The Lotto

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Some things are worth so much more than money!

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



The Lotto!


If I’d won the lotto I’d have great financial wealth

but I sure would find it difficult to spend upon myself.


I guess I’d go and buy a house but not one that is too large;

it needs to be just big enough, and to have it’s own garage.


I’d not be wanting any mansion, don’t want to own a big estate,

the thought of landed gentry is just something that I hate.


I don’t really travel, hardly leave my house at all,

My ears seem to just never hear that adventure call.


Fashion doesn’t interest me, designers leave me cold,

and all the paraphernalia – to me it’s never sold.


I might buy some kind of vehicle, but not one that is flash,

so long as it just drives along – I’ve got no need to dash.


When it comes to entertainment I am no techno snob,

I’d never just replace something while it does the job.


No, the thing that’s most important to me money cannot buy,

I guess that I’ll have to explain; I’ll have to say just why --


a real friend is one that can’t be bought, not at any cost,

and surely is a person who, without them, I’d be lost;


someone that will listen to everything that I want to share,

who always has belief in me, who always seems to care.


So I might not have much money but I’m not materialistic,

I’m happy with a life that is really pretty much simplistic --


the lotto might give money but could not buy a better friend

and that’s the most important thing to me in the end.


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