the magical hat

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story about a boy who got a magical hat and used it to help people



Once there was a boy who was fishing in a pond. He found a hat in his fishing rod. as the boy wore the hat on his head, the hat asked "What should I do for you"

The boy was very kind. He saw an old poor man who could not stand, so the boy asked the hat "Can you bring a wheelchair for the old poor man?”

The man was then suddenly magically situated on a wheelchair. The boy asked the hat to bring pretty lanterns for the poor people in the lantern festival.

There was a greedy king and had heard about a boy with a magical hat. Then the king summoned the boy with his magical hat. He ordered the soldiers to snatch the hat from him.

The greedy king asked for heaps of gold as he wore the magic hat. He was surprised to see that the hat did not work for him.

So he had an idea and gave the hat to the boy ordering him to give him a mountain of gold or else the boy would no be allowed to go back home.

The boy even when scared was aware and thought of a plan and said ok.He then asked the hat to bring a mountain of gold for the king.

A mountain made up of gold fell upon the kingdom. The hat saved the boy and the king but not the soldiers.

The greedy king learned his lesson and felt guilty. He promised not to do it again. The king pleaded with the boy to restore his kingdom.

The boy was sensible and asked the hat to bring his kingdom back.


The king learned his lesson not to be greedy and all people in the kingdom lived happily ever after.



Submitted: March 31, 2017

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