Naked Tree

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about the reality of a tree in the winter season.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



Naked Tree


When the winter comes

Tree loses its leaves

And get naked to welcome the winter!


Winter snatches everything from the tree

And left it with broken and bare skin

But the tree still welcomes the winter!


Hiding pain inside, it shows the smile outside

Sometime fog pinches the naked tree

Like salt spread onto the wound

But still tree gives its smile

And welcomes the fog!


Winter asks the tree –

“Why you always smile?

I’ve took everything from you

But still you welcome me.”


Tree says –

“This snatching is nothing but the life!

It gives me a new life.

Gives me another youngness with green

That I was waiting for a long time!”


Fog asks the tree –

“Why you welcome me when,

I give you much pain on your bare skin?

I give you so pain like salt injured the wound!

But still you smile like the moon smiles to the stars!”


Tree says –

“This pain is nothing to me!

Because that pain give me the pleasure.

The pleasure to make me joyful and evergreen”


Winter and fog say –

“Oh tree! I know you are naked!

I know! We give you so much pain.

But still you welcome us.

And your green will never be end from this world.

Cause you are the symbol of evergreen.

We are sorry!

For giving you too much pain

But you start a new journey when,

We are gone.”


Tree says –

“Days will pass!

Everything will change!

But you are the company of my journey!

So how can I forget you!

If you were not come every year,

Then how I will glow in green?

I am thankful to you.

And my nudity is not for pain.

It is for gaining something!

That makes me evergreen to you!”


Winter says –

“I know it feels so bad to get naked!

But this nudity brings the life.

I know you have your own hidden pain

That you are hiding from the outside!”


Tree says –

“My pain is nothing!

When someone smiles at me

My pain buried inside me

But it goes away when I go green

For you………”


Written by – AKA$H

All Rights Reserved, 2017





© Copyright 2019 AKA$H. All rights reserved.

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