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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The King

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



''Brother! Come on!''


Logan opened his eyes. It was bright, the sun warmed his face as he looked up at the orange sky. Birds flew over as a light breeze stroked his face. He was sat beside an old, dead tree; all of its leaves were crumbled and lifeless, but the trunk of was decorated with many small patterns and words. He stared at it closely, realizing that his name and Joe's were written around a shell carved into the bark. Two other words were scratched out, but he could easily make them out - Naydia and Luke. Another name was between Joe and Logan - Carlos. 


He turned his attention away from the tree and looked over at a blurred figure in the distance standing on the horizon, waving his arm. It was hard to make out who it was, but then another figure appeared beside him.

''Logan! Let's get back before dark!''

''Joe?'' he realized.

The figures became more visible as he began to recognize them. He hurried to his feet and rushed over to join them. As he got closer, he stared at Joe. His light brown hair was longer than usual, floating in the breeze, his light brown headband keeping his fringe from covering his eyes. He was wearing robes like his, but they were dark orange in color. He then turned to the other - He was taller than them both, his hair was also light brown like theirs. He too, wore a headband over his forehead, but his was black in color. He also wore the same robes, dark purple in color. He stared into his dark blue eyes -

''Carlos?'' he whispered, shocked.

''Yeah? What's wrong?''

He stared at him. Was he really here? He lifted up his hand and placed it on Carlos' shoulder, gripping him tightly. He was.

''What's wrong with you?'' he asked again.

''Uh... Nothing I... Let's get back'' he said as he took his hand off Carlos.

They all began to walk side by side, but as a small house became visible in the distance, a huge darkness suddenly swallowed everything.

He opened his eyes again-

''Logan! Are you even paying attention to me?!''

He sharply turned his head to the left to see Carlos glaring at him, ''W... What?''

''No surprise there'' he grunted, ''Well as I was saying, I have a gift for you – Two, actually. Father and I got the forge up and running again, so, I made these for you'' he smiled as he pulled a long wooden box from the floor and placed it on the table in front of them.

Logan stared at it. It seemed familiar.

''Well, do you wanna open it or what?'' Carlos asked impatiently.

''Okay'' he agreed as he reached out and slowly lifted the lid from the box- ''W... Really?'' Logan laughed, ''For me!?''

Inside the box were two long, sharp swords. Their handles were covered in a shiny, soft looking leather. The blades shimmered brightly, reflecting the suns light. They were beautiful.

''Katana's? How did you? -''

''I made them just for you'' Carlos smiled proudly, ''Now you can train with me''

The door suddenly flung open as Joe rushed in waving a sword around, ''Come on brothers, let’s go to the training court!''

They all laughed happily. Logan had never felt this happy, not for a long, long time. But he was over joyed. He was home-


''Wake up!!!'' yelled a voice.


Logan quickly opened his eyes. He was staring down at the floor, in front of him were a pair of muddy black boots. He tried to look up at the wearer, but he felt so weak. It was cold, he could see his breath as he breathed heavily. He felt numb, like he was freezing to death. The gravel scraped at his shins as he tried to move, struggling to look up.

''Where... am I?'' he grunted as pain shot through the left side of his face. Blood dripped on the floor beside him.

The wearer walked away as more voices began to echo around him. A few cracks in the wall allowed small amounts of sun light to seep in, barely lighting the room. It was dark, a wave of fear washed through him. The floor was dusty, and cracked, frost had sprouted in several places, leaking from the cracks in the floor like fungus. He had no idea where he was or who was there with him. He tried to move his hands, but they were tied to something behind him and so were his feet. More blood dripped on the ground and as the feeling came back into his face, he realized it was his.

''Why did you bring this Seer?'' someone mumbled.

''He was there with her'' came another voice.

Somebody laughed, ''She tried to help him''

''Help?'' came the first voice, ''We'll use him to get her to talk''

Logan struggled, his efforts to try and free his hands were useless. Whatever was keeping him there was strong. It didn't feel like rope, so what was it? He slowly turned his head to his right and set his weary eyes upon someone across the room-

''Kathrina?'' he whispered.

She was unconscious, tied to a wooden post, her hands behind her back. He looked closely at her hands - A small golden glow was wrapped around them - Warlock magic. That must be what was also keeping him tied to his post. She was still breathing, but from what he could see of her, she looked a lot worse than he did. Her purple robes were stained with blood and ash, her long, brown hair covered most of her face, but an open wound was visible on her cheek, bleeding. It looked fairly new-

The same person who had awoken Logan walked over to Kathrina and grabbed her chin, lifting up her face so he could see her more clearly. The wound bled faster as he lifted her head, glaring at her. He watched as she slowly opened her eyes, breathing slowly, calmly. It was clear that she knew who he was, a sudden disgust had appeared on her face as she glared into his golden eyes. The Warlock stared straight back into hers, grinning.

''Henderall...'' she breathed angrily.

He grinned again, ''Kathrina, how nice to see you'' he laughed harshly.

''You won't be thinking that when I'm gutting you like a pig'' she growled.

He angered as he violently let go of her.

She felt weak, threatened... But she didn't want to show it. If Henderall was here, then the others had to be as well-

''So...'' came a cold, deep voice.

Logan gathered what strength he had and looked up slowly. Warlocks... Five of them. One was sat lazily in what looked like a throne as the other four stood beside him, two on his left and two on his right as the one who woke Kathrina joined them. He stared into their glowing eyes one by one, all glowing brightly, their slit pupils looked like daggers. He had never seen any of them before, but he focused on the one sat in the throne as he spoke.

''You've finally come home'' he grinned as he glared at Kathrina.

From what he could see, his eyes were different to the other Warlocks, they were glowing a bright purple, slightly darker than Opus'. But he wore what looked like a crown around his head. However, instead of it being lined with jewels, it had several small bird skulls on it. He looked cruel, evil. Logan had never felt such intimidation before, but he turned and looked at Kathrina, but she remained silent, staring down at the floor as blood slowly dripped from the wound. He noticed a slight disappointment on what was visible of her face.

''Did you really think you could hide from me forever?'' he asked as he slowly pulled himself from the throne and stood tall.

He seemed to struggle as he tried to steady himself. He was just as tall as the others. It was hard to see in the gloomy room, but his robes were visibly purple, almost like Kathrina's, his hair a light brown, similar to Logan's. But he had a constant agonizing look on his face. He grunted painfully as he stepped down from his throne and slowly approached Kathrina. He seemed to be limping, but was clearly trying to hide it. He bent down and grabbed Kathrina's face, glaring into her eyes, but she looked away-

''This is not my home'' she mumbled.

''Oh, but it is'' he smirked, ''You are one of us, Kathrina''

''I will never be like you. You're a murderer''

''A murderer?'' he laughed, ''And you're not?''

''No, I'm not''

He let go of her as he laughed crazily, ''We are all murderers, it's what we do''

''You're insane, Gahi''

He angered, ''No, unlike you, I'm not afraid to be what I am'' he growled as he started limping back to his throne. He fell back into it, pained. He seemed weak...

''Gahi?'' Logan whispered.

''YOU!!!'' he yelled violently as he pointed to Logan.

One of the other Warlocks walked over to him and pulled him free, dragging him over to the sat Warlock. He threw him on the ground, making him kneel below him.

''Look at me'' he demanded.

Logan ignored him, ''No''

But suddenly, a sharp pain cut through his head as he was forced to look up - He glared painfully at him -

''Look. At. Me.''

He stared into his glowing purple eyes, ''G... Gahi''

''You know me'' he grinned, ''Good... I don't really care who you are, all that matters is that you know her'' he growled as he pointed over at Kathrina who remained staring down at the floor, ''Tell me, Seer, how do you know our Kathrina? Who are you to her?'' he asked rather curiously.

He didn't want to answer, but he couldn't stop himself - ''She is my friend... She came to our city with Tsunami''

Gahi seemed to anger slightly at the mention of Tsunami's name, ''Continue''

''She helped us so in return we let her stay. We agreed to help her defeat you. The city was attacked because of her''

''How do you feel about her?'' he smirked.

''I do not hate her. She is a friend of Tsunami, so she is a friend of mine. I knew she would bring danger to the city, but I was sure we would be able to defend it''

''You were wrong, Seer'' Gahi grinned as he looked up at one of the Warlocks who stood beside him, ''It took Henderall little to no effort to capture you two''

''We were not prepared''

''I'm tired of you'' he moaned as he dismissed Logan.

Henderall dragged him back over to the post and threw him against it. As he fell to the floor, he realized what had just happened. He had let Gahi into his head, somehow, he had controlled him, he had made him tell him what he wanted.

''No!'' he yelled as he threw fist at him.

His fist smashed into Henderall's face who then fell to the floor. Logan rushed towards Gahi as the other Warlocks remained standing at his side. He reached into his robes for his swords - But they weren't there-

''Stop'' Gahi grinned.

Logan stopped. Why couldn't he move?

''So, you're a fighter huh? Take him'' he instructed as he looked up at another Warlock.

The Warlock slowly approached him and placed his hand on Logan's head. A sudden rush of pain erupted inside him as he fell to the floor, agonized. He couldn't move, he couldn't fight back, why!? It's like from just one look from his eyes he was a puppet to Gahi, like he had no will of his own. But suddenly - Darkness.

Kathrina watched from behind her long hair as Logan was dragged away out of sight. She wanted to help, but she couldn't move. Her hands were tied and she was so weak she could barely breathe. Surely, she would have healed from the fall back in the city by now? She was confused, weak. She had to do something, she wouldn't allow anyone else to die by the hands of these monsters.

Henderall took his place back next to Gahi as he focused his eyes on Kathrina once again.

''If you want to see him alive, you better co-operate with us'' he grinned.

She still looked away from him, unlike Logan, she knew what he was capable of.

''It's finally time for you to serve your purpose''

''My purpose?'' she thought.

''You see, right now, I am weak. But you have probably already realized that'' he explained, ''In the next couple of days, I plan to absorb a power so great, it will make me immortal'' he said proudly, ''But, back to the fact that I am weak... It could kill me so... That's where you come in''

Kathrina was confused. Why would he tell her all of this?

''Your ability is rather... Unique. The ability to recover all of your strength in an instant is rather amazing'' he admitted, clearly envious.

''What?'' she thought, ''Elijah told me he wanted to use me draw out the Void, was he wrong?''

''So, when I regain my strength, I will absorb your power'' he said harshly, ''That way, I can be sure that I will not die''

She breathed uneasily as what he had just said repeated over and over in her head. He wanted her power, not her... He was going to kill her.

''But alas, '' he called, ''I am not strong enough to do so yet. But now, you must be punished for your... crimes'' he said more seriously.

''What!?'' She growled angrily.

Suddenly, a door swung open behind her. A tall, shadowed figure walked in and began to walk towards Gahi. But he paused and looked down at her. She stared up at him - He was wearing a hood, so it was hard to make out his face it the dark. But something seemed familiar about him, she couldn't understand what though. He grunted as he turned away from her and continued to walk towards Gahi.

''Well?'' he asked as the man stood in front of him.

Kathrina tried to listen as they mumbled to each other, the other Warlocks formed a circle as they talked amongst themselves. But she couldn't make out any of their conversation-

''WHAT!!!???'' Gahi yelled as he suddenly jumped to his feet in frustration, ''How is that possible! He is supposed to be dead!''

''I believed so too'' said the hooded Warlock, his voice muffled, ''But it was him''

''Why didn't you bring him too!?'' He growled as he looked up at Henderall.

''I ... I did not see him, my lord'' he stuttered, afraid.

''You useless- No...'' he said as he calmed down, ''At least now I know of his... Survival. You say that these two are his... 'friends'?''


Gahi suddenly began laughing manically, ''Good...'' he laughed, ''These recent events must have crushed him, made him weak... He will still come, he is still hungry for revenge... But he will only be coming to his own demise, not mine''

''Tsunami?'' Kathrina whispered, ''Is he talking about Tsunami?''

''It seems that you are more useful than ever'' he called as he glared over at Kathrina, ''Not only will you help me achieve immortality, but you will also help me destroy one of my powerful enemies'' he grinned.

''I will not help you do anything! I will die before I help you!''

''By all means, go ahead''

''W... What?'' she asked, confused.

''But remember, we have your friend here. You have friends back in that city. If you don't do as I ask, I will kill all of them and everyone they are close too''

''I don't care!'' she growled, but as she stared over at him, she began to regret what she had said. The words seemed to slip from her mouth without a second thought, did she truly not care what happened to all of the people back in the city? She thought about Logan, Joe, Opus, Tsunami, Nightly... Elijah. She had no idea where he was, but if Gahi discovered his involvement, he would surely hunt him down and kill him too. She hadn't even thought about Tsunami's encounter with Gahi. Was there more to it than he had told her? Thinking back to it, he did seem very vague... But why did he seem so threatened by Tsunami? She wanted to know what had happened when he escaped, she wanted to know why he was even considered as an enemy.

''You would let them all die?'' he asked, ''All of them? That makes you even worse than us'' he grinned, ''So many people dead... Because of you''

She remained silent. Too many people were already dead because of her, if she didn't do as Gahi asked, he would kill everyone she had ever spoken too. But then, a sudden anger built up within her. Maybe this was her chance to destroy him? The bonds keeping her from moving could be easily broken, the darkness of the room could be used to her advantage and he was weak, making it even easier to defeat him. Now was her chance to get revenge for everything he had taken from her-

''I... Will kill you'' she growled.

''What was that?'' He laughed.

''I.... Will... KILL YOU!!!'' She yelled as she pulled her hands free.

Gahi quickly climbed to his feet, pushing the other Warlocks in front of him as Kathrina raced towards him. Her eyes were filled with hatred, a golden glow began to seep from her skin as she ran up to the first Warlock-


Her fist collided with his face. He fell as she quickly confronted the next-


Another fell as the glow grew brighter. The others backed away as she slowed down, an evil, blood thirsty look appeared on her face as she glared at Gahi who had backed against the wall. Just as she came closer to him, the hooded Warlock stepped in front of her. She glared up at him-

''Get out of my way!'' she demanded.

But suddenly, he began to raise his hand. She jumped back cautiously as he held it out towards her. As she watched, he placed his hand on the hood and pulled-

''N... No'' she stuttered.

As he dropped the hood, she stared at his face - His eyes were light green, glowing dimly; his short, white hair floated gently in the faint breeze... Elijah.

''Stop right there'' he said sternly.

Gahi quickly pulled himself off the wall and stood by Elijah's side. Kathrina began to feel weak again, the glow disappeared as she stared at him, confused. She felt numb, frozen... Betrayed.

''Grab her!'' Gahi yelled.

Two of the Warlocks quickly rushed over and grabbed her arms firmly. She didn't even try to fight them. She stood there, motionless, gazing at Elijah expectantly. But he remained by Gahi's side, showing no intention of helping her. They forced her down to her knees as Gahi scowled at her-

''Kill me?'' he growled.

''What do we do with her?'' Elijah asked.

''Make her talk! I want to know everything that she does!''

At that moment, Elijah stood directly in front of Kathrina as she sat there, staring down at the floor. Tsunami was right. He had betrayed her. She was a fool to have trusted him-

''What do you know about the outsider?'' he asked slowly.

A strange pain began to build up inside her, it felt like someone had pierced a blade through her heart. She stayed silent as all the Warlocks glared at her.

''Did he reveal his powers to you?''

Still, she did not answer.

''Staying silent will get you nowhere'' he said quietly, ''Answer me and your friend may be spared''

Logan... She couldn't let him die. But she didn't want to reveal anything to them either. She was sure that somebody was going to die because of her, no matter what she says. But if she said nothing, it would mean the total destruction of the city and everyone in it. It seemed as if Gahi was making her choose between Logan and Tsunami. If she revealed what she saw of Tsunami's capabilities, Gahi would easily defeat him in battle. If she didn't, he would kill Logan and Tsunami would be safe... But was it wrong to let someone die to save another?

Gahi angered as he slumped back down into his chair, ''SPEAK!!!'' he demanded.

She shivered as the cold air scraped at her skin. Logan or Tsunami? Logan? Tsunami? She had to decide now... Logan had helped her. But so had Tsunami, more than Logan had.

''Time is running out'' Elijah mumbled.

No... Logan? Or Tsunami? It wasn't fair, she couldn't do it, neither of them deserved to die-

''Take her to a cell, we aren't going to get anything out of her yet'' Gahi suddenly called, ''But she'll tell us all we need to know soon''

''But... My Lord'' Henderall digressed as he stepped forward, ''We cannot be-''

''Silence. We have another matter to attend to'' he said slowly, ''We shall leave her to Elijah''

Then, Gahi heaved himself from his chair, struggling. The two Warlocks holding Kathrina slowly let go as they rushed over to him. The other Warlocks joined them as he headed for the door which Elijah had entered through. As they left, he continued to glare down at her.

 ''Why?'' she asked suddenly as she looked up at Elijah.

He scowled at her. But before she could react, he clenched his first and hit the side of her face. A sharp pain shot through her head as she dropped to the floor. Her vision began to blur. She felt dizzy, confused. She felt like there was no point to fight back, the one thing she had been fighting for had betrayed her. Why? She lay there, disappointed as she slowly blacked out...


''Logan, wake up'' came a quiet voice.

Slowly, he opened his eyes. In front of him was Carlos, his dark blue eyes gleaming as he stared at him.

''What is it?''

''We found it'' he smiled proudly.

Logan sat up slowly, a sharp pain scurried down his back as he did. He looked around slowly. They were inside what looked like a tent. Several small wooden crates were stacked around the sides, full with rubble. A pick axe was propped up against one of the crates as well as a few broken shovels.

''Found it? Found what?'' he asked unsurely.

''The tomb of Alikmartol''

''You... You found it?'' Logan asked excitedly as he tried to get up, but the pain in his back suddenly became worse- ''Ugh... What happened?'' he grunted as he tried to relax himself.

''The cavern collapsed, but no one else was hurt'' he explained, ''You were lucky''


''That doesn't really matter, what matters is that we finally found the tomb!'' he grinned.

''Alikmartol'' Logan smiled, ''The Legendary Samurai''

Suddenly, the tent began to rustle as Joe pulled it open and peered in, ''Carlos, we can't-'' he then paused as he stared at Logan, ''Oh good you're awake... Anyway, we can't open the door... It's sealed with some kind of magic''

''None of you could open it?''

''That's what I said'' he grunted.

Carlos then turned and looked back at Logan, ''You and I are the only ones who have not tried to break the seal yet''

''So, it is just as the stories said?''

''It would seem so... The seal can only be broken by one who is seen as worthy by Alikmartol himself'''

''Then we have no time to waste, we must try''

''No, brother, you must rest''

Logan looked up at him eagerly, ''I'm fine! We've spent so long searching for this and now we've finally found it, I'm not going to waste any more time!'' he insisted.

He sighed reluctantly, ''Fine, but take it easy''

He slowly climbed to his feet and followed his brothers out of the tent. It was dark, damp and freezing. The only light came from the few dimly lit torches lined along the cave walls.

''This way'' Joe said as he began to walk down a narrow tunnel.

Carlos grabbed a torch and followed, Logan by his side.

''If we do manage to open the door, we have no idea what might be waiting for us on the other side'' Carlos explained as he took the lead, ''The stories only ever talk about the door. None of us can be sure of what awaits us inside''

''But we came prepared'' Joe said confidently as he smiled back at Logan.

The brothers followed the carved tunnel quickly, but began to slow as an orange glow began to appear at the end. The sound of excited chattering voices echoed through the tunnel as they emerged into a large cavern. A small group of people were crowded around a burning fire. As they approached, all of them climbed to their feet, smiling brightly at them.

''Logan! Carlos! Joe! My son's!'' called a tall man, grinning happily.

They watched as their father emerged from the group of people. He was taller than they were, but his hair was greyed and long. His beard was just as long as his hair, tied at the bottom. Just like them, he wore a headband, bright blue in color matching his eyes. He smiled at them as he slowly approached them, his long, grey robes dragging along the ground.

''Father?'' Logan gasped as a happiness suddenly built up inside him.

''My dear boys'' he smiled, ''The time has finally come. Alikmartol’s power shall be ours. But, only one of the family can be chosen. None of us here have been chosen, so now, it is down to you two''

Logan and Carlos looked at each other excitedly, but a little competition was clear in their eyes.

''Now'' he said, ''No matter which one of you he may choose, you are still all my sons we are all still family''

''Yes father'' Carlos smiled.

''Come, there is no time to waste'' he said as he turned around and began to lead the way.

They followed him slowly as the crowd followed them. As they began to walk down a stair case carved into the stone, a huge, rounded black door became visible in the distance. A sudden rush of excitement raced through Logan as he gazed at the door. His heart pounded as they came closer to it. This was it. The moment he had lived his whole life dreaming of. The power of the legendary Samurai, Alikmartol. He had wanted nothing more. But they suddenly stopped.

''Here we are''

He slowly looked up, gazing at the door - It was huge. He stared at the beautiful patterns that were carved into it. He examined it closely, but there was no lock. Instead, a circle shaped area of the door was smooth, blank. He stared at it curiously.

''So... How do we open it?''

''Just like the stories, brother, we place our hands within the circle''

Logan stared at Carlos nervously, ''You go first'' he said.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled up his sleeves and held both of his hands out in front of him. Then, he slowly placed them on the blank circle. They waited, gazing at him. The tension was lingering, growing as each second passed. Carlos began to push on the door, but nothing happened. He pulled away in frustration, but nudged Logan, encouraging him to try. So, he did. As he watched his brother move away, he slowly placed his hands on the door. Their father stared at him, expecting something to happen. Joe and Carlos eyed him closely. But... Nothing. He moved away, disappointed.

''What do we do now?'' Joe asked.

Their father slowly saddened, ''It would appear that he does not see any of us as worthy''

Everybody began to mumble to each other. All of the excitement had died down. But suddenly-

''You... Mortals''

Carlos and Logan slowly looked at each other as if to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

''Brothers... You are both... Worthy to my power... But I can only bestow it onto one...'' she said slowly, ''You must decide which of you will receive it and which of you will not... Do so, and the one who does not receive my powers shall instead receive my blades... For an equal price...''

They looked at each other strangely. They both knew just as well as the other that they both wanted the legendary power. But the stories they had been told never mentioned blades. And what could the equal price be? But then, Carlos jerked his head towards the stairs. Logan nodded. As Joe began to mumble to their father, they slipped away, quickly climbing the stairs. As they reached the top, Carlos placed his hand on Logan's shoulder.

''Brother'' he sighed, ''The choice is yours''

''W... What?''

''I want you to decide what happens... Why? Because you are my little brother'' he smiled, ''There is no greater honor than seeing my little brothers happy and being the reason for it''

Logan gazed at him, ''I...'' he sighed deeply. He did really want the power. He hadn't dreamed of anything else since he first heard the story of Alikmartol's tomb. But he knew that Carlos too wanted the power just as much as he did. Maybe even more than he did. His brother had reasons far greater than his. He wanted to use it to protect their people, their land. He always put others before himself. So maybe now was the time for Logan to put his brother before him-

''You should... Take the power''

''Logan I...''

''You always put other people's happiness before your own... It's about time you get to be happy for yourself''' he explained, ''And his blades? They sound way cooler than some power'' he chuckled.

The air around them suddenly felt colder. A faint breeze rushed past them.

''Place one hand on my tombs door...'' came the voice, ''And enter. When you reach my alter, you shall receive my power...''

Without thinking, they rushed back down the stairs and approached the door once again. Their father stared at them curiously as they both held out one hand.

''What are you doing?'' Joe asked.

''Ready?'' Logan asked, ignoring him.

''Yeah'' Carlos grinned excitedly.

At that moment, they both pushed their hands onto the door-


The smooth part of the door was suddenly pulled inwards as it began to spin around. As it did, several clicks echoed from within the door. They stepped back and watched as all of the tiny patterns carved into it came to life. They wiggled around like snakes, slithering into the blank circle until the door was blank. Suddenly, it clicked loudly one last time...


It was cold, dark. The wind howled as it violently rushed past. Slowly, Kathrina opened her eyes as she breathed calmly. She was staring up, stars were scattered across the dark blue night sky like a blanket. The moon was directly above her, glaring down at the world below. She lay there, gazing back. The wind raced past again, gently stroking her face. It was quiet, peaceful. She slowly brushed her hand on the grass below her, but then lifted up her hand and held it up high, blocking out most of the moons glare.

''Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon... And each month it cries for a love it can never touch''

She quickly looked to her right to see Elijah sat under a tree, leaning against its trunk. He was also gazing up at the moon. But he looked different; instead of his black robes and shoulder armor, he wore a loose white shirt and woolen trousers. His black boots were much like the ones he usually wore, except they were muddy. A sheath hung from his belt with what looked like a one-handed sword inside it. His hair was scruffy and longer than usual, also dirtied like his hands and face. She stared at him strangely as he turned to her and smiled pleasantly. He looked younger... A lot younger. She then sat up and slowly looked down at herself; she too was wearing different clothes. Instead of her long, dark purple robes, she was wearing black robes. The sleeves were long, covering her hands. Her trousers were also black, but looked a lot neater than Elijah's. She then suddenly looked up and noticed something on her head - A circlet.

''Have you ever heard that one?'' he asked.

She stared at him again as he leaned in closer towards her, but she shook her head with uncertainty. He quickly backed away and leaned against the tree again. The same smile was still painted on his face as he went back to gazing at the moon.

''Maybe you are the moon and I, the wolf''' he said.



Suddenly, the door slowly cracked down the middle as all of the snake-like patters slithered inside. Logan and Carlos stepped back, joining the crowd and their father as the door began to slowly fall back-


It crashed to the ground loudly. Rubble and dust exploded everywhere as the huge stone doors caved in. Everyone turned their backs to the falling door as the rock erupted from within. But it quickly cleared as a huge breeze rushed out from within. The dust cleared quickly. Slowly, everyone began to turn back to the door, gazing into the darkness within-

''I don't see anything'' Joe complained.

But then, another loud CLICK!!! Suddenly, one by one, huge braziers lit up with in, huge flames dancing from with them. Slowly, the room was lit up -

''I... This is amazing!'' their father cried as he gripped Logan and Carlos' shoulders, ''My boys, you have done it!''

The braziers continued to light up a long hall way as everyone slowly approached the collapsed door, standing at the rubble covered thresh hold. They watched as the last braziers lit, revealing a large, dark object at the end of the hall. Leaning over it were two, long dark objects. It was impossible to make them out from their distance,

''As the ones chosen by Lord Alikmartol himself, my sons shall enter the tomb and claim their rightful power!'' their father announced proudly, ''Come, my sons''

As he stepped over the rubble, he began to lead the way into the tomb-

''Father, wait!'' Carlos yelled as he grabbed his robes and pulled him back, ''We have no idea what could be waiting inside! This tomb has been sealed for hundreds of years, who knows what kinds of evils and magic's could be in there?''

''You are wise to be cautious, my son, but do not fear'' he smiled, ''Alikmartol shall watch over us as he always has''

''You don't know that'' he said doubtfully.

Logan looked at him strangely, ''Brother, what's wrong?''

''I just have an uneasy feeling about this place'' he grunted as their father pulled them in, ignoring them.

The crowd excitedly waited outside as Joe, Logan, Carlos and their father slowly followed the flame - lit path. A strange sense of evil lingered in the air as they came closer to the darkened object. But the closer they got, the easier it became to make out what the objects at the end of the tomb were - A large, black stone coffin lay between two giant metal snake statues, leaning over the coffin as if they were guarding it. The snake’s bodies' twisted around the coffin and up the back wall, connecting at their tails, forming another stone coffin within the wall. They came closer and closer, Carlos became more and more cautious as they did-

''Carlos, it's okay'' Joe mumbled, ''Nothing bad will come of this''

He grunted as they came to a halt.

''This is it'' their father smiled as he stared down at the coffin in front of them.

It came up to their waists, its lid was sealed with a similar lock to that which kept the tomb closed. But before they could reach out for it-

''You... Have entered the tomb...'' came the voice which had called them outside of the tomb, ''Yesssss''

They all looked at each other strangely.

''You can hear her too?'' Joe asked.

''No... This is not right...'' their father said, ''Alikmartol is not-''

''Ahhh'' she breathed, ''Mortals... Foolish mortals... You have released me''

''What?'' Carlos breathed.

They were all confused. What was going on?

''You... Boy'' she growled, ''I must reward you for releasing me... As promised, you shall have Alikmartols legendary Bladesss...''

Suddenly, the two snake statues' eyes exploded with a bright, white light - The stone cracked and shattered as the statues began to come to life! As the stone crumbled away, a scaly, green skin became visible. The snakes hissed loudly as their giant heads floated over to Logan. They glared at him evilly, but slowly, they widened their jaws - In each of their mouths sitting on their long, slimy tongues were long, curved silver swords.

''Take them...'' she demanded, ''Wield hissss might!''

He reached into each of the snakes’ mouths, his hands shaking with fear. He gripped a sword in each hand and quickly snatched them from the slimy tongues as the snakes snapped their mouths shut. They then floated back up, hovering over the coffin, their tails still in stone attached to the other coffin.

His father stared in terror as the snakes moved away from him. But then, the bright white light shot from their eyes and smashed into Carlos-

''Carlos!'' Joe yelled.

He quickly floated up into the air until he was level with the other coffin-

''You... Are worthy...'' she hissed.

He stared into the dark, empty eyes of the floating serpents as they hissed at him hungrily.

''Carlos!'' Logan yelled as he gripped onto his new blades.

''Take this power...'' she whispered, ''And when I call upon you... I shall expect you to answer me''

Suddenly, the light around him vanished. He gasped as he was dropped-


He hit the ground hard. His brothers rushed to him, but their father remained staring up at the snakes, shaking madly in fear, pure terror in his old eyes.

''Now...'' she breathed, ''An equal price'' she laughed wickedly.

Suddenly, terrified and agonized screams began to echo through the tomb. They all quickly turned around as they watched thousands of serpents emerge from the walls, attacking the group who had waited outside-

''NO!!!'' Carlos yelled as he quickly stood up.


But suddenly, one of the giant snakes snatched hold of their father in its jaws-


She laughed evilly, ''Your blood shall serve me well''


Then, the other snake crashed its face into the one holding their father - Blood began to ooze from their jaws, slowly dripping down onto the coffin below...


''Such... Tragedy'' came a sarcastic voice, ''To lose one's entire family''

He opened his eyes.

''G... Gahi... Where is he?'' Logan breathed.

He felt weak, tired. His hands were tied above his head as he dangled from a blood-soaked chain. Blood dripped from his face as he glared at the Warlock in front of him. Glaring up at him, the Warlock grinned. His dirty grey robes were soaked in blood as well as his hands. One of his eyes were glowing brightly gold as he harshly pulled a small blade from Logan's stomach. As he did, blood creeped out from the wound beneath his robes, rushing to join the large puddle at his feet. He groaned quietly as he flinched from the pain.

''You'll see him soon'' he grinned, ''Well, that depends on dear Kathrina''

''K... Kathrina... Where... Where is...''

''Shhh'' he whispered, ''You'll waste your strength''

He glared at him. He looked strange. His hair was a dark red colour, but it was hard to tell if it was blood or its actual color. His skin was pale and scarred, his other eye was grey. Was he partly blind? Like it mattered. All he knew was that he was trapped, too weak to even finish a full sentence. Before he could even think of what to say next, the Warlock pushed the blade into his stomach again.

''So...'' he said peacefully, ''Tell me, how did you feel after that day?''

Logan glared at him.

''I mean, she killed your whole family... All except one, I gather? But he is probably dead now too, thanks to Kathrina''

He continued to glare at him.

''Your hatred for her must be substantial'' he grinned.

He felt a huge rage build up within him, but it wasn't just because of Kathrina - ''I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!'' he yelled, ''ALL WARLOCKS!!! YOU ALL KILLED MY FAMILY!!! ALL OF YOU!!!''

''Temper, temper'' he said as he shook his head slowly, ''What did I say about wasting your strength? Seers... So angry''

''I'M NOT A SEER!!!'' he growled.

''Right you are… Not any more'' he laughed.

He growled at him, but the pain from his stomach started to spread throughout his entire body as he hung there, bleeding. He wanted to break free, he wanted to tear this Warlock apart but... He was powerless, weak. The pain from his memories ate away at him. His family... To see them die again... It was something he had tried to hide from himself for years... But seeing it again made him feel almost as if he had died.

''Now, now, don't give up so easily. That's not like your people''

''You... You don't know anything about my... My people''

''Actually, we do. See, we search far and wide for different kinds of people'' he began, ''We look for those who can benefit us''

''W... What?''

''And you, my friend... It's your lucky day- Well, not really. Or is it?'' he laughed crazily as he yanked the blade from Logan's stomach and pushed it into his leg, ''You could quite possibly be the last of your people...''

Logan suddenly realized what he was getting at - ''The... The last?''

He laughed manically, ''Yes''


''Kathrina... Kathrina?''

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her face. She tried to open her eyes, but struggled. Slowly, she opened them, but everything was a dark blur. She was laying on the cold, hard floor.

''Kathrina, wake up'' came a faint, familiar voice.

She tried to sit up, but had no strength. Her vision didn't improve as she shivered in the cold.

''Listen to-''

Darkness flooded her eyes once again.


She quickly opened her eyes again - Crouched down beside her was Elijah, but he was on the other side of what looked like bars...

''Stay awake, you need to listen to me''

She could see clearly. He was back in his black robes, the armor sat on his shoulders. His hair shoulder length, still scruffy but clean white. He was staring down at her as she lay there.

''I don't have long... Listen, we have-''

''Why are you here?'' she asked weakly, ashamed.


''Why are you talking to me?'' she mumbled, ''You're with them''

He looked at her strangely, ''You... You really think I am with them? With Gahi?''

''You were''

''Kathrina, no'' he said as he shook his head, ''What I did was to-''

''Protect us both?'' she grunted, ''Don't try me with that bullshit again. You're just trying to gain my trust again and get me to spill what I know about Tsunami''

He shook his head again, ''No!'' he insisted, ''I mean... Yes, it was to protect us both, but I'm not on Gahi's side''

''I don't believe you'' she mumbled.

''I...'' he sighed impatiently, ''Gahi is planning to leave at dawn, that's only a few hours away. We need to get you out of here and fast''

''Why? So that you can lead me into another trap?''

''Kathrina, please!''

She thought to herself slowly. She had until dawn, but she knew too well that her power wouldn't regenerate fast enough to escape by then. After what had happened, she couldn't trust Elijah, could she? No. She was only here because of him. If he hadn't disappeared before Henderall showed up at the city, she wouldn't be here and neither would Logan...

''Logan'' she muttered, ''Where is he?''

''Boheithen has him''

''B... Boheithen?'' she repeated, worried.

Elijah looked down at her, quickly thinking- ''I will bring him. Then, you will trust me'' he said.

She was still in great doubt. She didn't want to trust him, but saving Logan was one thing she did want to do. She remained silent as he stared at her, waiting for an answer.

''Kathrina, there isn't much time!''

''Fine'' she mumbled, ''I want to see him... Then you will get us both out of here alive. Maybe... Maybe then I will trust you''

''That will have to do'' he smiled weakly, ''I'll be back for you''

As he stood up straight and disappeared, Kathrina slowly closed her eyes, she felt so weak, so... Powerless. Why was all of this happening? Why now? She was so close to finally defeating Gahi. Their plan made sense, everyone was ready... But it seemed that she had underestimated her enemy... Again.

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