the wolfblood

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A girl who try's to survive

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



Chapter One


In the year 2004 i was finally born. I looked way different than my Sister and Brother when they were born. I am what you call a WolfBlood. My mom hated that I wasn't human. She new I was a WolfBlood the second I was born. I was the only WolfBlood in the whole house, my brother and sister teased me all of the time.When I would get mad, my veins would turn black going up my body, that's when I turn into a wolf. I am sleek and as black as the night sky. My eyes are the prettiest blue. My teeth are sharp but short.  And my name is Roxy. I only hunt at night. When I'm sneaking up on my pray they can't tell what way I'm coming from.


Dear Diary,

I was in a huge battle with a male wolf. He hurt my paw really bad I don't even think i can walk on my right foot, when I am a human. I even think think he broke my paw. I hate it when I get in battles I can’t control.


My mom called me down for dinner. Dinner was steak with some roasted veggies and potatoes, my favorite. I only eat the biggest steak because I'm a meat eater. I  hate to eat eat the veggies and mashed potatoes. Well, my mom makes me eat the veggies and mashed potatoes. But to be honest I just put them in a bag, then take them outside to put them in the big dumpster. My mom and dad will never know that I don't eat my veggies.


One morning when I woke up. I noticed my family was nowhere to be seen. I was only 5 at the time so I was pretty scared to be alone. I had the whole house to myself.  I saw lone wolves outside looking for easy prey. Well if I wasn't scared at first I'm definitely scared know. I closed the curtains as fast as I could. Than I closed all of the blinds and curtains in the house so the wolves outside would not see me. I made some breakfast with was some delicious steak.What i love about being alone is that my mom and dad can't force me to eat veggies. Sometimes I really miss my family because I get attention and get to play with my two brothers and my sister.


The next morning…

they found my stash of steak! Know I have to go hunting again to get some more fresh steak! But this time, I’m keeping my food inside were the lone wolves can’t get to it.

When i went hunting a wolf attacked me, I was fighting for my life and next thing i know, the wolf was dead. OH MY GOSH! I killed a wild wolf by myself while being a wolf. I dragged the wolf into my huge net and started to walk, stalking my prey i saw a Huge Moose. I  lunged onto the moose's back, Fighting it I finally killed it by biting its neck as hard as i could. Well know I have enough food to last me 3 days. The loan wolves were finally gone so I went outside to my secret stash of steak underground. My secret stash was gone! No wonder why the lone wolves were gone, .


Dear Diary,

I killed my first wolf and Moose today. I still hate the fact that my family are missing. Well i guess it's not that bad  being alone with my family missing.


I went outside and some one seized me. They pull me into a bush. Hey! What the heck! What was that for you jerk! I turn around and see my sister and brother. Where is mom and dad and the other siblings? I said. They are all are dead… Said Hazel. Roxy? Yea? I said. Me and Blaze were the only survivors. Said Hazel. Hazel and Blaze are twins.

Oh… Me and Hazel have something to tell you. We are know WolfBloods too, like you.

But how? I said. Lets just say we drank a potion to turn into wolves.

We all went inside because it was getting dark, and the loan wolves usually come out in the dark hunting for prey.


Dear Diary,

I  am so excited that my twin brother and sister are okay. I guess they are both WolfBlood like me, but i'm just grateful that my brother and sister are safe. Im kinda sad that my other sibling and mom and dad died.


Chapter two


In the morning we had some ham and egg burritos with a small pinch of mint for breakfast. The pig was freshly killed this morning. I cooked the ham until it was done. The burrito was mostly made with bacon, ham, and Eggs. The special ingredient is mint and the mint is rare to find out here so I only used a little pinch.


Later in the day we went for a walk as wolves. Suddenly a huge bear came up behind us without us noticing. By the time we noticed the bear was growling and running after us. Luckily we can climb trees with paws instead of hands. The bear started to climb the tree. Me, Blaze, and Hazel jump into the 2 feet deep snow down below. I jumped into a trap. A net trap that hangs from the tree and sits on the ground until something goes into it. The net rope trap gets yanked up into the up into the air with me in it. Oww that hurt.

I look down and see my brother and sister looking up at me. How are we going to get her down? Saud Hazel and Blaze at the same time. My eyes grow bigger as I look out onto the path. What’s wrong Roxy? Said Hazel. HUMAN IS COMING HIDE! Hazel and Blaze hid. But I’m stuck so I can’t hide. The human owned the trap. Wow I didn't know there were wolves in the woods! Said the human. He took the trap down and threw me in the back of the truck. He starts the car, starts so drive. I bark for help as loud as I could. Hazel and Blaze come running after the truck, they use their super wolf speed. Soon Hazel and Blaze lunge into the back of the truck. Hazel uses her teeth to try to cut me free. But it was too late, The truck hit a huge bump so Hazel and Blaze get knocked off the truck. Hazel Starts running and fast as she could. The driver speeds up until Hazel and Blaze loose track. But the truck left a cent that Hazel and Blaze follow the scent.


To be continued…


Chapter three


I woke up in the strangest place. I couldn't remember what had happened until I found a muzzle on my face. I tried as hard as I could to get that stupid muzzle off. But no matter how how hard I tried the muzzle would not come off. It kinda sucked, but at least I can still eat. I looked around and saw spider webs all around the room. I looked down and saw bones everywhere on the floor, mostly in the corner though. It sordove looks like a old jail or is someone's basement. I looked for a way out but i didn't find any way out except for the door up the stairs. I tried to open the door but the door was locked. I heard some footsteps and start running down to where i woke up waiting to try and kill, well it's going to be kinda hard to kill the human who kidnaped me or should i say wolfnaped me. I thought i was going to perish in this place. I was also isolated from other people, which kinda made me sad. But at least, I have a window to look out. When I looked out the window I saw my brother and sister. I tried to break the window but, it would not break, it was kinda like the window was plastic or something. Than i remembered that the human was coming down the stairs, so i ran back down and fell asleep, when the human came down, i woke up again. He was bringing me some steak and let me out of the basement. Then he put me outside in the fenced area. I put my nose with the muzzle in a crack of the fence. My nose got stuck and the muzzle did not come off. I started to yelp, the human came running out to help me. When i was free i ran back inside because I was freezing from the three feet deep snow out there in the yard. I suddenly remembered that the snow was 2 feet deep when I got here so it must have snowed a lot, while I was asleep.


Chapter four


Roses are red violets are blue,

Faces like yours belong in the zoo.

Don’t be mad i will be there too.

Not in the cage but laughing at you.


I said as a wolf. The human was surprised. I looked around and saw the gate open. I ran for the gate but, The human caught me before i could get away. I bit him and bit him but he did not let go. Then i bit his so hard he screamed and dropped me. I ran for the gate as fast as i could. I did it i thought but the human was still chasing me until i climbed the tree and jumped out then ran to see my brother and my sister. I was running in the wrong way so was going even further from home. I saw that nothing looked like it had before. I was lost. Then a gun went off and i was sleeping. I was in a very very deep sleep and never woke up. But my brother and sister lived their lives and were happy but sad because i was really the only family they had. But something happened. I came back to life! I started running and running as fast as i could until i got to my old house. When i got there no one was there. I heard a noise from outside, when i went outside my brother and sister were there looking melancholy. I started to run then i jumped off of the porch and landed on my brother who landed on my sister. Then The started to get the life and happiness back in their life the second they saw me. Then, something happened, i heard a gunshot and then my life flashed before my eyes. I was dead. I could see my brother and my sister looking at my body. Then that's when the wild angry wolf came out of them both. They tried to attack the human that shot and killed me. But The human, reacted to fast and killed my sis then my brother. But something amazing happened i was reunited with my whole family once again.


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