lotg: frontier wars

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this is an excerpt from the new series i'm planning to finish that takes place after the events in the first series. hope you enjoy.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



The boy's body shook violently, racked with coughs as he tried desperately to gain some much needed oxygen into his burning lungs. His hands clawed at the soaked soil beneath him as his stomach heaved, each agonizing breath briging with it a new fit of coughs cuppled with an excrutiating pain that stabbed through his torso. His arms throbbed and his legs were leaden, having gave out the moment he stopped to rest. He glared at the berren earth below him, silently cursing his weakness, knowing it would do him little good. This was his choice after all, his fate.

Are you sure about this? 

Before him, a man who donned brilliant gold armor stood calmly as he waited for their duel to continue. His azure eyes scanned over the boy, a look a pity crossing his face as he watched the boy cough and retch into the dirt. The boy convulsed slightly, his body struggling to handle the strain that the duel had placed on him. Seeing this though, the man kept his guard, knowing that the boy wouldn't stop until there was a clear victor. Even when it was obvious to both of them who that victor would be. 

I don't want to hurt anyone else. I have to go.

The boy wiped the bile from his lips, giving his body a moment to recover before he moved to stand. White-hot pain lanced though him, but he forced it to the furthest rececces of his mind as he slowly pushed himself to his knees and then to his feet. His vision swam with dots and he bit down on his tongue to steady himself. Raising his haed slightly, he glanced tiredly at his opponent, finding him waiting patiently at the other end of the crater. The man looked to him with a saddened expresion. The boy simply smiled at him, the small grin seeming to make the man's eyes sparkle as he settled back into his stance.

Is there really no other way?

The boy nodded slowly, focusing his energy on calling his weapons to him. As an unfamiliar weight settled into his hands, his smile dropped and he repressed the urge to glance at them, instead focusing solely on his opponent who's eyes seemed to widen in slight curiosity before settling back to their usual gaze. His urge to glance at the weapons in his hands grew, but he forced the feeling back, decideing that he must have called forth his daggers, lacking the strength to call forth anything stronger. Cursing silently once more, ha chnneled what little energy he had left to his blades as he prepared himelf for the final clash. He kept the energy building in his weapons until he was at his limit, knowing that he had to give it his all. After this, there would be no turning back. This was where it would end.

There isn't time to search for any, and i refuse to let him use me again while we look. 

With his focus narrowed on the man before him, the boy fliped his blades into a reverse grip, releasing the energy just enough to propel him towards his opponent. He shot forward, a stream of light trailing behind him as he closed in on the man before him. 

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