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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Brothers In Arms

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



As the sky darkened, Tsunami gazed at Eclipse as Joe and Logan muttered quietly to each other. The night of the full moon was edging nearer, but all he could think about was his hatred for Elijah. He could easily expose him, tell the Seers and outnumber him, kill him. But there was still something keeping him from doing it.

''What's on your mind, Tsunami?'' Logan called.

He shook his head and looked over at him, ''W... We have a plan'' he stuttered.

''What kind of plan?'' Joe asked.

''We know where Gahi is headed... Kathrina and I plan to meet him there and end this''

They both stared at him, ''You're serious?''

He nodded slowly, still gazing ahead.

''Well... We're coming with you, of course''

''No,'' Tsunami said, ''It's too dangerous'

'And you two going alone isn't?''

They all fell silent for a few moments as Tsunami stared up at them.

''Well... Where is he headed?'' Joe asked slowly.

''To a gateway''


''Gahi plans to open a portal, he wants to become immortal''

''How... Is that even possible?''

''There's something called a void between each Realm. It’s supposed to keep them connected, making it possible to travel from one to another. These gateways are the only way to travel... Or were until the Warlocks came along and could create their own portals. Anyway, the gateway feeds off some kind of energy, the full moon for example. The void is also attracted to great amounts of power... He was planning to use Kathrina to lure the void out. Then all he would have to do is touch the void, absorb its power-''

''And then he would be immortal...''

''Then we would lose all hope of killing him and destroying the Warlocks hold on this Realm'' Joe saddened.

''But I won't let that happen, Kathrina and I will stop him before he even gets to open that gateway''

''It doesn't seem like Gahi will be going alone''

''Clearly, he's going to have all his Warlock buddies there to witness his becoming immortal'' Logan said angrily, ''there's no way just you and Kathrina will be a match for that many Warlocks''

''I know'' he muttered shamefully.

''So, what you need are some buddies of your own'' Joe chuckled.

''Well, you have Joe and I for sure'' Logan said as he patted Cobra's head, ''Cobra too''

He looked down at the silver talisman attached to his holster and sighed, ''There's Nightly... And him... I hate to admit it but he is powerful, we could use his help'' he said pained.

The three looked at each other as Cobra whined.

''You swore to never-''

''I know what I said! But... Like you said, we alone are not powerful enough to face a foe like Gahi. His unique powers could help us a lot... Nightly is a vampire, she has speed and a lot of strength. We just have to make sure she doesn't get carried away''

''Who else do we have here that we can really trust; that we can really rely on?'' Joe asked.

They all thought deeply. They would need Seers, Mages, no human could take on such a lethal number of Warlocks, especially with Gahi there.

''What about Octavia?''

Tsunami looked up at Logan disapprovingly, ''You are joking?'' he asked slowly.

''No, I'm not. She is skilled with her magic''

''If we're trying to assemble a team, we need to make sure it’s not going to fight amongst itself rather than fight the enemy... Nightly and Octavia on the same team? That's not going to work'' Joe said as he looked at Logan.

''Well they're just gonna have to learn to co-operate with each other, we need powerful allies and both of them fall into the category of people we need''

''Fine'' Tsunami mumbled.



He looked at them one at a time, they were both shocked that he gave in so easily. He knew better than both of them that Nightly would explode with rage at the sight of Octavia, he knew better than anyone the hatred they had for each other. But he could see that he was right, they needed powerful allies and both of them were just as powerful as the other.

''You're right. Nightly and Octavia are amongst the most powerful people in this city. They may not get on, but I know Nightly well, when given a serious task, she'll do whatever it takes to complete it... Even if that means working with Octavia'' he said. He suddenly saddened and sighed deeply, ''I hate to think about what happened with them all that time ago''

Logan moved his hair out of his face so he could see Tsunami clearly. He was visibly upset. Something terrible had happened between the three of them and even though he did not know much about what had happened, he wanted to help.

''Is there no way you can help them to like each other again?''

Tsunami looked up at him and shook his head, ''Nothing''

''Well... Putting that aside'' Joe began, ''We have ourselves, Kathrina, Nightly and Octavia... Anyone else?''

''There's one more... Kathrina met a friend this morning''

''Another Warlock?'' Logan asked cautiously.

Tsunami thought to himself quickly. A prince Warlock? No one would believe that, its lucky that even Opus did... ''No'' he said quickly, ''A mage from a village she passed on her journey here''

They looked at him strangely. He seemed bothered by this too.

''Is there a problem with this mage or something?''

''No... He's just... He makes my blood boil. He has this evil look to him'' he growled.

''Okay... Well he's an ally, right?''

''Yeah, I guess''

''So that makes seven of us, eight including...'' he paused as he looked down at Tsunami's trinket, ''Including him''

Another ominous silence fell as they all sat with their heads in their hands, thinking. It was clear that they were all thinking the same thing: were eight of them enough to go up against an entire Warlock clan? One of them may be a Warlock, but that probably may not make any difference, they were going to be facing a Higher Prince after all. This could be the last battle any of them fight. One could die, two could die... Maybe even all of them could die. No one had ever seen the full power of a Warlock as highly classed as Gahi. As their confidence began to fade, one of the horses grunted loudly and Cobra growled lowly. Tsunami looked up slowly. He fixed his eyes upon something behind Logan and deadpanned. Joe looked too, chuckling quietly. Logan stared at them both, confused. But he then realized that they were staring at him. He quickly looked over his shoulder- His eyes met with one, brightly glowing purple eye.

''AHH!'' he yelled as he pounced from the stool he was sitting on and landed on the straw covered floor with a THUMP! He sat up and rubbed the back of his head, ''What the hell man'' he moaned as he looked up at Opus who stood up straight, resting his staff against the wooden wall.

They watched him closely as he sat on Logan's stool and placed his hands on his lap, ''It is a peaceful evening, yes?''

''What do you want, Opus?'' Tsunami asked, irritable.

''Why do you have to creep up on people like that?'' Logan asked as he stood up and brushed the straw from his mahogany colored robes. He then pulled pieces from his long hair and sat beside Tsunami, ''It’s not funny''

''I did not mean to startle you, yes?'' he said happily as a small smile was visible from what they could see of his face.

''Yeah sure... What Tsunami said, what do you want?''

''I could not help but over hear your conversation about grouping together some allies, yes?''

''You mean you were eavesdropping''

''It does not matter what you call it, yes... The fact is I wanted to be a part of this conversation, yes?''


He cleared his throat, ''I wish to be your ally on this mission too, yes...''

Logan choked and laughed painfully, ''You what!?''

Tsunami shook his head slowly, ''Shut it Logan, let him speak''

''You do not see me as a helpful ally, yes? I can understand, but there is more to me than what you see, yes''

''Like what?'' He asked curiously.

''I am a mage yes... With age comes great power... Yes? I can offer much more than all of you combined... Yes...'' he said slowly, ''I am... Powerful, yes... What is it that you humans say? Oh yes... There is more to me than what meets the eye, yes...'' he smiled.

''You've worked with Octavia before'' Tsunami said, paying no attention to what Opus had just said, ''Do you think there's any chance she'll work with Nightly?''

''Octavia... Yes... I am not sure, I did not get to know her personally... She was simply a student, yes...''

He saddened again, ''There has to be some way we can get them to be friends again''

''I once heard that no friendship can ever truly be over, yes... It may have problems at times, yes, but it is never truly over... Even in death, yes?''

''I don't know if I can believe that or not Opus'' Joe said.

''You should not worry, Tsunami... They just need to understand each other, yes?''

''Forget it... Anyway, what about the werewolves?''

Logan frowned and sharply turned, looking at him, ''What about them?''

''Could they help?''

Opus shook his head slowly, ''It is a full moon, the night we plan that this battle will happen, yes? Werewolves cannot fully control themselves on a full moon, yes... It would cause problems for us as well as Gahi, yes?''

''You're right... I still don't think we will be enough to fight Gahi''

Opus then gazed at him, thinking deeply. He knew that even with himself and the two Warlocks, Gahi could still possibly overwhelm them. He did not want to say too much, but he knew if only Tsunami would accept him, Elijah could help him greatly.

''Tsunami...'' he croaked.

He looked at him strangely, clearly, he was thinking about something he wouldn't agree with, ''What is it?''

''You should respect Elijah more, yes? For he can help not only us... But help you greatly, yes?''

He angered, ''The day I accept help from him will be the day I die!'' he growled as he stood up.

''I see''

''I'm going to find Octavia'' he grunted as he stormed out of the stables, slamming the door behind him.

Light from outside shinned in through the small windows, as it reflected off Opus' eye, he sighed, ''He is difficult, yes... Much like older brother''

''Older brother? You have a brother?''

Opus quickly opened his eye, shocked, as if he did not mean to say that out loud. He shook his head once more as he reached out and grabbed his staff, ''Now is not the time for that story, yes''

''Well... I guess if Tsunami has gone to talk to Octavia, we should see Nightly?''

''No, Joe, leave it to him. They are his friends after all'' Logan said slowly.

''I will be joining you on this mission, yes'' Opus instructed as he stood up slowly and headed for the door, ''I shall find Tsunami, yes... You will join me?''

They looked at him as Cobra picked himself up and stretched, yawning loudly. He walked over to Opus and wagged his tail happily, looking over at Logan, expecting him to follow. He sighed deeply, but also climbed to his feet and followed Opus out.

''Joe?'' he called.

''Can't, I gotta get these horses ready for the morning''

They left the stables and began to follow the path down to the city, leaving Joe to prepare the horses alone.


Back in the fort, Kathrina and Elijah were also thinking about the possible outcomes of the meeting with Gahi in four days’ time. She stared out of the window as Elijah leaned against the wall, eyes closed, thinking deeply. Both of them knew that Gahi was powerful and was getting stronger every day. She was no match for him alone and neither was Elijah, even together they would not be able to bring him down. They needed Tsunami's help, but maybe that wouldn't be enough. She did not know the full extent of his power, only what he had told her. He did manage to escape from Gahi's Kingdom before, so he must be powerful. It seemed that his specialty was water, which would be a huge benefit against Gahi as he was a master of fire, but then again, in the time she was away, he could have mastered more element control. Maybe even more then Elijah knew. She sighed deeply, were they even a match for Gahi? Did they even stand any chance at all?

''Do not worry''


Elijah stood up straight as he looked at her reassuringly, ''I said, do not worry. We will beat him. He is weak''

''Why though? After all this time, why is he suddenly weak?'' she asked strangely as she turned around to face him.

''When I was last with him, he tried to transfer a power to himself, it damaged him immensely, he couldn't even stand. Even with his healing abilities, it will take him months to recover from that... His wounds were deep, almost fatal. The energy must have backfired and hit him, he was thrown with such force that the castles left wall collapsed''

She looked at him, amazed. Gahi had tampered with something he could not control and as a result it almost killed him, ''So he was thrown on his ass?'' she smiled.

''That he was, it must have hurt''

''Well, do you think he would have recovered by now?''

''I doubt it, his injuries were internal as well. Not only was his body damaged but so was his magic''

''Then he's not going to be as powerful as he usually would be. Even so, you and I will not be able to defeat him and every other Warlock that he brings with him, even with Tsunami's help''

''I'm pretty sure by now he's gathering his friends'' he said, slightly agitated, ''He'll be finding allies and I would guess that that creepy Opus mage wants to tag along too''

She sighed as she turned back to look out of the window. He stood beside her, also staring out at the city below. It was quiet, bright from the lights coming from each of the huts and houses. An occasional yell came from the brawling Seers outside. Kathrina was glad that the time had finally came to defeat Gahi, maybe she wouldn't have to run anymore. And what was better was that she was reunited with Elijah. Although she didn't want to think about it too much, it was strange that after two years he finally showed himself again. But she trusted him, what he had said must be the truth, everything he ever told her was the truth, wasn't it?

''What's on your mind, Kathrina?''

She looked up at him, hostile.

''What? It’s not hard to tell that something is bothering you. Besides, I swore to you that I would never use any kind of magic on you...''

She sighed again and moved over to sit on the bed. Even if she did confront him and ask him for the real reason, he would say the same thing. Something really had her doubting him for the first time in a long time.

''It's... Nothing''

''Liar'' he smirked as he sat beside her, ''Whatever it is, you can tell me''

''I'm just over thinking this. You coming back. Tsunami has just made me-''

''Forget about what he says, he does not trust me and never will''

''Then you need to make him trust you... Somehow''

''Is that even possible?''

''There has to be a way... We should ask Opus or maybe Logan''

''Logan?'' he asked, confused.

''He's a friend of Tsunami's. He actually helped me when I came here; one of the Seers grabbed me and had a blade to my throat, Logan warned them off of me''

''I taught you better than that. You should have put that Seer in his place'' he growled.

''It's fine, I needed to get as many people to trust me as I could. Anyway, he's Tsunami's friend. He actually owns a Black Dog''

''A tame Black Dog?''

''Yes, I was just as shocked as you. But, he might know a way to gain his trust. Tsunami did tell me about his realm, he doesn't know if it has been completely destroyed or not. Maybe you could offer to show him first hand if it is or not''

He turned and looked at her, confused, ''You mean...?''

She nodded slowly.

''I... I don't know. I mean, I haven't exactly mastered that power yet, it would take a great amount of power, it could exhaust me''

''Well, you have me to help now. If not, use your other ability''

He smirked in detest, ''There's no way he'll agree to that. He's done all he can so far to avoid eye contact with me, he must know of the power some of us princes possess. He'll think of it as me trying to trick him''

''Then we'll have to show him first hand''

''Do you really think that will work?''

''It's worth a shot I suppose. You can't have him hating you forever''

''I honestly do not care how he feels about me''

''But I do''

He then looked around the room curiously, it was actually rather bare, ''When was the last time you actually ate? You look as pale as a Vampire'' he said quietly as he put his hand on her face, ''Cold as too''

''I don't have time to eat when I have an entire Kingdom of Warlocks looking for me'' she snapped as she smacked his hand away harshly.

He stood up and stared down at her, ''You need to be strong for when we fight Gahi in the next few days. So, you need to eat something and sleep properly too'' he said sternly.

She angered and stood up, staring into his eyes, ''You're not my keeper, I'll do as I want''

''You're so difficult''

''And you're so... So...'' she struggled to think of something to say back as she glared at him, ''You're so patronizing!''

''Is that so? At least I'm not stubborn'' he grinned as he crossed his arms, staring down at her.

''You irritable jerk'' she growled.

''Stroppy little girl''

She fell silent. Elijah then realized what he had done. If there was anything that could make Kathrina's blood boil, it was those three words. She began to anger even more, what was just a game had become something serious. She growled as she grabbed his jaw-

''What did you say to me!?''

He grabbed hold of her arm, trying to pull her off, ''I... Apologies'' he said as he struggled to speak, ''I didn't mean -''

''White haired old man!'' she growled as she let him go.

He snickered as he rubbed his jaw, ''Little-''

She glared at him, almost as if she was ready to end his life right there and then. He stuttered, he had to say something else and fast-

''Little... Nothing'' he smiled.

She continued to glare at him, but was calming down. He sighed in relief as she turned away from him and pulled one of the windows closed. She began to think more about what he had told her about Gahi and his previous clan. She had never imagined that he could have any kind of rational reason behind his madness, but it seemed he was trying to gain more power to avenge something or someone from his past, before he was a Warlock. But what could be so terrible? Was his family killed? Was his Realm destroyed like Tsunami's? What could make someone so evil? Gahi was a monster; he killed families. Children. He destroyed entire Realms, entire races. He was capable of standing by and laughing as children wept over the bodies of their dead parents, begging them to wake up. What could have made him this heartless killer? But still, Tsunami had lost his Realm and he was nothing like Gahi; he wasn't a cold-blooded murderer. She, herself, had lost all memory of her life before she became a Warlock, but she wasn't a demonic psychopath. Logan's friend was killed without trial, but he wasn't a power-hungry madman. Maybe everyone just deals with their losses in their own ways, but Gahi's way was far too destructive. It was eating away at her, she was eager to understand his motives, but if Elijah didn't know, the only way to find out would be from Gahi himself... But that was impossible.

Suddenly, Elijah placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer, ''Kathrina, don't think too much about it... I won't let Gahi take you or anyone else''

''I'm not worried about that'' she said quietly as she leaned back and relaxed on him, ''I want to know what happened to him; I want to know why he is like he is. There has to be a greater reason, doesn't there?''

''There doesn't have to be. But there could be. Maybe something did happen in his past, but I'm sure you nor I can think of anything that could make him what he is today. But, remember this: a person can become so determined to destroy another person that they become blind and end up destroying themselves'' he said slowly.

''Gahi is destroying himself... Isn't he?''

''All of the princes can see it. He almost killed himself the last time he tried to absorb a power greater than himself. Henrick and I believe he will end up destroying himself when he tries to touch the void''

''Henrick? The Prince Henrick?'' she asked, slightly surprised.

''Yes. But no, before you ask me, he is not an ally. He would give his life to protect Gahi. Unlike me, he said that out of friendly concern. He's done all he can to convince him not to go through with it in an attempt to protect him. But Gahi refused his concerns''

''They're going to be there, aren't they?''

He sighed deeply, ''Yes. All of them. Unlike him, they will be at their full power. But so will we. Do not forget, I am just as powerful as Henrick and Makiere combined. However,'' he began, ''Henderall has become stronger since you left. Like me, he has mastered his Deviant ability. It is a deadly one''

''How deadly?''

He looked down at her, clearly worried, ''He has mastered his pyro abilities-''

''But you're-''

''I was his teacher, yes. If it were my choice I wouldn't have taught him, but it was not my choice''

''What about the others?'' she asked, aggravated.

''Alexandre has nothing new''

''What about Luka?''

Elijah smirked, ''Lukatamimoto? He went missing a while ago''

''Missing? He wasn't one of the ones who went to try and bond werewolf magic with himself is he?''

''No, no'' he said as he shook his head, ''He would rant on to us about how he wanted to leave the Kingdom and return home. How the way Warlocks lived sickened him. One day we woke up and he was just gone. No trace of him. Some of us think Gahi killed him, others think he actually left to return home''

''What do you think?''

''Me? I knew Luka well. Honestly, he wasn't stupid enough to let Gahi make him disappear. I believe he returned home''

''As farfetched as it may seem, do you think he'll turn up?''

''No, I don't think so. He's the type of person who never looks back. Even if he knew Gahi was weak, he wouldn't attempt to defeat him, not even with allies like us. Once he's away from something he dislikes, he'll never go back to it, no matter what''

''So, it's just us and whoever Tsunami decides to bring'' she said, slightly disappointed.

Elijah turned her around and placed his hands on her face, gazing into her eyes. He smiled slightly, ''But we have you, Kathrina. Your power is unmatched''

''My... Deviant ability? But you said never to-''

''Shh- I said never to use it unless absolutely necessary. This fight with Gahi may be that time''

''It's dangerous'' she said sadly.

''I know. But you hold more than one ace'' he said.

She seemed to brighten up a little, ''You're right. You helped me master that power, maybe it's about time I used it''

He then pulled her closer and hugged her tightly, ''Only use your Deviant power if your life is at risk'' he whispered, ''I can't bear the thought of life without you. Remember: Do not use it a moment before, for it can damage you greatly''

''I know'' she said quietly, ''I know the risks''

''Do not put your life at risk for anyone else... Not even me, promise me'' he instructed as he gripped her tighter.

''I... Promise'' she said, confused.

''Good'' he whispered, ''No matter what happens, use it for you and only you''

He fell silent for a moment, regret seemed to flood his thoughts. He frowned and closed his eyes, ''You should rest. We're leaving tomorrow, so you need to be well rested''

She sighed, annoyed, ''Yeah, I know'' she growled as she quickly pulled away from him and moved over to her bed, ''What about you?''

''I'll be fine. I'll stay here and keep watch''

She laid down slowly and stared over at him curiously as he turned and stared out of the window. The night was calm, quiet. But Elijah seemed unusually tense. She smiled slightly, but then closed her eyes and began to fall asleep. She felt safe. Finally.







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