called the “counter culture generation.” These young people, who were known as the baby boom generation, were the first generation at large who questioned all areas of American life. This generation was also known as the “idealist generation,” since most of their ideas held no base root in practical, workable reality. The Vietnam War spurred on this cultural revolt. The young people, who were sick of seeing family and friends dying and returning home maimed, rightfully questioned every area that led to the call for war in the first place.

The first huge question was one of the necessity for capitalism itself, since that generation had correctly surmised that the war effort served only the interests of an unchecked corporate war machine and oil conglomerates, although the principle of checked capitalism lay at the very heart of American constitutional foundation and it's future rise into supreme power. The war was viewed as being one initiated to further the interests of corporations, but yet, in the end, corporate restrictions were only levied upon the interests of individual enterprise. By the middle years of the Reagan administration, the corporations had more liberty and the interests of individual enterprise and individual people at large had more regulations than ever before in American history, for the duration of “The Modern Era,” or {the time period following WW11}. Most individual citizens if questioned, may have guessed differently, but just ask any if taxes have improved over the years or thirty five year veteran, self employed business person about repressive regulations for proof otherwise.

To replace the law of capitalism, the counter culture generation dreamed of a utopian, egalitarian society, free from the law of supply and demand. The US government then saw it's chance to move, imposing what amounted to a socialist rule of law beginning during the Kennedy administration. Kennedy began speaking out, realizing the true intent of the government. Evidence of this is very clear in some of his last public speeches 7. Once Kennedy was assassinated, Lyndon Banes Johnson then publicly embraced the new socialist order with wide open arms, though being careful to euphemistically label it “The War On Poverty.”

Like I have intimated before, Socialism appeals to the eye, with it's programs to assist the so-called disadvantaged, which is also a euphemism for non-productive, but the kind programs demand financing unfortunately... and money just doesn't grow on trees. Thus as a result, there is only one place that this financing can come from, and that is by extorting it out of the resource base accumulated by the productive elements in the population, with the lion's share going to the elitist who run the State and Federal system. This extortion is also euphemistically labeled as taxes, to make an appeal to the population’s sense of civil duty and national obligation. Once these excessive taxes 8 are imposed, they demand rigid inflexible regulation, since it is natural for productive, freedom loving, industrious elements to desire holding on to their hard earned resources...at all cost.

The problem with it all is that there exists a fine line between inflexible regulation and suspension of incentive to produce. In most cases, there will exist some flexibility in the regulation until the system pushes any at all in the direction of insolvency, then threat of force or literal force is applied to hold up the production rate, with the magisterial hope being to save face both at home among the population and abroad, among allies. Saving face also commands continual respect from ones enemies abroad, holding back wolves who would only move in to finish the kill upon a diseased, corrupted, dying national body.


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